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The ButterCream Gang in
Secret of Treasure Mountain (1993)

Secret of Treasure Mountain:
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Feature Films for Families Presents

Gang in

of Treasure Mountain

Executive Producer
Forrest S. Baker III

Carter Burch & Leo Paur

Music Arranged & Composed by
Kurt Bestor

Sound Editor / Post Mixer
Michael L. McDonough

Film Editor
Stephen L. Johnson

Director of Photography
Brian Capener

Art Director
Roger Crandall

Don A. Judd & Scott Swofford

Scott H. Swofford

Secret of Treasure Mountain:
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

The ButterCream Gang
Brandon Blaser Eldon
Jason Glenn Lanny
Jason Johnson Scott
Isaac Fugal Eli
Marissa Porritt Jesse
Stephanie Dees Margaret

Rick Macy Almoldovar
Frank Gerrish Mugfat/Romero
John Huntington Maggot/Caesar
Don Shanks Indian
Michael Rudd Monk/Marcus
Otto Mileti Mr. Carpenter
Steven Anderson Uncle Will
Alexa Pappas Small Girl/Marissa
Janet Irick Mother
Ivan Crosland Mr. Graff
Jan Gardner Minnie
Michael Scott Del Ditto
Nancy Pomeroy Sharlene
Monica Allen Little Girl
Scott Wilkinson Reverend Wilkie
Glade Quinn Stunt Double
Wade R. Wisan Boy #1
Janay Castleton Creamette
Cassandra Hansen Creamette
Sarah Baker Creamette
Karily Baker Creamette
Christine Wilkerson Creamette
Annie Baker Creamette
Miranda Chivers Creamette

Forrest S. Baker III Executive Producer
Don A. Judd Producer
Scott Swofford Producer
Terri Pappas Production Manager/Associate Producer
Jeff Miller 1st Assistant Director/Associate Producer
Matt Whitaker 2nd Assistant Director
Jill H. Greenlief Asst. Prod. Coord/Extras Coordinator
Liz Reiter Set Prodution Assistant
Jennie M. Latham Set Production Assistant
Lynn Christofferson Production Accountant
Penny Johnson Script Supervisor
Michael Anderson Location Manager/Transportation
Brian Capener Director of Photography
Brian Sullivan Stedi Cam Operator
Lance Layman 1st Assistant Camera
David Rhineer Camera Loader
Pat Smart Video Assist
Len Levine Gaffer
Bob Neville Best Boy Electric
Steve Reinhardt Best Boy Electric
Alan Oakes Electrician
Bruce Hammer Key Grip
Alesia Walser Dolly Grip
Rick Mitchell Best Boy Grip
Peter Daniels Special Effects/Transportation
Doug Wayman Special Effects Assistant
Fenton Quinn Stunt Coordinator
Steve Laneri Sound Mixer
Les Udy Boom Operator
Roger Crandall Art Director
Nickle Lauritzen Set Decorator
Jessica Baker Set Dresser
Christopher Griffis Leadman
Lorette Bayle Art Department Coordinator
Chad Davis Scenic Artist
Brad Thomas Swing Gang
Ryan Poore Art Department Production Assistant
Chad Brockbradler Art Department Intern
Michael McAuliffe Art Department Intern
Lansing Smith Property Master
Robert Bennett Assistant Props.
Jim Passanante Construction Coordinator
Andrew Novetzke Carpenter
Robert Harper Carpenter
Walter Byrnes Carpenter
Robert Ybarra Carpenter
Nicholas Sanders Carpenter
Kimberly Tate Laborer
Nancy Balcorta Laborer
Gloria Murphy Scenic Painter
Heather Blair Painter
Cathren Warner Costume Designer
Jacqueline Woodward Assistant Wardrobe
Meladi Lindley Assistant Wardrobe
Tena Parker-Liddiart Make-up & Hair
Greg T. Moon Assistant Make-up & Hair
Kimball Jacobs Driver
Brett Miller Driver
Dee Warner Driver
Scott Wilkinson Casting/Dialogue Coach
Darrin Fletcher Storyboard Artist
Della Tunks Craft Service
Nina Booth Teacher
Meg Parker Teacher
Becky Barry Teacher
Meiers Prime, Inc. Catering
Rick Stephenson Colorist
Michael McDonough Sound Design
Troy Hinckley Assistant Sound Editor
Chad Larsen Foley Artist
Steve Hennessey Video Editor
Kim Griswold Gardner Paintbox Artist
TeleScene, Inc. Post Production
Kurt Bestor Music Director
Arranged & Composed
Mark Siddoway Music Editor
Jeff Carter Music Engineer
Pinnacle Studios Music Recorded
Stephen Johnson Film Editing
Lori Petersen Assistant Film Editor

Special Thanks To The
United States Forest Service:

Flaming Gorge Ranger District,
Ashley National Forest

Spanish Fork Ranger District
Uintah National Forest

Roosevelt Ranger District
Ashley National Forest

We gratefully acknowledge the
many families nationwide who support
our efforts for better entertainment.
Without them this motion picture would
not have been possible.

Feature Films for Families
Strengthening traditional values
through entertainment

© 1993

Secret of Treasure Mountain:

Discovering part of an ancient Spanish treasure map, young Eldon Flowers dreams of finding gold. He could be rich, and he could also help Mr. Graff who is about to lose his home. Eldon secretly hopes this valiant deed will make him the hero he longs to be. With help from the other ButterCreamers, he embarks on a quest that will lead him to a concealed crypt in an old monastery, a deep cave hidden high in a mountain, and face to face with three greedy characters who will stop at nothing to find the treasure first. Eldon must often make difficult decisions that help him discover much more than gold. He finally sees himself as others do and begins to understand what being a hero really means.

Produced by BCG Productions Inc. exclusively for Feature Films For Families. Starring Brandon Blaser, Rick Macy, Isaac Fugal, Jason Glenn, Jason Johnson, Stephanie Dees and Marissa Porritt.
Color, 90 minutes.

You may want to discuss the following with your family:

1. Why did Eldon feel like the "ButterCream clown"?

2. Where did the monk say you can sometimes find the greatest treasure?
What did he mean?

3. What did Eldon learn about being rich?

4. What is the meaning of the Parable of the Cobbler as told by the monk?

5. What did Eldon finally understand about being a hero?

PRODUCERS: Don A. Judd & Scott Swofford

DIRECTORS: Scott Swofford


MUSIC: Kurt Bestor

Strengthening Traditional Values
Through Entertainment

P.O. Box 572410
Murray UT 84157-2410

This video cassette may not be rented
or resold without written license.

© 1993 Rekab Tserrof. All rights reserved.

This film includes closed captions created
by Feature Films For Families.

NOTE: I believe that the key grip, credited as "Bruce Hammer", should actually be "Bruce Hamme."

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