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Sisala Divination (1999)

"Sisala Divination": Text from Front VHS Cover

"Sisala Divination": Text from Back VHS Cover

"Sisala Divination"
closing credits as they appear in the VHS

Executive Producer
Eugene Mendonsa, Ph.D.

Joseph Pia

Eugene Mendonsa
Joseph Pia
Kendall Wilcox

Jennifer Keys

Julia Ruell
Bryan Lefler
Jessica Proctor

Eugene Mendonsa

Project Advisors
Dean Duncan
Thomas J. Lefler
Mark Philips
Duane Roberts

Associate Producer
Jennifer Keys

Script Advisor
Eugene Mendonsa

Animated Graphics
Ben Unguen

Additional Camera
Dana Sumon

Assistant Writers
Dustin Condren
Kathryn Young

Assistant Editors
Dustin Condren

Communications Supervisor
Catherine Matthews

Rhet Bartista
Eric Larson

Production Assistants
Kristina Bondon
Manju Varghese
Katy Rees

Assistant to the Executive Producer
Stephen Nenkentie Badzongol

Jacob Hoehne
David Graham
Ben Baker
Mollie Cummings
Tyler Leavitt
Myst Stay
Natallie Lafteur

Special Thanks
BYU Theatre & Media Arts
LDS Motion Picture Studio
BYU Kennedy Center
BYU Women's Research
BYU Anthropology Department
BYU College of Family Home and Social Sciences
Marcy Brown
Stephanie Ririe
Diena Simmons
Derek Marquis
Bonnie BallifSpanvil
Clayne Pope
Don Holsinger
Joel Janetsky
Denise Campbell

Additional Film Footage & Photography
Mary Seavoy, Ph.D.
Joan Barker, Ph.D.
Bruce Grindal, Ph.D.

Utopia Entertainment
Copyright 1999
All rights reserved

Credits transcript by James McCabe. This file has not yet been proofread and verified. Created 23 June 2004.