a short film by Christian Vuissa

"Daybreak" is a short dramatic film made by Christian Vuissa while a film student at Brigham Young University. It is 12 minutes long. It was shot in 16mm.

"Daybreak" was a finalist in the 2001 NextFrame Film Festival, sponsored by University Film & Video Association. "Daybreak" was also accepted into the 2001 Eclipse Film Festival (held in St. George, Utah).

"Daybreak" includes scenes at a party, a young man playing music for a young woman, and another couple driving to Las Vegas and walking around all night, before falling asleep in their car. A couple of the characters wield hand puppets. There is little actual dialogue. The sound is dominated by music. The film is not particularly narrative in form.

The film is described on the NextFrame website:

Daybreak observes a 12-hour period in the life of four young people. They are free to do whatever they want, but what do they want?"

The brief description on the BYU student film website reads:

"What to do. Where to go. Who to be." A night's journey and daybreak of four people.

A description on the Eclipse Film Festival website reads:

"Daybreak" observes an 18-hour period in the lives of four young people. Their interaction reflects different aspects of their individual identities and mirrors who they really are and who they want to be. The freedom of the moment is mixed with the insecurity about the identity and future of themselves.

"Daybreak" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"Daybreak" closing credits as they appear in the film


a film by
Christian Vuissa

Amy Robinson

Joshua Payne

Scott Haycock

Tamra Long

produced by
Christian Vuissa

director of photography
Ryan Little

edited by
Ludwig Einklang

written & directed by
Christian Vuissa

The Band
Joshua Payne Guitar
Tom Abbott Sax
Scott Homer Drums
Douglas Wright Bass
Chelsea Bgley Vocals

The Party
Shane Holmes
Jennifer Holmes
Rebecca McFadden
Jolene Yukes (sp?)
Nethaniel Martin
Arno Kempplainen (sp?)
Aardell Broadbent
James Syons
Lyle Stamps
Seth Kawasaki
Lynnita Little
Elaine Foley
Kirsten Vuissa
Winston P. Chrin III (sp?)
Magnus Kennursen (sp?)
Ryan Arvay
Seth Smoot
Coby Carroll

The Crew
Executive Producer Stan Ferguson
1st Assistant Director Chris Bowman
1st Assistant Camera Dalan Granat
2nd Assistant Camera Seth Smoot
Gaffer Matt Janzen
Key Grip Ryan Arvay
Sound Mixer McKell Brockbank
Coby Carroll
Boom Operator McKell Brockbank
Make-up and Hair Jennifer Graff
Michelle Barton
Production Assistants Doug Heder
McKell Brockbank
James Lyons
Craft Service Kirstin Vuissa
Sound Editor Vaughn Armstrong
Film Processed by David Nauta
Hal Farber
Chuck Hale
Film Tranfer by David Nauta
Gene Bradford
Online Edit Wynn Hougaard
Color Corrections Bo Bahoravitch

The Music

I'll Be Your Mirror
Performed by the Velvet Underground & WCO

Performed by Massive Attack

Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out
Performed by Bentley Rhythm Ace

Ooh Las Vegas
Performed by Cowboy Junkies

Stinging Wettle
Performed by Calexco

A Andorama da Prumanela (sp)
Performed by Madaedeus

The Truman
Zeb Weeks
BYU Department of Theatre & Media Arts
Ira & Mary Lou Fulton
Dean Hall at Hart's in American Fork
Krisi Church
Darl Larsen
Tom Lefler
Stan Ferguson

Dedicated to McKell Brockbank

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All Rights Reserved

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NOTE: "Daybreak" has no opening credits, nor even an opening title. The title is displayed at the end, immediately preceding the closing credits.
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