Disco Gap
a short film by Emily Gaul

"Disco Gap" is a short documentary film made by Emily Gaul while a film student at Brigham Young University.

"Disco Gap" features about ten college-age people dancing to disco music. It was listed in the "commercial" section of the yfilms website.

"Disco Gap" features a visual pun about Dan Bush having a gap in his front teeth or something, in a film that looks like a commercial for the clothing chain "The Gap."

"Disco Gap" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"Disco Gap" closing credits as they appear in the film


Michelle Dixon-McDonald

Camil Jensen

Tara Beth

Jessica Dixon

Daniel McDonald

Brady Tanner

John Madsen Jr.

The GAP:
Dan Bush

Director Emily K. Gaul

Camera Operator Travis Cline
First AC Jason Faller
Second AC Mike Evans
Locations Shellie Bowler
Choreography & Wardrobe Michelle Dixon-McDonald
Daniel McDonald
Hair/Make-up Amy Ferguson
Editor Travis Eberhard

Fab Five Productions

"Disco Gap" does not have any opening credits.
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