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All films listed on this page were made by Latter-day Saint filmmakers (director, writer and/or producer), or feature a Latter-day Saint in a starring role. Films listed in bold typeface are feature films about Latter-day Saint characters, screened in commercial theaters, made by Latter-day Saint filmmakers, and thus fall into the category known as "LDS Cinema."

In addition to the film pages listed here, there are many detailed pages about films with Latter-day Saint characters and references, yet which were not made by Latter-day Saint fimmakers. The summary list and links to more detailed pages can be found here.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of films made by and/or about Latter-day Saints which are listed on this website. The listing below on this page is only an index to films for which we have an entire page (or collection of pages) dedicated just to that film. This page is in no way a comprehensive listing of films made by Latter-day Saints. Numerous lists and filmographies can be found on this website which list films by and/or about Latter-day Saints. In addition, there is a chronological listing of "already released" films, compiled from films removed from our "Upcoming Films" page. This page features brief plot synopsis and key cast and crew information. See: Already Released LDS Films

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