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The Emmett Smith Story (1979)

Length of the film: 27 minutes

"The Emmett Smith Story"
TEXT from back video cover

When Emmett Smith has a brain tumor removed, he loses his equilibrium and is told he will never run again. Within a year, the determined high school track coach is once again able to run 20 miles. When Cindy Duncan becomes a student at his high school, Emmett challenges her to do the same--set a goal for leaving her wheelchair to walk to the podium to get her graduation diploma.

featuring Michael LaGuardia   Jane Milmore   Daryle Ann Lindley
screenplay by Chris Conkling
director of photography Reed Smoot
directed by Douglas G. Johnson

VHS * 35 minutes * color
Produced in cooperation with the LDS Motion Picture Studio and KBYU-TV
© 1979, Brigham Young University

Stories of strength, courage, and faith; tales of forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. For decades, BYU and the LDS Motion Picture Studio have produced cinematic stories to touch the heart and edify the spirit. The BYU Film Classics series not only reminds us of stories many of us grew up with, but may also lead to fruitful family discussions today.

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Cover design by Heather Price

Warning: The program contained in this videocassette is fully protected by copyright under Title 17, U.S. code, Public Law 94-533. It is for noncommercial home viewing and church viewing and may not be duplicated, copied, broadcast, or used for public performance in any manner without permission. To obtain additional rights to this film contact the Creative Works Office, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602.

"The Emmett Smith Story"
OPENING credits as they appear in the video

Emmett Smith

COPYRIGHT MCMLXXIX Brigham Young University

Michael LaGuardia
Jane Milmore
Daryl Ann Lindley

Directed by
Douglas G. Johnson

This is the true story
Emmett Smith and Cindy Duncan,
filmed in
Glendale, Arizona, where it happened.

"The Emmett Smith Story"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

Emmett Smith Michael LaGuardia
Cindy Duncan Jane Milmore
Mrs. Smith Daryle Ann Lindley
Mr. Duncan Burke Rhind
Principal Thomas Boore
Miss Kurtz Carol Kane
Bus Driver Dick Alexander
School Nurse Melva Blancett

Director of Photography Reed Smoot
Film Editor Peter G. Czerny
Screenplay Chris Conkling
Music Merrill Jensen
Sound Don Fisk
Mike McDonough
Technical Advisors Emmett Smith
Cindy Duncan
Production Manager Michael Schroeder
Key Gaffer W. Grant Williams
Assistant Camerman Gerald Hatch
Assistant Director Michael Amundsen
Grips Stan Wadley
Roger Crandall
Make-up/Wardrobe Cathie McClellan
Production Assistant Deborah Goppert
Set Decorator Shane Nelson

A Brigham Young University Production

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