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Message in a Cell Phone (2002) comments:
"Message in a Cell Phone" is really an impressive direct-to-video movie. Easily better than any number of theatrically-released family films.

Directed by Eric Hendershot, this movie gets a big boost from the top-notch cinematography by veteran T.C. Christensen. The star is a young Nick Whitaker, about the same age as he is in his supporting role as Jacque Gray's little brother in "Brigham City." My daughter and all of her friends have remarked at how beautiful Nick Whitaker is.

He's also a fine actor. Great supporting cast headed by Rick Macy and Jan Broberg Felt (no, they're not married in this one). Macy is great and he plays against type. I won't give it away but... you'll like it.

"Message in a Cell Phone" could be placed in a category similar to "Someone Was Watching," in that it features young protagonists in a family-friendly mystery/adventure film. A couple of differences, though... There is much more humor and much less pathos in "Message in a Cell Phone." "Message," was written by Hendershot, had many very funny moments that had my young kids laughing. I thought it was funny as well. Also, "Message" is simply a better made movie. Hendershot is much more experienced. The movie has real polish. The child actors are better in "Message" than the teenaged actors in "Someone." I think "Someone" director Mark Goodman has great things in him, but there's rarely any subsitute for the kind of raw experience that Hendershot has behind him.

"Message" is also scarier. There is a kid-appropriate but surprisingly scary scene towards the end in which Nick is chased through the house by a masked man out to get him. Really effective with great photography, editing and music. My 7-year-old daughter was frightened, wanted me to be in the room with her (and she loved it). Of course she soon wanted to see the movie again.

Message in a Cell Phone (2002):
TEXT from DVD/video cover

The Secret's Out...
Now Whadda We Do?

At a small desert resort, eleven-year old Chase Patterson and his two friends hang out by the pool without a care in the world. Little do they know that Felix, the man snoring next to them, has missed an important cell phone message with the warning to "erase it once he gets it!"

When Felix later discovers that he has left his cell phone poolside he dials it, hoping that someone will pick it up. A curious Chase answers the phone and thinks he hits the jackpot when he is offered five dollars to bring the cell phone up to Felix's room.

Chase arrives at the room and overhears Felix arguing with another man, followed by a loud crash and a mysterious silence. Unable to convince the resort manager that he has witnessed foul play and still in possession of the cell phone, the three boys set out on a race against time to crack the cell phone's secret code and find out what the message is before danger follows them to their own backyard.


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Pure Entertainment presents An Eric Hendershot Film "Message in a Cellphone" Nick Whitaker   James Laub   Robbi Merrill
Ryan Macy   Jan Broberg Felt   Douglas Caputo   Scott Subino   Shannon Engelmann   Steve Perry   Terry Taylor
Executive Producer Dickilyn Hendershot Director of Photography TC Christensen Edited by Rocco DeVilliers Music Composed by Ramon Balcazar
Produced by Eric Hendershot   Steele Hendershot   Karri O'Reilly Written and Directed by Eric Hendershot

Artwork & Design © 2002 Artist View Entertainment

violence and thematic material

Message in a Cell Phone (2002):
OPENING credits as they appear in the film


Eric Hendershot


Nick Whitaker

Rick Macy

Jan Broberg Felt

Doug Caputo

James Laub
Robbi Merrill

Scott Subiono
Steve Rippey
Shannon Engemann

and Michael Grove
as Snyder

casting by
E & D Casting

costume designer
Hayley Hendershot

production designer
Richard Jameson

music by
Ramon Balcazar

director of photography
T.C. Christensen

edited by
Rocco DeVilliers

executive producer
Dickilyn Hendershot

produced by
Eric Hendershot
Steele Hendershot
Karri O'Reilly

written and directed by
Eric Hendershot

Message in a Cell Phone:
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Chase Nick Whitaker
Harry Rick Macy
Jess Jan Broberg Felt
Mitchell Doug Caputo
Mac James Laub
Jeremy Robbi Merrill
BJ Scott Subiono
Fake Felix Steve Rippey
Amanda Reiser Shannon Engemann
Snyder Michael Grove
Felix Terry Taylor
Chic David H. Stevens
Resort Manager David Stanley
Maid Irene Santiago
Judge Peggy Pendleton
Bailiff Tim Weigert
Big Kid Richard Jenkins
Kid 1 Chase Snowboyle
Kid 2 Cavett Richards
Blonde In Porche Mickell Hafen
Brunette in Porche Danielle Stiles
Girl On Raft Nisha Pope

