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Bug Off! (2001)

Opening Credits for "BUG OFF!"
as they appear in the film

Visual Transit Authority

T.C. Christensen


Steve Anderson

Brianna Shipley

Gabrielle Woods

and introducing
Andrew Fugate

Written by
Rod Miller
T.C. Christensen

Music by
Merrill Jensen

Edited by
Martin L. Andersen

Produced and Directed by
T.C. Christensen

[Note that no director of photography/cinematographer is credited because T.C. Christensen, whose primary career has been as a cinematographer, served as his own D.P.]

Opening Credits for "BUG OFF!"
as they appear in the film

Production Manager
Allan Anopol

Assistant Director
Craig Steiner

Based on the novel by
Terri Fields

Additional writing by
Steve Anderson

Art Director
Eric Bunch

Daren Smith

Sound Design
Palmer Pattison

Ernie Doose

Yendor Steve Anderson
Krista Briana Shipley
Tyler Andrew Fugate
Mrs. Pickle Nickle Gabrielle Woods
Jeff Nick Whitaker
Dad Rick Macy
Mom Jan Felt
Mr. Willow Johnny Biscuit
Miss Plimpton Katharine Reilly
Cabbie Frank Garrish
Librarian Joan Johnson
Custodian Gordon Johnson
Slober Sleeper Alex Garrish
Krista's Teacher Melinda Renee
Tyler's Teacher Marie Antoinette Burrell
Park Kissers Bijan Zaimi
Mycole Metcalf
Girlfriends Cambrie Kida
Alexis Garrison
Duh Kid Robert Simmons
Jeff's Friends Anthony Trovato
Spencer Morgan Anopol
Teacher Rob Baker

The Alien Council
Jason "Chuckles" Tea
Cindy Doose
Poonam Kumar
Harv Barenz
James Sukahn
Tess Christensen
Jenny Fugate
Scott Arneman
Allan Anopol
Rhett Fernsten
Eric Bunch
Taylor Doose

Skateboarders Diego Molina
Dallas Rasmussan
Rob Heyborne
Passerby's Harv Barenz
James Sukahn
Tess Christensen
Joani Farnsworth
Lisa Gibbons
Jill Hollingshead
Carrie Stott
Hand Doubles Cindy Doose
Maeve Millard
Driving Doubles Joani Farnsworth
Lisa Gibbons
Cookie Family Chandra Allen
Tommy Allen
Jordan Allen
Kira Lake Allen
In Restaurant Bryce Clinger
Zella Robinson
Valerie Olivero
Scott Arneman
At School Daniel Tanner
Kelli Baker
Zachary Baker
Bayli Baker
Miss Shipley's Stand-in Maura Millard
Mr. Fugate's Stand-in A rubber bug
TV Clicker Man Ernie Doose
Alien Voices Craig Steiner
Taylor Doose

Script Supervisor Suzanne Bingham
Production Coordinator Rob Baker
Gaffer Rhett Fernsten
Best Boy Electric Roger Stoddard
Key Grip Glade Quinn
Grip Kohl Glass
1st A.C. Zep Christensen
2nd A.C. Dalin Granit
Sound Mixer Roger Davis
Boom Operators Tanner Christensen
Joe Richardsen
Locations Rob Baker
Hair Cindy Doose
Swing Gang Jason Marty
Eric Hasse
Props Scott Arneman
Bug Wrangler Taylor Doose
Stunts Glade Quinn
Steve Anderson
Crane Operator Glenn Fisk
Craft Service Taylor Doose
Casting BFBD
Score Mixed at Trollhouse Studios
Foley David Carl
Brad Stewart
Additional Editing Zep Christensen
Assistant Editor Heather Andersen
Production Assistants Beth Anopol
Tessa Housel
Logan Millard
Liam Millard
Talent Agencies McCarty
Underwear Dog Madison
Trainer McKale Stokes
Legal Ken Kemp
Gary Pierce

