A Peculiar People
a short film by Brian T. Burnham

"A Peculiar People" is a short film made by Brian Burnham, a film student at Brigham Young University.

The film depicts a young woman -- perhaps a high school senior or a freshman in college -- sitting by a gurgling brook. She reflects upon recent events. Her flashback shows her outside a movie theater, as a friend beckons, "Are you coming?" She looks up at the movie marque, focusing on the "R" rating symbol by the title of the movie her friends are going to see. Contemplative piano music (composed by Brian Burnham) plays as the film's underscore. Back at the gurgling brook, her face shows anguish as she remembers what happened next. Her friends -- one male and one female -- urge her to hurry up. The guy looks at his watch. The young woman who is resisting the temptation to go into the theater says, "I can't." Her friends turn away in disgust. She walks home. Back at the gurgling brook, she looks skyward and then remembers a verse of scripture about letting your light so shine that others will see your good works and glorify Father which art in Heaven. She takes solace in this, smiles faintly, and stands up to walk away from the gurgling brook.

This description may make the short film sound a little cheesy, but the short film is nicely made and nicely photographed. The acting and editing are also commendable.

As for the movie she resisted seeing: Her friends were going to see "Scary Movie." Also on the marque were "X-Men" (PG-13), "The Replacements" (PG-13) and "Return to Me" (PG). "X-Men" or "Return to Me" are both great. "Return to Me" with David Duchovny is a particularly sweet and refreshing film. If her friends had already seen "X-Men", and they went to see "Scary Movie" instead of "Return to Me," I'd say they were definitely making a mistake. (From the look on the contemplative young woman's face, you'd think her friends were Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers or something.) At least they weren't there to see "Scary Movie 2", a film that critics eviscerated.

On Burnham's website he describes "A Peculiar People":

The film "A Peculiar People" is one of his favorites. He made it in November 2000. It deals with individual worth and personal integrity. He also composed and performed the music for the film.

"A Peculiar People" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"A Peculiar People" closing credits as they appear in the film

Brian Burnham
Amy Burnham
Ben Dana
Liz Dana
Stephanie Todd
Gina Messick
Lisa Crossley
Amanda Lambert
Nancy Freestone
Carrie Brown
Scott Garduno

NOTE: "A Peculiar People" has no opening credits other than "A BTB Film" and the title.
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