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Cinderabbit (1978)

TEXT from back video cover

Delightful puppet characters
star in this original musical version
of the classic Cinderella story.
Winner of numerous awards,
Cinderabbit is filled to the brim with
engaging puppets, colorful situations and
humorous dialogue. Perfect for family
viewing and a delight for children
of all ages.

Color * 28 minutes * KBYU Video
Produced and Written by: Mimi Bean
Puppets Designed and Created by: Ronnie Burkett
Directed by: John Apgar * Music Composed by: C. Michael Perry

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Warning: The program contained on this videocassette is fully protected by copyright under Title 17, U.S. Code, Public Law 94-533. It is for noncommercial home viewing and may not be duplicated, copied, broadcast or used for public performance in any manner.

© 1978 KBYU Television * ISBN 0-8425-2443-6 * KB908

"Cinder Edna"
OPENING credits as they appear in the video

Rocky Mountain
Public Broadcasting Network
Program Fund

Promised Valley Playhouse


CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

Written and Produced
Mimi Bean

Puppet design, creation and direction
Ronnie Burkett

Directed by
Mimi Bean
John Apgar

Scenic Design
R. Mark Read

Lighting Design
Dave Stoddard

C. Michael Perry

Audio Engineering
Brian Capener
Guy Randle

Video Engineering
Cordell Jeppson

Musical Director
Karen Null

Orchestrations & Conducting
C. Michael Perry
Karen Null

Production Assistants
Eileen Burkett
Brent LeFavor
Mike McDonald

Props Lee G. Williams II
Construction Supervisor Cliff Davis
Camera Mark Elder
Reid Robinson
Scott Barrett
Video Tape Larry Loomis
Post-Production Services Rocky Mountain Public
Broadcasting Network, Denver

Ronnie Burkett
Ellen Berrey
Mike Evenden
Lucy Flegel
Margaret Forrest
Gere LaDue
Beth Sobieralski
J Stoddard
Corey Sprague
Deb Tholen

Ronnie Burkett
Linda Cameron
Mike Evenden
Cecelia Harris
Jayne Luke
Becky Myers
Corey Sprague
Janet Swenson
Bryce Ward
Marty Wright

Tom Allesandro
Shep Bailey
Holly Baker
Darrell Battig
Sheila Burger
Wayne Christiansen
Evelyn Clark
Marcia Damiano
Lynn Decker
John Donner
Glenn Flanders
Karen Furr
Dawn Gade
Coralie Hardman
Kevin Holgate
Terry Hudsen
Lindsay Jolley
June Lubniewski
Ann Matthews
John Maxwell
Loretta Neibur
Karen Null
Kathryn Paulson
Dave Schade
Sharon Schmidt
Jim Stout
John Sutton
David Wilbur
Barb Williams
Trudy Woods

Rocky Mountain
Public Broadcasting Network
Program Fund

Promised Valley Playhouse

© 1978 KBYU-TV

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