The Wrong Brother
a short film by Chris Bowman

"The Wrong Brother" is a short comedy film made by Chris Bowman while a film student at Brigham Young University. It is a period piece, set near the turn of the century. It tells the fictional story of Hector Wright, the less famous brother of Orville and Wilber Wright, the inventors of the airplane.

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As far as I can tell, the purpose of "The Wrong Brother" is simply to be fun and entertaining. This is fine, because it is very fun and entertaining. In fact, it is hilarious. I found myself frequently laughing out loud at this historically preposterous but ostensibly earnest telling of the story of "Hector Wright," the lesser known, not-at-all-famous younger brother of Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of the airplane.

"The Wrong Brother" is a short film written and directed by BYU film student Chris Bowman. The film's producers are Bowman, along with Ryan Little (director of the feature film "Out of Step" and the award-winning short film "The Last Good War"; director of photography for "The Singles Ward") and Carter Durham. These are some talented young filmmakers.

"The Wrong Brother" looks fantastic: it appears professional throughout. It is set in Dayton, Ohio circa 1903. Inserts of actual footage of the Wright Brothers' demonstrating their flying machine and Ivan Crosland's solemn narration increase the air of mockumentary-like realism. The costuming and sets all look authentic, which make the intentional anachronisms (particularly with regards to dialogue) all the more comical. (At one point one of the successful Wright brothers addresses an attractive woman among a crowd of admirers: he pantomimes dialing an old-style telephone and mouths the words "call me.")

Much of the comic relief in the film comes from Orville and Wilbur (Chris Kendrick and Joel Wallin), who occasionally exhibit some decent brotherliness, but usually mock their little brother mercilessly. They are particularly bemused by Hector's intentions to invent something himself. "He wouldn't know an invention if it was right in front of him, wearing a sign that says 'invention,'" says one. "And bit him," finishes the other. This is followed by the two brothers using their hands to mimic mouths, making biting and growling sounds.

It may sound slightly mean, but it's all in fun, and the film has a great heart. Bryan Summers plays the part of Hector as, well, a bit of a loser, but a very sympathetic one. Hector is redeemed by his optimism and determination to emerge from the shadow of his older brothers. Hector eventually announces his own invention before the excited townspeople: a portable drinking fountain, consisting of at least 50 pound of equipment carried on one's back and dragged by a harness attached to one's ankle. The invention is intended to deliver people from thirst.

Of courrse, the whole thing is patently absurd. What is even more funny is the way the hecklers in the crowd are eventually drowned out by the sentiment that what really matters is whether or not it works. Alas, Hector isn't even entirely successful on that front. The hose from the back-mounted drinking fountain produces, at first, a beautifully photographed trickle of water, only to turn into a disastrous torrent that knocks hats off onlookers and leaves Hector drenched.

Seemingly washed up, Hector drives home with his not-so-successful invention. But on his way home he passes a burning school building. Children are trapped inside, and nobody is around to help them. Does Hector save the day? Does his invention turn out to be useful after all? Well, I won't give away the ending, except to say the film ends on an upbeat, but hilarious note.

Watching "The Wrong Brother," it is easy to see why it won first place (as well as an audience choice award) in last year's International Young LDS Film Festival (2001). The solid filmmaking, top notch comic acting, and thoroughly enjoyable story combine to make a commendable film. I normally have no interest in writing "reviews" of short films, but my thrill at seeing this compelled me to do so.