Story Consultants
Greg Christensen
Jonathan Groberg
Mark Goodman
Carl Gundestrip
Roger Crandall
Russ Holt
Zep Christensen
Laird Roberts
Deborah Hofstedt
Ken Kemp
Katy Christensen
Tanner Christensen
Tess Christensen
Jared Hess
The Brother of Jared
Pete McCrea
George Griner
Eric Hendershot
Dave Newbold
Scott Christopher
Scott Swofford
Randy Stroman
Gary Cook
Marten Andersen
Keith Merrill
Lee Groberg
James Jordan
Steve Christensen

Grip/Lighting Equipment
Troy & Judy at MPL

Otto Nemenz

Entertainment Post
Martha Saviello

Film by Kodak
Pamela Zeh


Online Edit & Post Conform
Edward W. Arsuffi Jr.
pinnaclepost, Inc.

Post Production Assistant
Tara Phelan

Filmworkers Club Colorists
Rick Stephenson
Tim Cairns

Filmworkers Club Operations
Juanita Davila
Tom Kirkhart

Available Nowhere

Executive in Charge of Producer
Katy Christensen

Location Thanks
Dennis & Jo Ellen Millard
Carl Sandburg Elementary
Bountiful City

Insurance Coverage
Fred A. Moreton Ins.

Assistant to Mr. Christensen
Big Fat Nobody

Bug Films Ltd.
Neil Wall
Ron & Kathy Tanner
Kevin & Tanya Garn
Jeff & Janet Miller
Laura Ann Hartle
William H. Call
Craig & Terry Salmon
W. Scott & Stana Kjar

Don Judd
Forrest Baker
Linda Thomson
Gil Aglaure
Tyler Meiners

Special Thanks
for putting up with me
Katy Christensen

The persons and events in this film
are fictitious. Any similarity to
actual aliens is uninententional.

No bugs were harmed in this production
But some of the crew got freaked out.

© 2001 Bug Films L.P.

The name of the lead actress is spelled with in the opening credits with 2 "n"'s ("Brianna Shipley"), and with only 1 "N" ("Briana Shipley") in the closing credits and on the box art.

The actress who plays the Mom, "Jan Felt," has also been credited as "Jan Broberg Felt," "Jan Gardner," and "Jan Tanner."

Frank Gerrish, the actor who plays the cabbie has his name misspelled in the closing credits as "Frank Garrish" His son, Alex Gerrish, has his name misspelled as "Alex Garrish."

Academy Award-winning director Kieth Merrill has known "Bug Off!" director T.C. Christensen for a long time, and is credited as a story consultant for this film. His name is misspelled "Keith Merrill," a common error because of the non-standard spelling of Merrill's first name.

"James Sukahn" is probably a misspelling of "James Sukhan."

James Jordan, credited as a "story consultant" is also known as "James Gladu Jordan."

Waiting on Sound: The Making of BUG OFF!

This short film, purportedly a "making of" documentary, but done to tongue-in-cheek that it straddles a quirky border between documentary and "mockumentary," was created largely by Tanner Christensen, apparently the son of T.C. Christensen, the director of "Bug Off!"

The "waiting of" portion of this film may be a riff on the title of the groundbreaking mockumentary "Waiting for Guffman."

"Waiting on Sound: The Making of BUG OFF!" has no opening credits only the words:

Bug Films L.P.

Waiting on Sound:
The Making of BUG OFF!

Closing credits for
"Waiting on Sound: The Making of BUG OFF!"
as they appear in the film

Written, produced
& directed by
Tanner Christensen

Executive Producer
T.C. Christensen

Executive Producer of
Documentary Footage
Steve Christensen

James McLaughlin
Chris Smith
Dennis Garcia

Camera Operators
Thomas Jaeckel
Josh Summers
Tess Christensen
Katy Christensen
James Sukahn
Harv Barenz

Merrill Jenson

Special Thanks
Sven Christensen
Darren Fletcher

Bug Films L.P.

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