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Journey to Harmony (2002)
directed by Martin Andersen

"Journey to Harmony"
TEXT from Video Back Cover

Harmony. Even the name evokes a feeling of contenment. And that's just the kind of town Lyla Brewster has been looking for her entire life--a place filled with opportunities and a chance to fulfill her dreams.

But Harmony isn't what Lyla expected. Around every corner she runs into a new challenge and soon comes face-to-face with a monumenal decision: does she give up and flee like she's always done before, or stay and work toward overcoming the obstacles that are keeping her--and those around her--from happiness and success?

ALSO INCLUDES: Follow Your Heart... a story about a boy who learns to believe in himself and pursue his dreams.


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"Journey to Harmony"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Executive Producer
Blake M. Roney

Martin L. Andersen

Lyla Breuster Olivia Derridinger
Tom McCallister Morgan Lund
Mike McCallister Jeff Johnson
Rudy Thornton Steve Anderson
Lady on bus Maxine Summer
Rose Weddle Nancy Roth
Granny Janice Knickrehm
Editor Steve Andruzzi
Gillian Melinda Clarkson-Haynes
Wanda Madison Joyce Cohen
Donald Madison Bruce Newbold
Ted Lincoln Hoppe
Kid #1 Chris White
Kid #2 Nick Whitaker
Kid #3 Dutch Whitlock
Man in diner Hamilton Lima
Bud driver Wendell Elder
Peaches the dog Maisie

Story Martin Andersen
Angela Soper
Screenwriters Angela Soper
Martin Andersen
Story consultants James Pruitt
Dave Harris
Michelle Erickson
Editor Dan LaPray
UPM/Asst. Director James Pruitt
2nd Asst. Director Michelle Erickson
2nd Asst. Director David Harris
Director of Photography T.C. Christensen
1st Asst. Camera Joe "Zep" Christensen
2nd Asst. Camera Travis Cline
Gaffer Rhett Fernsten
Best Boy Duff Edward Rich
Key Grip Tyler Meiners
Grip/Electric Jason Hatfield
Matthew Rich
Grip Greg Meiners
Titan Crane Operator Justin Andrews
Boom Operator Val Jones
Make-up Kathy Varga
Wardrobe Debra Box
Asst. Wardrobe Annie Rose
Special EFX Chuck Johnson
Colorist Rick Jacobson
3D Modeling/Compositing Dan LaPray
Art Director Steve Lee
Set Dresser Debbie Farrer
On-set Dresser Jennifer Lee
Props/Dresser Barbara Ward
Asst. Props Bryan Stinson
Swing Gang John Shircliff
Kelly Farrer
Robert Scoville
Tyler Keegan
Jed Ewell
Gary Esterholdt
Set Construction Kurt Jurgens
Script Supervisor Angela Soper
Transportation Russ Merrill
Behind the Scenes Camera Hamilton Lima
Production Assistant Lori Gray
Craft Service Lindsey Anderson
Music composed by Sam Cardon
Music Contractor Ted Hinckley
Music Performed by
Prague Symphony Orchestra

Music recorded at Prague Studios

Heather Andersen
Austin Bailey
Brett Bailey
Connie Bailey
Janell Bailey
Jayson Bailey
Philip Bailey
Tariq Barton
Michael Bass
Steven Bass
Steve Bass
David Bird
Elexa Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw
Brittany Bray
Breanna Call
Chancy Call
Cory Call
Macey Call
Megan Call
John Carter
Lauren Carter
Lisa Carter
Samantha Carter
Savanna Carter
Shayla Carter
Sherra Carter
Vicki Carter
Maggie Chan-Roper
John Coates
Tonya Coates
Barbara Conover
Alison Cox
Emily Crane
McKaley Craw
John Dotson
Jordan Dotson
Madison Dotson
Mariah Dotson
Meaghan Dotson
Patti Dotson
Alicia Durrant
Nathan Durrant
Pam Durrant
Wendell Elder
Beverlee Erickson
Kenyon Jerod Erickson
Tevan Erickson
Justin Finch
Kara Finch
Jennifer Fowls
Denys Gallentine
Ethan Gallentine
Rocki Gibbons
Ben Gines
Dan Gines
Jacob Gines
Michael Gines
Lori Gray
Margaret Grimshaw
Colton Halverson
Kyle Halverson
Lisa Halverson
Angie Hardy
Daniel Hardy
Jackie Hardy
Jacob Hardy
Judy Hardy
Kori Hardy
Stacey Hardy
David Harris
Emily Heiss
Jacob Ihde
Melissa Isom
Christian Jacobson
Kate Jacobson
Jessica Jacobson
Paul Jensen
Casey Jones
Dylan Jones
Katie Jones
Nadine Jones
Anecia Leweis
Rebecca Lewis
Christy Long
Arlene Malchus
Brittanee Mander
Alex Mayer
Alisha Mayer
Andrea Mayer
Jackie Mayer
Kristen Mayer
Loni Mayer
Nicole Mayer
Hannah Morse
Karen Nelson
Michael Nelson
Linda Noyes
Rebekah Noyes
Tony Patino
Bronson Payne
Jennifery Payne
Shantell Payne
Taylon Payne
Wade Payne
Adam Pearson
Becky Pearson
Breann Pearson
Michelle Pearson
Tyler Pew
Gina Piccirillo
Rebekah Pierson
Jacob Plummer
Christine Revoir
Lareta Reynolds
Mitchell Reynolds
Jeanne Robertson
Taylor Sherwood
MaCall Smith
Russell Smith
Ruth Smith
Amber Stephens
Justin Sutherland
Nicole Sutherland
Dolly Turner
James Turner
Michael Turner
Andrea Walker
Janet Weight
Mel Weight
Rick Weight
Josh Whaley
Glady Whitaker
Dalton Whitney
Dawna Whitney
Amber Wiles
Ashley Wiles
Dawn Wiles
Ashlee Williams
Dillon Williams
Mariah Williams
Todd Williams
Taylor Willis
Tayson Willis
Zackary Willis

