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The Bridge

"The Bridge"
TEXT from Video Front Cover

The Bridge

A dramatic parable
on God's sacrifice
of his son.

"The Bridge"
TEXT from Video Back Cover

The Bridge

The Cumulative effect of all the sermons and homilies that I have ever heard or read on the Atonement could not match the power of The Bridge
- Reverend Garrett Short
   M. Div., M.A.

Each tape includes a printed guide with insights into the film's meanings and suggestions on how to use the film in teaching settings.

Winner of FIVE major national awards including a Gold Plaque at the Chicago Intercom Film Festival.

Produced & Directed by:
Robert N. Hatch
Executive Producer:
John K. Wadsworth
Director of Photography:
T.C. Christensen

Distributed by
Thomson Productions, Inc.
(800) 226-0155
under authority of
The Visual Transit Authority
All rights reserved
Package design 1996, TPI
Printed in USA

10 minutes, Color

"The Bridge"
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Visual Transit Authority


Visual Transit Authority

Hal Boynton
as the Father

John-John Wadsworth
as David

Nita McKenzie
as the Mother

Executive Producer
John K. Wadsworth

Director of Photography
Thomas R. Christensen

Assistant Director
Robert Ericksen

Sound Recordist
Martin Andersen

Karen Exeter

Screenplay by
Skip Clark

Produced and Directed by
Robert N. Hatch

[NOTE: There are no closing credits for this film.]

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