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Split Infinity (1992)

Split Infinity:
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Feature Films
For Families

Split Infinity

Executive Producer
Forrest S. Baker, III

Director of Photography
T.C. Christensen

Screenplay by
Leo Paur

Story Concept by
Sharon Baker

Music Composed & Conducted by
Kurt Bestor

Film Editor
Stephen L. Johnson

Trevor Black
as Frank

Sound Editor / Post Mixer
Michael L. McDonough

Art Director
Russell D. Richins

Melora Slover
as A.J.

Produced by
Don A. Judd & Scott Swofford

Stan Ferguson

Split Infinity:
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film


[In order of appearance.]

Melora Slover AJ
Marcia Dangerfield Mary Ellen
Devin Healey Joey
Dave Jensen George
Heath Ezell Dewey
Isaac Shamy Back-up Dewey
H.E.D. Redford Grandpa
Jodi Webb Ashlee
Mary Bishop Miss Leishman
Mary Bishop Miss Hatfield
Jonathan Wilde Brandon
Vaoileti Purcell Allison
Talia Argyle Laura Cannon
Vicki Gunn Coach
Jennifer McDonald Studious Student
Thom Dillon Umpire
Ryan Rodabough Milton
Emily McClure Kate
Robert Nelson Principal
Mary Parker Williams Secretary
Trevor Black Frank
Marti Tueller School Nurse
Barta Heiner Ruth
Sean Neves James
Frank Magner Macy
Brett Palmer Gabri
Kari Baker Little Girl 1
Sarah Baker Little Girl 2
Darah Simper Shela
Enzo Mileti Street Tough
Brady Whitehead Street Tough
Oscar Rowland Mr. Holbrook
Bus Riley Hired Hand 2
Joseph Paur Sheriff
Johnny Biscuit Herman
Michael "Mikey" Peterson James' Brother
Derric Andelin Back-up James' Brother
Vicki Pugmire Large Nurse
Ryan Healey Allen
"Junior" Owned And
Trained By Clint Youngren
Dog - Roosevelt
Jaynie Sweeten Snooty Girl 1
Josie Scothern Snooty Girl 2
Raeanin Simpson Girl #1
Andrea Tate Girl #2
Wade Wisen Other Boy
Lyn Christofferson A.J.'s Friend

Jeff Miller 1st Assistant Director
Terri Pappas 2nd Assistant Director / Casting
Jill H. Greenlief Production Secretary / Extras Coordinator
Jennie M. Latham Set Production Assistant
Liz Reiter Production Assistant
Christine Catenzaro Production Assistant
Lynn Christofferson Production Accountant
Arrah Thompsen Script Supervisor
Michael Anderson Location Manager

Mark Goodman 1st Assistant Camera
James Jordan 2nd Assistant Camera
Pat Smart Video Assistant
Ryan P. Poore Assistant Camera Intern

John Farr Gaffer
Dave Stoddard Gaffer
Chris Reiter Best Boy Electric
Alan Oakes Best Boy Electric
Jason Salonen Electrician

Bruce Hamme Key Grip
Alesia Walser Dolly Grip
Arly Thompsen Grip
Gregg Simmons Grip

Steve Laneri Sound MIxer
David Lester Boom Operator
Les Udy Boom Operator

Russ Richens Art Director
Brian Lives Set Decorator
Christopher Griffis On Set Dresser
Robert Bennett Leadman
Jason Hoase Art Department Swing Gang
Joshua Lives Department Swing Gang

Lansing Smith Property Master
Andy Belanger Assistant Property Master

Jeff "Kimo" Jones Construction Coordinator
Steven Tanner Construction Foreman
Paul Deely Construction Rigger
Julie Krueger Carpenter
Mitchell H. Batten Carpenter

Cathren Warner Costume Designer
Meladi Lindley Assistant Wardrobe
Peggy Davis Assistant Wardrobe
Tena Porter-Liddiard Make-up & Hair
K. Ryan McCormick Make-up & Hair

Scott Wilkinson Dialogue Coach

Peter Daniels Transportation Coordinator
Kit Hendrickson Transportation Captain
Kimball Jacobs Driver
Robert Lewis Driver
Vincent Shorter Driver

Ryan Purcell Foley Artist
Chad Larsen Foley Artist
Troy Hinckley Assistant Sound Editor

Jim Friesen Video Editor
Lee Wessman Video Editor
Brent Hall Video Tape Operator
Kim Griswold Gardner Paint Box

TeleScene, Inc. Post Production

Ted Hinckley Music Editor
Jeff Carter Music Engineer

Pinnacle Studios Music Recorded

Rick Stephenson Colorist
Melba Langston Assistant Colorist

Rick Haskell
Kirby Glad
Ed Hansen
Corporate Officers

Split Infinity
Based on a story by
Forrest S. Baker III

We gratefully acknowledge the
many families nationwide who support
our efforts for better entertainment.
Without them this motion picture would
not have been possible.

Feature Films For Families
Strenghening Traditional Values Through Entertainment

© 1992

Split Infinity:

Split Infinity


Although 14-year-old "fashion plate" and entrepreneur A.J. Knowlton loves her down-to-earth, middle-class family, her behavior toward them often reflects irritation and embarrassment. She blames her grandfather for losing the family famr during the depression and keeping the family from becoming affluent. One night when A.J. goes to the barn to be alone, she falls from the hayloft, then awakens suddenly to find herself transported back to the year 1929. Her grandfather is a young man and she is his little sister, Amelia Jean. Before A.J. returns to 1992, she will gaina new set of values as she discovers the loving secret her grandfather has kept for so many years, until the day she would be ready to understand.

Exclusively for
Starring Melora Slover, Trevor Black, Barta Heiner and Sean Neves

LINE PRODUCER: Scott Swofford
DIRECTOR: Stan Ferguson
MUSIC: Kurt Bestor

You may want to discuss the following with your family:

1. When A.J. saw her grandfather (Frank) as a young man, what traits of her own did she recognize in him?

2. Did she like what she saw? Why/why not?

3. What did A.J. try to make Frank understand?

4. What was the secret A.J. learned about her grandfather?

5. How did A.J.'s experience change her view of money and the things it will buy?

Strengthening Traditional Values Through Entertainment
P.O. Box 572410 Murray UT

This video may not be rented or resold without written license.

This film includes closed captions
created by Feature Films For Families.

© Rekab Tserrof, L.C. All rights reserved.
Sleeve Art © Feature Films For Families

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