Special thanks to:
Talent Management Group of Salt Lake City, Utah
McCarty Talent Agency of Salt Lake City, Utah
Enterprise Rent-A-Van
Lake Shore Motor Coach Lines of Provo, Utah
Visual Transit Authority - Camera rental
Light Works, Inc.
Moving Pictures Limited
Redman Movies and Stories
Scenic Service
Scenic Solutions
Glad Quinn, Buggy rental
Otto Nemenz
Eastman Kodak Company
The Filmworkers Club Dallas
Jazz Ranch Productions
Caroline Film Productions
Young Ambassadors of BYU
Zions Films

In Lehi, Utah:
Dean Wiles
Jan and Brent Beckstead
Roena Gammon
Tracy and Kimi Singson

In Beaver, Utah:
Dell Hollingshead at Arshel's Cafe
Bill Beck at Sportsman's Paradise Steakhouse
Gary Brown at Majestic Financial Services, Inc.
Days Inn
Butch Cassidy Inn Best Western
Leon and Alta Paice at Paice's Variety Store
Vicki G. Hutchings and Reha M. Gray of the
Southwest Utah Public Health Dept.

In Milford, Utah:
Alison Cox
Nedra Kennedy
Sams Furniture and Appliance
Brian and Diane McCarty

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Follow Your Heart (2002)
directed by Martin Andersen

NOTE: This short film by Martin Andersen is included on the "Journey to Harmony" DVD.

"Follow Your Heart"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Producer/Director Martin Andersen
Writer Angela Soper
Production Manager Steve A. Lee
1st Assistant Director Jim Pruitt
Director of Photography T.C. Christensen
1st Assistant Camera Mark Goodman
2nd Assistant Camera Todd Terry
Gaffer Garlan W. Wilde
Best Boy Electric Fredrick C. Lindbeck
Key Grip Carl Gunderstrup
Best Boy/Truck Grip Edward "Duff" Rich
Art Director Debbie Farrer
Set Decorator Lester Booth
Set Dresser Tatyana Kraycuskava
Swing Gang Rob Bell
Lorelie Andrus
Bruce Farrer
Key Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Laurie Vukich
Makeup/Hair Assist Nicole Shamu
Key Wardrobe Camille Morris
Wardrobe Assistant Carla Summers
Caroline Jacobs
Sound Mixer Scott Elder
Boom Operator Michael Hutchinson
Orignial Music Sam Cardon
Sound Design Mike McDonough
Foley Artist Ryan Purcell
Still Photographer Christopher Dydyk
Colorist Rick Stevenson
Production Assistant Deanna Purdy
California Casting Director Nancy Smith
Horse Trainer Hector Valdez
Car Rental Richard Rouse
John Oreno's Garage
Catering Anderson's Split Pea Kitchen
Editor Brian Bunton

Richard Bugg Mr. Hayes
Bryan Stewart Young Rob Montgomery
Joey Lopez Marco
Sam Dependahl Boy #1
Jim Williams Rob Montgomery
Bill Smolenske Mr. Montgomery Sr.
Stephen Olivera Teen Boy
Nico Cervantes Teen Boy
Geren Pitz Teen Boy
Emily Hecker Popular Girl
Josh Litchfield Popular Boy
Spencer Andersen Boy #2

High School Class
Nikk Bobo
Tawny Brewster
Sarah Broberg
Kirsten Brockbank
Nicole Denna
Hilary Gardea
Kelsey Green
Christopher Hebb
Jim Hoffman
Daniel James
Emmanuel Lepore
Shantelle Perry
Chris Spittler

Based on story "Follow Your Dream"
by Jack Canfield from book
"Chicken Soup For The Soul"

Filmed on location at "THE FLAG IS UP" farm,
Solvang, California

Special thanks to Monty, Pat and especially
Laurel Roberts for their kind hospitality and assistance.

Special Thanks To Orem High School

© Nu Skin International, Inc. 1998

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