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Seasons of the Heart (1993)

Seasons of the Heart:
OPENING credits as they appear in the film


T.C. Christensen

of the


Leigh Lombardi

Sam Hennings

Claude Akins

& Introducing
Logan Hall

Executive Producer
Forrest S. Baker III

Kem Kraft

Stephen L. Johnson
Lori Petersen

Sound Design
Michael L. McDonough

Deborah G. Hofstedt

Don A. Judd
Scott Swofford

Seasons of the Heart:
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Directed by T.C.     Christensen

Based on a Short Story by     Lael J. Littke


Voice of Older Martha Yvonne DeCarlo
Martha Richards Leigh Lombard
Jed Richards Sam Henning
Daniel Merriss Logan Hall
William Clay Claude Akins
Eleanor Tanner E. Linda Moore
Heber Tanner Derek Spriggs
Nate Tanner Jay Dee Bateman
Pauline Tanner Sydnee Hawley
Sarah Richards Tess Christensen
Lucy Richards Jenna Lee Hagen
Daniel's Father Brian Lives
Daniel's Mother Kathryn Little
At The Social Jennifer Frantz
Haley Christensen
Matthew Jones Lewis
David M. Taylor
Wilma Adams
Mary Leisa Moore
The Buckle Busters Tom Goodwin
Thomas Smart
Cory Webster
Lewis Downey

Production Manager Lee B. Groberg
1st Assistant Director Jeff Miller
2nd Assistant Director Terri Pappas
Production Assistant Jill Greenlief
Production Accountant Lynn Christofferson
Script Supervisor Penny Johnson

Casting Scott Wilkinson
Terri Pappas
Dora Whitaker

Camera Operators Mark Goodman
Mark Taft
1st Assistant Camera James Gladue Jordan
2nd Assistant Camera Joe Christensen
Andy Orozco
Gaffer Rhett Fernsten
Best Boy Electric Darren McLaughlin

Key Grip Rick Mitchell
Dolly Grip Alesia Walser
Best Boy Grip Alan Oaks

Recordist Doug Cameron
Boom Operator Joe Garrard

Art Director Russel D. Richins
Set Designer Brian Lives
Leadman Rob Bennett
Swing Gang Jason Haase
Cindy Neibaur
Property Master Jim Sherman
Assistant Props Bill Barber

Construction Coordinator Jeff Jones

Carpenters Julie Kruger
Mitchell Batten
Bob Collins
Janet Hogan
Norm Krueger
Anita Richens
Steve Tanner

Scenic Painter Chad Davis

Costumes Cathren Warner
Wardrobe Assistants Jacqueline Woodward
Meladi Lindley

Makeup & Hair Tena Parker-Liddiard
Kaye Tony
Transportation Coordinator Michael Anderson
Drivers Dee Warner
Kimball Jacobs
Brett Miller
Steve Lloyd
Wranglers Glade Quinn
Fenton Quinn
Ron Brown
Animal Trainers Larry Tuckett
Cameron Tuckett
Prod. Assist./Craft Service Liz Reiter
Tutor Karen Ivie
Catering Meiers Prime Inc.

Music Orchestrator/Conductor Audrey Terry
Foley Chad Larsen

Assistant Editor Cari Petersen
Negative Cutters Gary Wallace
Robert Colley
Color Timer Gary Wallace
Post Facility Tesescene Inc.
Story Consultants Leo Paur
Steven Evans
Nate's Drawings Mandy Folkman
Bill Barber
Tanner Christensen
Post Coordinator Zella McGurk
Title Design Carol Grundmann
Director, Product Support Marjorie H. Rice
Production Secretary Varena M. Morey
Color & Prints Allied + WBS

Photographed on Agfa Motion Picture Films

Arriflex Camera & Lenses Supplied by
Birns & Sawyer

Thanks to:
Katy Christensen
Mark Sweickart
Charles F. Floyd

International Distribution by the Fi-Mark Company

The events and characters depicted in this photoplay
are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead,
or to actual events is purely coincidental.

Seasons of the Heart
© MCMXCIII Rekab Tserrof
All Rights Reserved

Feature Films For Families
Strengthening Traditional Values Through Entertainment

Feature Films For Families
gratefully acknowledges the millions of families nationwide
whose continuing support made this film possible.

During the filming of this movie,
on-duty Utah Highway Patrol Trooper
stopped on the interstate to assist
professional animal handlers traveling to the set.
In performing his duties, the trooper was
struck and killed by a motorist.

This motion picture is dedicated to the memory of
and all those who have given their lives
while in service to others.

Seasons of the Heart Gang:

Seasons of the Heart
A Story for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved a Child

When Jed and Martha Richards agree to raise young, orphaned Daniel, Jed is delighted. But Matha, still grieving for her two little girls who died on the trek West, finds herself swept away each day in a thousand wistful memories. As her golden-haired daughters dance through her aching heart, she can't help comparing them to this awkward, dirty young boy who annoys her at every turn--and needs her so desperately. Jed and Danny both reach out to Martha, yet her anguish isolates her and threatens the marriage relationship. But spring sometimes comes unexpectedly, and for Martha it comes on a snowy Christmas Eve when Danny's innocent heart is finally able to rescue hers.
Color, 94 minutes. Featuring Leigh Lombardi, Sam Hennings, Claude Akins, and introducing Logan Hall. Produced by Heart Productions Inc. exclusively for Feature Films For Families.

Based on a story by Lael J. Littke
PRODUCERS: Don A. Judd & Scott Swofford DIRECTOR: T.C. Christensen
SCREENPLAY: Deborah G. Hofstedt MUSIC: Kem Kraft

* * * P A R E N T ' S     G U I D E * * *
You may want to discuss the following with your family:

1. Martha couldn't see how much Danny needed her love. Is it easy to recognize others' needs when we are engrossed with our own?

2. What did Danny mean when he said Martha was "hallowed"?

3. Martha lost faith in God because her little girls died. When sad things happen, does it mean God is not watching over us?

4. What did Martha learn about Danny's feelings at the manger scene?

5. Who did Danny say was taking care of Martha's little girls now?

Strengthening Traditional Values Through Entertainment
1-800-347-2833    P.O. Box 572410 Murray UT 84157-2410

© 1993 Rekab Tserrof. All rights reserved.
Sleeve Art © 1993 Feature Films For Families Inc.

This film includes
closed captions created
by Feature Films For Families.

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