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The Seventh Brother (1991)

The Seventh Brother:
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Feature Films For Families
Salt Lake City, Utah

Feature Films For Families

The Seventh Brother

Executive Producer
Forrest S. Baker III

In coorperation with
Dr. Ghorgy Matolsey

Attila Dargay
Scott Murphy
Jozsef Nep

Character Design
Attila Dargay
Tibor Hernadi
John Wilson

Background and Visual Effects
Janos Balogh
Istvari Gelleri
Erna Biro

Magda Hap

Kurt Bestor
Sam Cardon
Merrill Jenson

Sound Design
Mike McDonough

Don A. Judd
Borbala Mezei

Jeno Koltai

The Seventh Brother:
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Kutya Productions
Feature Films for Families
Gratefully acknowledges the voice talents of

Aaron Bybee Tiny

Joey Lopez J.C.
Christina Schaub Rebecca
Logan Hall Marty
Laura Schulthles Joanna
Andrew Soren Cody
Sarah Baker Mimi

Mary Sperry Mrs. Rabbit
Scott Wilkinson Mrs. Rabbit/Poacher 3/Weasel

Joe Requa Dr. Albert E. Owl
Linda Bierman Mrs. Magpie
Dick Canaday Grandpa
Danielle Halliday Angie

Don Judd Silly Crow
Mary Parker Williams Mrs. Bird
Carson Boss Mr. Bird
Jim Wright Groundhog
Duane Stevens Father Hedgehog
Karily Baker Whiny Hedgehog/Sniffling Mouse
Nate Gee Spikey 2/Squirrel 8/Tiny 2
Justin Martin Spikey 3/Squirrel 4
Richard Bugg Fox
Mark Probert Hawk
Rick Macy Stork/Poacher 1
Aaron Watson Alf/Poacher 2
Alisha Mortimer Squirrel 1
Lance Bradshaw Squirrel 2
Wade Wilson Squirrel 5
Sydney Lowry Mouse
Mel Martin Melk the Elk
Annie Baker Forest Animal

Jacque Pace
Kaye Tolbert
Brooks Holm
Christy Peterson
Cindy Overstreet
Kerri Odom
Ladies Bird Group

Atilla Dargay
Jeno Koltai

Arpad Lossonczy
Gyorgy Varga
Zoltan Bacso
Edit Pugner

Consulting and Supervision
John Wilson

Post Production and ADR Director
Scott Murphy

[10 Hungarian names]

Main Animators
[4 Hungarian names]

[18 Hungarian names]

Animation Supervisors
[2 Hungarian names]

Assistant Animation-Inbetweeners
[38 Hungarian names]

Paint and Trace Supervisors
[2 Hungarian names]

Paint and Trace
[29 Hungarian names]

Andras Boderna
Rick Stevenson

Film Lab
Hungarian Film Laboratory

Scott Wilkinson
Rick Macy

Montage Director
Forrest S. Baker III

Montage Sequence
Brad Syckes
Darren Elwood
Kristiane Andra

Zella McGurk

Kurt Bestor

Additional Music
Sam Cardon
Merrill Jenson

Music Editor
Ted Hinckley

Recorded by
Jeff Carter
Mike Chadbourne

Assistant Engineers
Dan Carlisle
Dale Sandberg

Music Recorded and Mixed at
Pinnacle Studios, Orem, Ut.

Music Contractors
Gale L. Bray
Jennifer E. Rogers

Orchestra Conductors
Kurt Bestor
Sam Cardon
Merill Jensen

Female Vocalists
Lacy Gibbons
Felicia Sorensen

Male Vocalists
Barry Gibbons
Cody Hale

On-Line Editor
Brad Syckes

Video Tape Operators
Brent Hall
Kevin De Lullo
Vic Miller
Scott Daniels

Sound Design/Post Mixer
Mike McDonough

Jeff Hall

Foley Artist
Ryan Purcell

Production Assistant
Anne Jensen-Bromley

Electronic Maintenance
Paul Hansen
Curt Singleton

Post Production Facility

Executive Staff
K. Edwin Hansen Exec. Vice President
Fred Healey Vice Pres. Finance/MIS
Carl A. Bowers Vice Pres. Sales/Marketing
Marvin R. Curtis, Jr. Vice Pres. Operations
Richard Haskell Vice Pres. Commercial Grp.
Terry R. Clegg Vice Pres. Corp. Relations
Robert Andra Vice Pres. Distribution
Melvin S. Martin General Council
Gary S. Hall Director of MIS
Marjorie H. Rice Creative Director/Editor
Promotion & Advertising

Gratefully acknowledges the millions of families
nationwide whose continuing support
made this film possible.

Strenghtening traditional values
through entertainment

Produced by Panima Workshop

Copyright Rekab Tserrof L.C.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Seventh Brother:

The Seventh Brother

Tiny the puppy is lost after being separated from Angie and her grandfather. Tiny must be faithful, courageous and friendly to find his way home. After spending a long night alone in the forest, Tiny is rescued and adopted by a family of rabbits. Unable to find Angie, Tiny decides to be the best brother he can be to the rabbit family. When danger threatens he proves to be a hero, but as winter approaches the rabbits realize Tiny is growing weaker and will not survive without the kind of food dogs need. Tiny's forest friends help him find his family. In his adventures, Tiny discovers that faith overcome faith. Approx. 76 minutes

Produced by Kutya Productions, Inc.
in association with Pannonia Film Company

Executive Producer Forrest S. Baker III
Director Jeno Koltai
Producers Borbala Mezei and Don A. Judd
Music by Kurt Bestor, Sam Cardon and Merrill Jenson
Consulting and Supervision John Wilson

Parent's Guide

For Family Discussion

1. We are happier when we help each other. How do the rabbits help Tiny? How does Tiny help the rabbits?

2. Why didn't Mrs. Magpie want Tiny living in the forest? How can you welcome new people into your neighborhood?

3. Tiny was separated from his family when he disobeyed Angie and ran off. What can you do to make sure you don't get separated from your family? What should you do if you do get lost?

4. It is always best to be yourself. Tiny tried hard to act like a bunny, but because he was a dog he could save the rabbits from danger. What can dogs do that rabbits can't? What can you do especially well?

5. Tiny taught the rabbits they must sometimes face danger instead of running away. Are there times when you should run away from danger? What are some examples?

Feature Films For Families
Strengthening Traditional Values Through Entertainment
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