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"Letting God Have His Way":
A Conversation about C.S. Lewis (1999)

"Letting God Have His Way": Text from Back Video Cover

From the beloved children's classic "The Chronicles of Narnia" to the brilliant and thought-provoking essays of "Mere Christianity," Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) wrote the kind of books he thought he'd like to read. A remarkable man, his writings have intrigued, captivated and inspired people from all walks of life, including the Latter-day Saints. Lewis is one of the non-LDS writers most quoted by LDS authors and General Authorities.

Join prominent LDS scholars as they explore Lewis's writings on the relationship of God to man, the necessity for free will, the nature of man, life's opportunities for joy, the lessons of pain, and the Godhood of Jesus Christ.

Letting God Have His Way: A Conversation about C.S. Lewis includes brief biographical sketches of his life as well as readings from his work by noted poet, Leslie Norris.

As one scholar observed, "One of the surest reasons for Lewis's vast popular appeal was his belief that the ultimate truths of life are not hidden only in the minds of the learned, but what is really mot important in life is accessible to all."

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"Letting God Have His Way"
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Letting God Have His Way
A Conversation about C.S. Lewis

"Letting God Have His Way"
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Thomas J. Lefler

Written by
Thomas J. Lefler

Robert L. Millet

C.S. Lewis Readings
George Leslie Norris

Additional Narration
Lorraine Edwards

Panel Participants
Dr. Robert L. Millet
Dr. Brent Top
Dr. Andrew Skinner
Dr. Brent Slife
Dr. John Tanner

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