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Maybe This Time
TV sitcom starring Marie Osmond

From: The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History, by Bill Cotter. New York: Hyperion (1997), page 471:
Golden Girls veteran Betty White returned to Disney for this sitcom about a mother and daughter who ran a small neighborhood coffee shop together. Her co-star was singer-actress Marie Osmond. Osmond played Julia, a conservative mother who has just been divorced after 12 years. Hurt by this romantic downside, she decided to give up on men and concentrate instead on the family business and raising her daughter. This philosophy was totally at odds with that of her mother, for Shirley was a five-times widow who was always on the prowl for her next husband.
The pilot, "Maybe This Time," first aired 9/16/1995.

Episode Titles:

"Maybe This Time" Production Credits

Information from: The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History, by Bill Cotter. New York: Hyperion (1997), page 627.

(1995-96 Season)

Created by: Michael Jacobs; Bob Young; Susan Estelle Jansen
Executive Producers: Bob Young, Michael Jacobs
Supervising Producer: Susan Estelle Jansen
Producer: David Trainer
Produced by: J. Cowan.

Written by: Amy Engelberg; Wendy Engelberg; Andrew Green; Susan Estelle Jansen; Michael Jacobs; Chip Keyes; Heather MacGilvray; Linda Mathious; Peggy Nicoll; Rick Singer; Bob Young; Steve Young

Directed by: David Trainer
Associate Producer: Jill Andersen
Creative Consultants: Chip Keyes; Ehrich Van Lowe; Danny Kallis
Executive Consultants: Karl Engemann; Brian Blosil
Director of Photography: Walter Glover
Production Designer: John C. Mula
Edited by: Marco Zappia
Associate Director: Lynn McCracken
Stage Manager: Merv Hawkins
Music by: Ray Colcord
Casting by: Melinda Gartzman, C.S.A.; Greg Orson
Set Decorator: Robinson Royce
Key Costumers: Sara Shaw; Sonya Ooten
Make-up: Bob Jermain; Shannon Engemann
Hair Stylists: Mary Guerrero; Katherine Kotarakos
Property Master: Jim Samson
Script Supervisor: Jennifer Farmer
Production Coordinator: Greg Frampton
Costumes by: Simon Tuke

Assistants to Producers: Carlos Aragon; Bonnie Buckley; Barbara Feldman; Pamela Hall; Andrew Hayes; Aaron Kemp; Al Myers; Michelle D. Robinson; Geralyn Schaefer; Leslie Strain

Technical Director: Parker Roe
Audio: Bruce Peters
Video: Eric Clay
Michael Jacobs Productions, Inc.

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