Unit Production Manager Karri O'Reilly
Production Coordinator John Goodwill
First Assistant Director Steele Hendershot
Second Assistant Director Joey Hyer
Second Assistant Director Sean Taylor
Additional Photography Rocco DeVilliers
First Assistant Camera Dean Aoki
Second Assistant Camera Ryan Taylor
Second Assistant Camera Lauren Brady
Script Supervisor Suzanne Bingham
Sound Mixer Roger Davis
Boom Operator Jill Davis
On Set Dresser David DeYoung
Key Makeup Sandi Graham
Makeup and Hair Cicily Truman
Key Costumer Hayley Hendershot
Gaffer Garland Wilde
Best Boy Electric Fritz Lindbeck
Key Grip Glade Quinn
Best Boy Grip Chris Gawel
Location Manager Phoenix Johnson
Assistant Location Manager Taylor Orson
Production Coordinator John Goodwill
Production Accountant Steele Hendershot
Assistant Accountant Richard Wolfe
Teacher Scott Smith
Extra Casting St. George Casting
Caterer K&J Catering
Chef Kenneth Tuck
Assistant Chef Ernesto Rio
Craft Services Albert Smith
Set Medic Kit Jones
Post Production Supervisor Simon van Gelder
Assistant Editor Jaron Briggs
Telecine Provided by RDG Transfer
Provo, UT
Colorist Doug Fowkes
Laboratory Fotokem
Burbank, CA
On Line Editor Simon van Gelder
Titles Designed by Jason DeVilliers
Opening Animation Swan Animation
3D Modeler and Animator Tanya Rizzuti
Story Board Artist and 2D Effects Adrian Ropp
Post Production Sound Provided by Michael McDonough
Sound Design

Salt Lake City, UT
Sound Editor and Rerecording Mixer Michael McDonough
Foley Artist Ryan Purcell
Foley Recordist Scott Sandstrom

Production Banking
US Bank
Karl Stone

Production Insurance
The Truman van Dyke Company

Grip/Electric Provided By
Redman Movies & Stories
Salt Lake City, UT

Camera Equipment Provided By
Otto Nementz
Salt Lake City, UT

Additional Equipment
Cornerstone Films of America
Charlotte, NC

Music by Royal Bliss and Chuck E. Myers
Copyright © 2000 DMI
Produced by Chuck E. Myers
Big Idea Music Productions, Inc.
Engineered by Tino Saiki
Additional Key Board and Production by Tino Saiki
Performed By Royal Bliss
Lead Vocals Neal Middleton
Lead Guitar Taylor Richards
Rythm Guitar Chris Harding
Bass Guitar Brent Bruschke
Drums Jake Smith

Special Thanks
L.D. and Mary R. Bowerman
Stacie Stone
Claude and Jeanne
Richard and Verna Johnson
Washington County Sheriff's Department
Tim Weigert
Jeanne Bruckner
Charles Mrkvicki
Judge Hans Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Nelson
Karl Stone
Kenneth Hyer
Sandia Hyer
McKay Hyer
Adam Hyer
Erin Hyer
Spilsbury and Beard Mortuary
Michael Beard
Ted Spilsbury
Charles Bromley
Ted Salmon
Richard Whitehead
Green Valley First Ward Youth
Matt Loo
Thurl Bailey
Budget Eight Motel
Kirsten Hansen
Show Canyon High School Cheerleaders
Las Palmas Resort St. George, Utah
Alan and Carol Coombs
Dianna Beck
Ashley Bird
Brittney Hansen
Brittany Nelson
Ashley Gwilliam
Mikki Ward
Mandi Ward
Las Palmas Home Owner's Association
Brent and Christian Nyberg
Gary and Tina Daniels
Beverly Rhodes
Ren and Debbie Boyce
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Loren Spendlove
St. George Leisure Services
Washington County Jail
David and Rita Ostler
Don and Joyce McGegor
Gary and Diane Sheets
Joe and Larae Meirer
Gary and Deanna Esplin
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Dixie Community College
Cox Auditorium
Kimball Willard
Jason DeVilliers
Derrick DeVilliers
Rocco C. and Jeanie DeVilliers
Nate Fackrell
St. George Police Department
Travis Brown
Rulon Jones
Steve West
Albert Gilman
Chris and Valerie Hendershot
Paul and D'Anne Robbins
Linda DeVilliers
Terrel and Jane Bird
Darrell Whaley

Copyright © 2000 Pure Entertainment
All Rights Reserved

Pure Entertainment is the author of this film
for the purposes of copyright and other laws.

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture photoplay is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of this phtoplay may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

NOTE: Production designer Richard L. Jamison is credited in this movie as "Richard Jameson."
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