Roots & Wings

Related Links "Roots & Wings" is a short dramatic film directed by Christian Vuissa, an Austrian Latter-day Saint studying film at Brigham Young University (BYU). He made the film while he was completing his film degree at BYU. The screenplay was written by Maria Perez, a Latter-day Saint of Mexican descent and fellow BYU student.

"Roots & Wings" was completed in 2002 and competed in the 2002 Final Cut film festival at BYU. It won the awards for Best Actor (for lead actor German Contreras, who plays the father), Best Screenplay, and Audience Choice Award (Best Film). "Roots & Wings" has also received a Gold Aurora Award (2002) for Best Foreign Language Film and was the Winner of the Performing Art Showcase Award of the Golden Key International Honour Society. comments: Look for Christian Vuissa's absolutely stunning short film "Roots and Wings," which is supposed to go on sale in LDS bookstores in August. I HAVE seen "Roots & Wings", and it is amazing. The extremely realistic and beautifully shot story of a Mexican Catholic immigrant who finds his wife and children becoming distant as they assimilate American ways and Latter-day Saint faith, "Roots and Wings" is the work of a filmmaker who is obviously destined for great things. Every shot is thoughtfully and meaningfully framed. The acting is so natural and the emotions so raw that the film often seems like a beautifully shot documentary. Vuissa serves up no easy answers or platitudes, he simply serves up a glimpse into a fascinating and though-provoking story. At only about 25 minutes long, "Roots and Wings" is more of a film than most anything you'll find in the multiplex this summer.

"Roots & Wings" opening credits as they appear in the film

WingSpan Pictures

Roots & Wings

Gérman Contreras

Maria Carr

Ivan Hernandez
Missy Carr

Mosiah Gonzalez
Carlos Tirado

Production Designer
David Graham

Costume Designer
Brittney Rodee

Director of Photography
Brandon Christensen

Edited by
Ludwig Einklang

Orchestral Music by
Dominic Moore
Colin Moore

Story by
Christian Vuissa

Screenplay by
Agustina Perez

Produced by
Agustina Perez
Christian Vuissa

Directed by
Christian Vuissa

"Roots & Wings" closing credits as they appear in the film

Executive Producer Stan Ferguson
Unit Production Manager Julie VanDenBerghe
First Assistant Director Jason Conforto
Second Assistant Director Tawnya Cazier

Ruben Gérman Contreras
Antonia Maria Carr
Fifomeno Ivan Hernandez
Elena Missy Carr
Pedro Mosiah Gonzalez
Salvador Carlos Tirado

(in order of appearance)
Catholic Priest Owen Wheeler
First Communion Children Johana Hernandez
Jason Carr
Catalina Bella
Skyler Carr
Mariachia Players Mario Escobar
Arturo Gonzalez
Manuel Bueno
Marcel Bowman
Kelly Arvizu
Lara Pastor
Women in kitchen Ana Lyla Thomas
Nora Zelaya
Julia Ramirez
Melba Becerril
Soccer Players Alfonso Velasco
Manuel Mendoza
Hector Garcia
Gilberto Huerta
Missionary #1 Jenner Brown
Missionary #2 Christian Rodeo
Visiting Teachers Margaret Rodeo
Michelle Hyde
Missionary #3 David Payne
Missionary #4 Sean Nobmann
Qincinera Godparents Aldo Sanchez
Monica Sanchez


Martha Barrera
Joe Broderick
Jamison Conforto
Kerilyn Conforto
Natalie Conforto
Denise Cope
Todd Cope
Linda Coray
Lynn Coray
Rocio Crespo
Omar Culin
Olivia Dayton
Jason Edwards
Mindy Edwards
Guadalupe Flores
Jareli Flores
Carla Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
Olga Hernandez
Carol Huntington
Kirt Huntington
Kent Jex
Marry Jex
Darrell Nield
Denae Paspuel
Dolores Paspuel
Enrique Paspuel
LeEarl Peck
Yeisha Rangel
Guadalupe Valdez
Carlos Valdez
Luis Valdez
Nancy Valdez

Sound Design Rick McFarland
Set Decorators Ryan Arvay
Noelani Sanchez
First Assistant Camera Jarom Ellsworth
Travis Cline
Second Assistant Camera Christy Mustard
Colby Drewery
Charlie Bird
Ty Arnold
Still Photographer Milma Kemppainen
Kari Jorgensen
Documentarian Susan Teh
Script Supervisors Randy Astle
Marta Becerril
Dialogue Supervisor Omar Culin
Chief Lighting Technician Marty Patch
Key Grip Chizoma Olumba
Grips Chris Kendrick
Jason Hatfield
Mike Evans
Special Effects Jason Faller
Clark Edmunds
John Rim
Kelly Peterson
Digital Transfer Engineer Dave Nauta
Avid Editor Tom Judd
On-Line Editor Rob Morton
Credits Tom Judd
Subtitles Rob Morton
Jerry Stayner
Production Sound Mixers Mark Noakes
Clark Edmunds
Boom Operator Kelly Arvizu
Music Scoring Mixer Rick McFarland
Music Recorded at LDS Motion Picture Studio
Make-Up Artists/Hairstylists Anna K. Brown
McKinley Brown
Spencer Barnes
Casting Associate Alisa Angelsey [Alisa Anglesey]
Production Assistants David Payne
Taylor Hellwell
Kynan Griffan
Erin Bennett
Taylor Cline
Craft Service Kirsten Vuissa


LDS Motion Picture Studio
BYU Broadcasting
BYU Theatrical and Media Arts Department
Kirsten Beautiful
Ira and Mary Lou Fulton
The Children of Ole & Grace Anderson
Andrew Howlett
Clyde Swenson
San Andres Catholic Church
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
Mario Escobar & Dance Alliance
Stan Ferguson
Eric Samuelsen
Tom Lefler
Dari Larsen
Tom Russell
Merrill Dimick
Paul Miller
Bruce Sundstrom
Sharon Beaty
Bo Bahoravitch
Robert Chabot
Kelly Peterson
Travis Allen
Amy Langlois
David Card
Duane Roberts
John Reim
Diena Simmons
Marcy Brown
Art Isquierdo
Chinatown Restaurant
Deseret Industries
Diego's Taco Shop
Einstein Bagels
El Azteca
La Ranchera Market
Marriott Provo Fairfield Inn
Olive Garden
Pizza Hut
Sensuous Sandwich
The Quilted Bear
The Carr Family
The Hernandez Family
President Coray
Lorenzo & Josefina Avelar
Wallace & Allice Johnson
Katie Bogner
Ryan and Amy Rowan
Dan & Karen Garby
Josh Keliiheleua

Clip from "Copa Americana 2001"
Courtesy of Univision © 2001


Son del Jabali
Performed by Mariachi America

Marcha de Zacatocas
Performed by Mariachi America

Les Charrerias
Performed by Mariachi America

Popuri Mexican
Performed by Mariachi America

Avo Maria
Performed by Ryan Murphy

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Performed by Ryan Murphy

Come, Come Ye Saints
Performed by BYU 82nd Ward Choir

Grosser Gott, Wir Loben Dich
Performed by Ryan Murphy

Original Score Arranged/Performed by
Guitars: Dominic Moore
       Colin Moore
Cello: Angelyn Richards
Trumpet: Dale Richards

The events and characters depicted in this motion
picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This film is protected under the laws of the United
States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication,
distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and
criminal prosecution.

Dedicated to our parents:
Ruben & Maria Antonia Pérez
Hermann & Elisabeth Vuisa

WingSpan Pictures Copyrighted © 2002

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