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Windwalker (1980)
directed by Kieth Merrill

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Opening Credits
as they appear in the film

Pacific International Enterprises, Inc.

A Universal Force in Family Entertainment

Santa Fe International

Trevor Howard
as the


Nick Ramus

James Remar

Serene Hedin as Tashina

Silvana Gallardo
Billy Drago
Dusty Iron Wing McCrea

Rudy Diaz
Harold Goss-Coyote
Roy Cohoe

Emerson John
Jason Sevens
Roberta Deherrera

As The Children

Director of Photography
Reed Smoot

Music Composed and Conducted by
Merrill Jenson

Edited by
Stephen L. Johnson
Janice Hampton
Peter L. McCrea

Production Design
Thomas Pratt

Screenplay by
Ray Goldrup

Based on the Novel by
Blaine Yorgason

Associate Producer
Douglas G. Johnson

Produced by
Thomas E. Ballard
Arthur R. Dubs

Directed by
Kieth Merrill

Closing Credits
as they appear in the film

The Cheyenne

Windwalker Trevor Howard
Smiling Wolf/Crow Brother Nick Ramus
Windwalker as a Young Man James Remar
Tashina Serene Hedin
Dancing Moon Dusty Iron Wing McCrea
Little Feather Silvana Gallardo
Spotted Dear Emerson John
Horse That Follows Jason Stevens
Happy Wind Roberta Deherrera
Crooked Leg Ivan Naranjo
Tashina's Father Chief Tug Smith
Tashina's Mother Fredelia Smith
Windwalker Age 5 Wamni-Omni-Ska-Robideau
Tashina Age 5 Dominique Gallegos
Crow Brother Age 5 Jason Tahbo
Smiling Wolf Age 2 Benjamin Huber
Crow Brother Age 2 David Huber

The Crow

Crow Eyes Rudy Diaz
Crow Scout Billly Drago
Crow Hair Harold Goss-Coyote
Young Crow Eyes Marvin Takes Horse
Wounded Crow Roy J. Cohoe
Renegade Crow Curtis Powers

Casting Ross Brown
Hank McCann
Unit Production Manager Douglas G. Johnson
First Assistant Directors Morris Chapnic
Robert K. Gossom
Second Assistant Director Louis S. Muscafe
Costume Design Yvonne Robertson
Technical Advisor Richard Jamison
Additional Writing Blaine M. Yorgason
Production Coordinators Don Nicolayson
Nancy Casey
Set Decorators Richard Jamison
Rick Barker
Property Master Roger Crandall
Property Assistant Robert Andrews
Scenic Artist Warren Willis
Wardrobe Sandy Bates
Geraldine Jeldin
Make Up Karl Wesson
Randy Lowe
Kathy McClellan
Set Dressers Gary Voorhees
Scott Jamison
Casting Assistant Mary West
Camera Operator George Griner
Assistant Camera Bill Abeyta
Bruce Johnson
Second Unit Camera James Roberson
Second Unit Assistant Camera Michael Lund
Sound Recordist Merrill Jenson
Boom Operator Martin Andersen
Gaffer/Location Jon Tilton
Gaffer/Stage W. M. Grant Williams
Best Boy Dennis Peterson
Script Supervisors Connie Papineau
Virginia Schmidt
Local Casting Amy Schreiber
Key Grip Gordon Lonsdale
Dolly Grip Todd Smith
Lamp Operator Richard Simard
Generator Operator Ian Kincaid
Grips Brian Sullivan
Patrick Reddish
Kim Kono
Production Assistant Kurt Booth
Stunt Coordinators Fernando Celis
John Sherrod
Stuntpersons Jadie David
Marguerite Happy
Hank Colia
Hill Farnsworth
Kenny Indoso
Henry Kingi
Justin Derosa
Pam Bebermeyer
Assistant Editors C.J. Appel
Kathryn Camp
Brad Miller
Richard Scott
Music Performed by The National Philharmonic
Sound Creation Blue Light Sound, Inc.
Supervisory Sound Effects Robert R. Rutledge
Sound Editors Scott A. Hecker
Robert Birchard
Kirk Schuler
Assistant Sound Editors George H. Anderson
Craig Jaeger
Duffy Rutledge
Foley Artists John Roesch
Edward M. Steidele
Negative Cutter Kay Suffern
Re-recording Burbank Studios
Wayne Artman, C.A.S.
Mike Jiron, C.A.S.
Tom Beckert, C.A.S.
Special Effects Rick Josephson
Special Effects Assistants Lynn Maughan
Kieth Richins
Wrangler Randy Hooley
Wolves Trained and Supplied by George N. Toth
Bears Supplied by Wasatch Wildlife Ranch
Bear Stunts Doug Seus
Stunt Horse Handler Denzell Cameron
Still Photographer Susie Ramos
Construction Richard Meyer
Mike Shevlin
Transportation Tam Halling
Sanford Hampton
Nurses June Fenn
Post-Production Coordinator Geneve Scott
Title Design Tom Pratt

Special Appreciation to: Utah Film Commission
Far Land Farms, Inc.
S Bar S Ranch
Wasatch National Forest

Color by

Lens and Panaflex Cameras by

Ownership of this motion picture is protected by copyright and
other applicable laws, and any unauthorized duplication, distri-
bution or exhibition of this motion picture could result in
criminal prosecution as well as civil liability.


This Film is Dedicated
to the Memory of
Michael Hurst

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