The Redemption
a short film made in 24 hours
by ShineBox Motion Pictures
as part of the 2002 LDS Film Festival

"The Redemption" was made in 24 hours for Provo film festival's "24 hour film making marathon." Joel Petrie and Adam Stewart star in this five minute short about one soldiers attempted redemption after a supposed incident that has the squadron up-in-arms.

"The Redemption" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"The Redemption" opening credits as they appear in the film

ShineBox Motion Pictures

The Redemption

Joel Petrie

Adam Stewart

written by
John Lundwall

"The Redemption" closing credits as they appear in the film

Shot, Edited & Directed by
Dave Skousen

Assistant Director
Paul Green

Music by
Greg Duckwitz

played by
Joel Petrie

played by
Adam Stewart

Other Soldiers:
Jason Young
Kels Goodman

Stunts by
John Skousen

Pyrotechnics by
Joel Petrie

Written in 20 minutes by
John Lundwall

This film was written, shot,
edited and scored in 24 hrs.

Copyright November, 2002

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