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On Our Own (1988)

On Our Own:

From the Producer of "Where the Red Fern Grows"

On Our Own

A film every family should see . . .
     just for the fun of it.

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Songs by ALAN OSMOND performed by the OSMOND BOYS

On Our Own:

In a world tearing them apart,
four children fight to stay together

ON OUR OWN tells the moving story of four children abandoned by their father and left to themselves when their mother dies. Learning they are headed for separate foster homes, they run away, hoping to find their Uncle Jack and start a new life.

With no money and welfare officials hot on their trail, the children have little chance of reaching their uncle. But they find a friend in Peggy Williams, a vacationing school teacher. Peggy helps them, their problems apparently solved. Then the plot takes an unexpected twist, leading to a conclusoin that is at once exciting, humorous, and touching. ON OUR OWN is a family film that will enthrall children and parents alike.

On Our Own:
TEXT on FRONT Vide Cover, Newer Version

In a World Tearing Them Apart
Four Children Fight to Stay Together


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On Our Own:
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In a desperate attempt to keep his family together, Mitch learns the hard way that accountability is an essential part of real courage. The scream of an ambulance signals that life has changed forever for the Robbins children. With their mother's death, they face a future that is uncertain at best. Long since abandoned by their father, one thing appears certain: They are bound for four different foster homes. When Mitch convinces his younger siblings that running away is their only chance of staying together, they begin an improbably journey to find Uncle Jack, in hopes he can help them. Hungry, out of cash and with welfare officials hot on their trail, they have little chance--until they find a friend in Peggy, a vacationing teacher. Their problems appear to be solved, but the plot takes another twist. A fun ride for the entire family, "On Our Own" is also a movie with a message: That the end doesn't always justify the means.

Parents' Guide
For Family Discussion

1. Why did Mitch steal? What could he have done instead of stealing? What would you do?

2. How did the kids help each other? How can you help your family through hard times?

3. Why was it so important for Mitch to keep the family together?

4. What can you do when you feel all alone?

Approx. 86 minutes

Featuring Leigh Lombardi, Scott Warner, Amy Allred, Tom Dayton and Sam Hennings as "Uncle Jack"
Executive Producer Bruce R. Brittain
Director F. T. Pavlov
Producer Lyman Dayton
Screenplay by Eric Hendershot and Lyman Dayton
Story by Lyman Dayton
Songs written by Alan Osmond
Musical Score by Merrill Jenson and Sam Cardon
Director of Photography T.C. Christensen
Film Editor Stephen L. Johnson
Co-Producers Richard Landerman and Lowell Snow
Associate Producers Sharon Oates Baker and Eric Hendershot

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This film includes closed captions created

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All Rights Reserved.
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Sleeve Art © 1988 Rekab Tserrof, L.C.
All Rights Reserved.
Designed by Tom Cryer

On Our Own:
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

On Our Own

Leigh Lombardi

Scott Warner
Amy Allred
Tom Dayton
Stephanie Kramer

Mike Wuergler
Don Re Sampson
Jean Roylance

Liz Hansen
Leslie Craig
Don Dunkenson
David Lister

Jake Marshall
Terry Taylor
Tristen Smith
Kevin Shamo

and Starring
Sam Hennings
"Uncle Jack"

Executive Producer
Bruce R. Brittain

Richard Landerman
Lowell Snow

Production Supervisor
Fenton Terry

Production Co-ordinator
Shirley Anderson

Associate Producers
Sharon Oates Baker
Eric Hendershot

Songs performed by
The Osmond Boys

Songs written by
Alan Osmond

Musical Score
Merrill Jenson
Sam Cardon

Film Editor
Stephen L. Johnson

Director of Photography
T.C. Christensen

Eric Hendershot
Lyman Dayton

Based on a Story by
Lyman Dayton

Lyman Dayton

F.T. Pavlov

On Our Own:
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film


Leigh Lombardi Peggy Williams
Sam Hennings Uncle Jack
Scott Warner Mitch Robbins
Amy Allred Kate Robbins
Tom Dayton Travis Robbins
Stephanie Kramer Lori Robbins
Jean Roylance Mrs. Forsythe
Tom Christensen Mr. Forsythe
Mike Wuergler Mr. Arnold
Don Re Sampson L.A. Detective
Liz Hansen Nurse Buckman
Don Dunkenson The Judge
Dave Lister Night Guard
Leslie Craig Teresa Waddell
Jake Marshall Rhett Waddell
Terry Taylor Station Attendant
Ron Hatch Piute 1
El. Frederick Piute 2
Nathan Dutchi Piute 3
Carmen Rieck Maid
Carl Gunderstrap Taxi Driver
Dave Terry Ticket Agent
Gene Roberts Patrolman 1
Conrad Dominguis Patrolman 2
Pam Humphreys Patrolman 3
Greg Adair Patrolman 4
"Ralph" the dog as Ralph

First Camera Assistant Brad Miller
Gaffer Rhett Fernsten
Key Grip Mark Goodman
Swing Man Carl Gunderstrap
Script Supervisors Janee Hull
Becca Poulos
Sound Man Les Udy
Boom Man Jack Lancaster
Make-uup Annalee Bowers
Wardrobe Rand Sagers
Additional Film Editing Steve Harris
Additional Video Editing Kelly Peacock
Assistant Film Editor Jason Zimmerman
Troy Rohovit
John Raymer


On Our Own
Goodbye Tomorrow
We've Got Each Other

by Alan Osmond
sung by The Osmond Boys
arranged by Sam Cardon
music published by Osmond Lane Music

Figures from the
"Precious Moments Collection"
courtesy of Enesco

All characters of this film are
fictitious and all events in which
such characters appear are
fictional. Any similarity to actual
persons or events is unintentional
and entirely coincidental.

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"Don Re Sampson", who plays the part of Benton, is credited as "DonRe Sampson" in most other films.

"F. T. Pavlov," credited as the director, is a pseudonym for Lyman Dayton.

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