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Velveteen Rabbit
sitcom starring Marie Osmond

From: The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History, by Bill Cotter. New York: Hyperion (1997), page 293:

Enchanted Musical Playhouse

[The credits shown below are ONLY for "The Velveteen Rabbit"]

Cast: Marie Osmond (Velveteen Rabbit/Fairy), Joshua Tenny (Little Boy), Janey Swenson (Nana), Nina Sherman (Ballerina), Teri Waite (Baby Doll).

This was the overall title for a series of musicals based on popular fairy tales. The four episodes were The Velveteen Rabbit (starring Marie Osmond), The Steadfast Tin Soldier (with Sheilds and Yarnell), Ferdinand the Bull (starring Paul Williams), and Petronella.

Cotter, page 580:

Enchanted Musical Playhouse: "The Velveteen Rabbit"

Directed by: Tom Trbovich
Written and Produced by: Jeffrey C. Sherman
Based on the Story by: Margery Williams
Music and Lyrics: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Production Supervisor: Chad D. Murdock
Executive in Charge of Production: William L. Waite III
Musical Directors: Denny Crockett, Ike Egan
Musical Coordinator: Kurt Bestor
Associate Producer: Steve Thompson
Art Director: Seven Nielsen
Choreographer: Craig Call
Lighting Director: Dave Stoddard
Marie's Wardrobe: Ret Turner
Costume/wardrobe: Noreen Pollei
Production Coordinator: Johnny Whittaker
Make-up: Ralph Gulko
Assistant to Producer: Danalee Chapman
Editor: Richard Jacobson
Production Secretary: Dana B. Robison
Production Assistant: Donna Mae Butler
Created by: Jeffrey C. Sherman
Co-Executive Producer: James Osmond
Executive Producer: James Rich, Jr.
Nightstar, Inc.
30-minute format
First aired in 1984.

[Note that in addition to the film's star, Marie Osmond, many of the other cast and crew members are Latter-day Saints and/or Utahns, including production coordinator Johnny Whitaker (credited as "Johnny Whittaker"), Seven Nielsen, Kurt Bestor and David Stoddard (credited as "Dave Stoddard").

Another important thing to note: This is NOT an animated film. It is a live action film made for television. There have been animated version of The Velveteen Rabbit, but this version is not animated.]

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