Just Say When
a short film by Tawnya Cazier

"Just Say When" is a short film made by Tawnya Cazier while a film student at Brigham Young University.

The film begins with a woman's voice over saying "I don't know how to tell him... I have to tell him... It's the only way."

The woman (Jjana Valentiner-Morrill) is seen shopping in a grocery store. Elsewhere, her husband (Matt Biedel) is in an office. As the woman drives home, she practices various ways to start the conversation she knows she must have. She is clearly very nervous about something.

Finally it becomes clear that she is planning to confess that she has been having an affair -- an affair that ended about three weeks ago. The end of her conversation with her husband is then seen.

"Who was it?" he asks.

"It doesn't matter..."

Then the film switches betweens scenes of her confessional conversation and his understandably angry response, and happy interactions between the couple afterwards (or perhaps before).

The husband, Scott, leaves the home after the conversation, his face showing anguish. Meanwhile, a phone call between the wife and a female friend (Yvonne Carpenter) is overheard.

"Just Say When" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"Just Say When" opening credits as they appear in the film

leilani productions present

tawnya cazier

just say when

"Just Say When" closing credits as they appear in the film

written & directed by
tawnya cazier

produced by
melissa leilani larson

director of photography
manju varghese

art direction
yvonne carpenter

edited by
sammie markham

music composer
thomas newman

executive producer
stan ferguson

jjana valentiner-morrill

matt biedel

just say when

featuring the voice of
yvonne carpenter

with appearances by:
keith borrowman
ruth geilman

unit production manager
nathan scroll

first assistant director
tore sundelin

script supervisor
keith borrowman

first assistant camera
jarom ellsworth

second assistant camera
dalan granat

tim skousen

best boy
chizoma olumba

key grip
d. kohl glass

dolly grip
steve crandell

travis r. eberhard

boom operators
mckay rogers
matt wood

yvonne carpenter

hair & make-up
ruth geilman

julina hall

craft services
christy gleave

storyboard artist
d. kohl glass

travis r. eberhard

the director and producer
would like to thank:

holly and the night crew
at supertarget

jeff & marilyn at wal-mart

megan at olive garden

dita dekeyser

meldon & amor larson

drake & lyn cazier

dr. larrie gale

elizabeth hansen

paul larsen

dave nauta

curt price

the department of
theatre & media arts

(c)mm tawnya cazier

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