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Cinder Edna (2001)

"Cinder Edna"
TEXT from back video cover

Cinder Edna

Who needs a fairy god mother?

Cinderella isn't the only one on her block with a wicked stepfamily, but Cinder Edna has better things to do than sit in the ashes feeling sorry for herself.

Can a girl who prefers loafers to glass slippers live happily ever after?

You bet she can!

8 minutes - Color - Stereo - MF004 - ISBN 0-8425-2498-3
© 2001 Brigham Young University
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Warning: The program contained on this videocassette is fully protected by copyright under Title 17, U.S. Code, Public Law 94-533. It is for noncommercial home viewing and may not be duplicated, copied, broadcast or used for public performance in any manner.

Companion to the book
written by Ellen Jackson
illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

"Cinder Edna"
OPENING credits as they appear in the video

Cinder Edna

Ellen Jackson

illustrated by
Kevin O'Malley

"Cinder Edna"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

Cinder Edna

story by
Ellen Jackson

illustrated by
Kevin O'Malley

produced by
Philip Munoa

Glenn Anderson

graphic artist
Andrew Livingston

sound design & post production
Philip Munoa

production assistant
Sandra Lewis

executive producer
Dr. Brent A. Barlow

sponsored by
The BYU School
of Family Life

in association with

Brigham Young University
© 2001

NOTE: The label on the video tape says that the video is 28 minutes long. The back video cover says "8 minutes." The actual length is 10 minutes, 40 seconds.

NOTE: From the text on this video case, it appears that the name of the book (and the name of the video, and the name of the character) is intended to be "Cinder Edna." However, because of the way the two words in this name are written in the highly stylized logo, many people read it as "CinderEdna" (without a space). It is not uncommon to see the book and video listed in various places as "CinderEdna."
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