Two Dimes & A Nickel (2002)
a short film by Tucker T. Dansie

"Two Dimes & A Nickel" is a short inspirational film based made by written and directed by Tucker T. Dansie. It is part of his "One of Life's Little Lessons" series. The story is based on a true story from the journal of the late Betty Ganz.

In the film, a young boy about 5 years old (Summit Campbell) is at an outdoor garden store with his grandmother (Clara Susan Morey II). While the grandmother picks out some plants, he innocently picks up some interesting-seeming rocks from the gravel covering the ground in the outdoor shopping area. They go inside and the grandmother pays for her purchases.

Then, as she is about to leave, she notices that the boy is holding some rocks in his hand. She tells him that he can't take those home. The kindly young cashier (Mazall Sharp) says that it's all right. But the grandmother wants to teach her grandson a lesson about paying for things that belong to the store. The digs in his pocket and pulls a quarter, and says that's all the money he has. The cashier states that there just happens to be a special in the store that day, and that the boy can buy the rocks for 25 cents. The cashier makes a show of ringing up the "purchase" and then puts the rocks in a paper bag which she hands to the boy. The boy and his grandmother thank the cashier. As they turn to leave, the cashier tells them, "Wait! You forgot your change." The boy holds out his hand and the cashier drops into the boy's hand his "change": two dimes and a nickel.

Length: 6 min. 34 sec.

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"Two Dimes & A Nickel" OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Dansie & Dansie

Tucker T. Dansie

"One of Life's Little Lessons"
Two Dimes
A Nickel

"Two Dimes & A Nickel" CLOSING credits as they appear in the film


Clara Susan Morey II
The Grandmother

Mazall Sharp
The Cashier

and introducing
Summit Campbell

outside shoppers:
Marianne Johnson
Beth Wolfgramm
Natalie Dansie & Blake
Pat Belnap
Judy Dansie
Monica Campbell

ornery inside shopper:
Sue McDonald

script supervisors & continuity
Andrea Lynne Van Hazden
Bill Tisdale

Location Sound
Mason Dansie

Tucker Dansie

The Dansie Brothers

edited by
Fritz MacNamire

produced by
Judy Dansie

co-produced by
Tucker T. Dansie

assistant casting by
Andrea Lynne Van Hazden

special thanks to:
Dar & Steve Lindee
Coventry Garden & Gifts
Leo Quick
for his suggestion.

Shot on location at their shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

executive producers:
Gary Dansie & Chris Dansie

associate producers:
Bill & Julie Tisdale
Chris & Kristine Pitts
Dennis & Kathy Racine

taken from the journal of the late
Betty Ganz

written & directed by
Tucker T. Dansie

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"One of Life's Little Lessons"
Two Dimes
A Nickel

copyright © 2002 Tucker T. Dansie

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