The Promethean
a short film by D. Kohl Glass

"The Promethean" is a short film written and directed by D. Kohl Glass while he was a film student at Brigham Young University.

The film is a contemporary re-telling of the Greek myth of Prometheus.

"The Promethean" was completed in 2003.

The film competed in BYU's Final Cut film festival and was selected as one of the top three films by the audience vote.

"The Promethean":
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

The Titan Prometheus ascended
into Heaven, stole fire from the
gods, and gave it to humanity,
saving them from certain doom.

In the name of justice, Zeus
sentenced Prometheus to be
executed each new day.

But it was out of fear that he
condemned Prometheus, for Zeus
knew Prometheus held the secret of
his destruction.


"The Promethean":
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Written and Directed

D. Kohl Glass

Produced by
Brandon Dayton
D. Kohl Glass

Director of Photography
Travis Cline

Music Composed by
Angus McKay

Engineered by
Marcus Howard

Chris Kendrick

Diane Rane

Ron Frederickson

Dennis Kostecki

Patrick Rosier

Azlen Marchet

Doug Stewart

1st AD Chantelle Squires
UPM Jon Dayton
Executive Producer Stan Ferguson
Post Sound Mark Noakes
Camera Operator Ty Arnold
1st AC Marty Stiles
2nd AC Joel Remke
Loader Todd Gaak
Production Designer Cory Lorenzen
Costume Designer Curt Jensen
Make Up Designer Spencer Barnes
Assistant Make Up Anna Robinson
Casting Director Tawnya Cazier
Chris Glass
Casting Assistant Andy West
Grip/Electric Jeff Gustafson
Justin Wong
Dan Barnett
Adam Sanders
Todd Hamilton
William Boaz
Tim Skousen
Script Supervisor Emily Hess
Assistant Script Supervisor Tim Gutierrez
Editor D. Kohl Glass
Additional Editing Alexander Vance
Chantelle Squires
On-Line Editor Wynn Hougaard
Production Sound Robert Fewkes
Drew Barlow
Brandon Dayton
Boom Operator Ryan Farrington
Titles/Digital Effects Dan Fredley
Craft Services Chris Glass
Brandon Dayton
Still Photography Ryan Arvay
Mark Noakes
Drew Barlow
Videography Adam Lisonbee
Ryan Arvay

Forsyth Chris Kendrick
Kratos Patrick Rosier
Bai Doug Stewart
Hephaestus Azlen Marchet
Priest Ron Frederickson
Z Dennis Kostecki
Io Diane Rane

Special Thanks

Ira and Mary Lou Fulton
Chris Glass
The Media Arts Faculty & Staff
Student Film Association
David and Peggy Glass
Ivan and Truly Huish
McCarty Agency
SSI Advanced Post Services
Mike and Kathy Wilson
Filmworks Laboratory Inc.
Jake Parker
Ethan Vincent
A.F. Shoe Repair & Figurines
Wells Fargo
Harris Hardware

Very Special Thanks

Cyndi Greening

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