Remind Me Again
a short film written and directed by Orson Scott Card

"Remind Me Again" is a short film -- a comedy -- written and directed by celebrated author Orson Scott Card. Card has won numerous awards as a writer (including the Hugo and Nebula awards). Card has written many scripts which have been produced as animated educational videos by Living Scriptures, Inc., and he has directed live stage plays and musicals. But "Remind Me Again" marks the first time he has directed a film.

"Remind Me Again" is essentially a no-budget production. Card has stated that he made "Remind Me Again" largely to get a better handle on the filmmaking process, to assist him in writing screenplay adaptations of some of his popular novels, notably Ender's Game.

"Remind Me Again" was photographed and edited by Card's son, Geoffrey Card (the author of the novelization of Richard Dutcher's film God's Army). Card's daughter Emily is one of the four actors featured in this 13-minute film.

The story starts out with a man (Aaron Johnston) who realizes he has no memory of who he is or where he lives. An impish sort of fellow (Dustin Evans) comes to his aid, and helps remind him of who he is, which includes leading him back to his home and wife (Emily Card), with whom he has recently had marital difficulties. Although there are touching moments in the film, the comedy aspect never lets up, and there are numerous original and very funny moments.

"Remind Me Again" can currently be viewed online in RealAudio/RealPlayer format.
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"Remind Me Again" closing credits as they appear in the film

Aaron Johnston

Dustin Evans

Emily Card

Lauren Johnston

shot and edited by
Geoffrey Card

written and directed by
Orson Scott Card

a Fresco Pictures production

NOTE: "Remind Me Again" has no opening credits, only a title.
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