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Empower Yourself:
Women's Self-Protection (1996)

"Empower Yourself":
TEXT from video back cover



Criminals have a plan, do you?

This video will help you develop a personal survival strategy!

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Be mentally and physically prepared for any situation.

Trust your instincts.

© Copyright 1996 Creative Paintbrush * Distributed by Curious Entertainment: 1-800-563-1635

Public performance, transmission, or duplication is prohibited.

Discussion of products does not infer an endorsement on the part of the participating in or presenting the video. Procedures and techniques exhibited should not be accepted as reliable in every and all situations.

"Empower Yourself" CLOSING credits as they appear in the film:

Executive Producers
Steven Lee
Ron Munns
Val Dawson

Steven Lee

Ron Munns
Steven Lee
Marilyn Lee

Director of Photography
Douglas Fowkes

Camera Operator Randy Moroz
Grip Json Cowley
Sound Vance Mellen
Teleprompter Al Azad
Production Coordinator Val Dawson
Production Assistants Roger Poulsen
Eric Johnson
Continuity Marilyn Lee
Debbi Dawson
Wardrobe Reel Cops
Offline/Online Editor Douglas Fowkes
Martial Arts Instructor Joe Perry
(3rd Dan, USSD)
Seminar Coordinator Val Dawson
Police Pepper Spray Targets Kieth Ride
Paul Miller
Cover Design David Blaunchard
Post Production Modern Image & Film, Inc.

Special Thanks to
West Jordan Public Safety
Orem Dojo, USSD

(Alphabetical Order)
Shayne Clarke
Jason Cowley
Debbi Dawson
Peter Dawson
Matt Dawson
David Dimick
Jennifer Dimick
Robert Fisher
Rachelle Fisher
Kim Forsgren
Jeremy Fowkes
Sarah Fowkes
Jim Gastelum
Lucy Golson
Jacque Green
Valerie Herert
Eric Johnson
Rolf Larson
Marilyn Lee
Eric Liu
Brad Lowder
Sandra Lynch
Sherrita Magalde
Vance Mellen
Kym Mellen
Abe Mills
Jacob Moosman
Rory Munns
Ruth Munns
Rick Munns
Jann Nelson
Shellee Peterson
Roger Poulsen
Elva Richards
Aaron Sabey
John M. Steiner
Connie Westenskow

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© 1996 Creative Paintbrush, L.L.C.

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