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"The Wrong Brother" opening credits as they appear in the film

Three Coin Productions

The Wrong

"The Wrong Brother" closing credits as they appear in the film

Written and Directed
Chris Bowman

Carter Durham
Ryan Little
Chris Bowman

Director of
Doug Chamberlain

Garrett Batty

Original Music Composed
Scott L. Reinwand

Costume Design/Make-up
Ruth Geilman

Art Director
Yvonne Carpenter

Post Production Sound
Charlotte Manning
Dan LePrey

UPM Carter Durham
1st AD Clint Carpenter
2nd AD Garrett Batty
2nd 2nd Sunny Darly
1st AC Katie Bogner
2nd AC Gary Wilson
Aaron Ruell
Locations Manager Allan Staker
Script Supervisor Kelly Fisher
Gaffer Tim Skousen
Best Boy Manju Varghese
Key Grip Kris Stout
Marty Patch
Dan Heder
Jon Heder
Chris Kendrick
Costume/Make-up Assistant Mamarine Clark
Set Decorator Alex Ray
Prop Master Kenneth Ray
Foley Artist Ryan Arvay
Temporary Scoring Garrett Batty
Thomas Durham
Sound Effects Technician Bob Sibley
Special Effects Fire Jason Faller
Graphic Design Adam Palmer
Micah Beals
Graphic Consultant Bryan Lefler
Production Sound Mixers Maria Perez
Carrie Tippets
Travis Eberhard
Louise Stapky
Boom Kevin Slater
Sammie Markham
Casting Jjana Morrill
Extras Casting Christy Gleave
Key PA Ryan Honaker
Craft Service Mariana Bowman
Kelly Rose
Faculty Advisor Stan Ferguson
Post Production Manager Curt Price
MTS Student Account (?) Amy Langlois
MTS Security Bud Gilman
Film Processing Dave Nauta
Film Transfer Gene Bradford


Hector Bryan Summers
Orville Chris Kendrick
Wilbur Joel Wallin
Milton Rodger Sorensen
Grizzled Man Mark Bennett
Telegram Clerk Graham Northrup
Painter Bob Nelson
Schoolteacher Susan Whitenight
Young Ladies Emmelyn Thayer
Jjana Morrill
Jessica Mockett
Flirt Melissa Summers
Newsie Neal Gage
Mayor Dan Hess
Audience Members Kenneth Ray
Peter Biggs
Mamarine Clark
Travis Eberhard
Dan Heder
Jon Heder
Trapped Kids Kaylee Larsen
Jordan Hightower
Trapped Boy McCade Larsen
School Children Danny Gleave
Laura Gleave
Rosie Little

Narrated by
Ivan Crosland

"Come Josephine in My Flying Machine"
Words by Alfred Bryan
Music by Fred Fisher (1910)

"The Wrong Brother" contains a few subtle historical
inaccuracies. For example, we spelled the main
character's name H-E-C-T-O-R, while in real life they
didn't spell it at all because he didn't exist.

The Filmmakers Wish to Thank

Final Cut Grant Committee
LDS Motion Picture Studio
Mark Christopher Productions
KBYU Television
Doug Cooley, Shawna and Danielle
Leatherby's Family Creamery
Pastor Lee Whitworth
Payson Bible Church
The Hollywood Edge
BYU Faculty
Payson Fire Department
BYU Grounds Crew
Debi Rawlings and the Provo Public Works Department
Mark and Gayle Bowman
Kelly Peterson
Sherrie Batty
The Gleave Family
Dr. Thomas Durham
Tom Lefler
Carolyn Hansen
Carl Pope
Dave Card
Rob Sibley
Alex Ray
Jenny Curtis
Ross Booth
Glenn Anderson
Mark Poulos
Nathan Rose
Bryan Lefler
Wendy Weiler
Jay Jensen, Clarissa, Kitsa, Dacy, Kristy, and Carrie
Michael Gleave, Jacob Lauret, and Whitney Halford
All of the patient extras at our various locations

© 2000 Three Coin Productions
All Rights Reserved

"The Wrong Brother":
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Hector has always felt that his brothers were above him -- two thousand feet above him. His older brothers, Orville and Wilbur, have invented a miraculous, world-changing flying machine, while Hector's greatest featis getting a part in the school play. One day Hector decides to create his own invention, desperate to prove to his brothers (and himself) that genius runs in the family.

This warm-hearted comedy will bring a smile to anyone who has ever felt overshadowed. Come join Hector as he tries to find his own place in the sun!

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