a short film by Melissa Leilani Larson

"Please" is a short dramatic film made by Melissa Leilani Larson while a film student at Brigham Young University.

The story in "Please" focuses on two friends, Ellen and Julia. Ellen discovers that Julia's boyfriend Mark, a doctor, has physically abused her. The closing credits are accompanied by a song written and performed by Cherie Call.

"Please" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"Please" opening credits as they appear in the film

mimic productions presents

in association with

leilani productions

melissa leilani larson


"Please" closing credits as they appear in the film

susan keller

susanna winter-florence

written and directed by
melissa leilani larson

tawnya cazier

director of photography leila miller

neal gage

tawnya cazier
maria agustina perez

boom operator
melanie lamb

make-up designer
leila miller

storyboard artist
chris nagamatsu

craft services
meg wyatt

"two story house"
written and performed by
cherie call & tyler castleton
copyright 1997 ele records

special thanks to:

leanne hill adams
stan ferguson
lizzie & mel
meldon & amor larson
the fultons

copyright 2001 mimic productions

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