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Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story (1997)

"Fourth Witness": Text from Back Video Cover

Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story
an inspiring addition to your home library

As persecution increased, Joseph Smith and his companions took refuge in the humble home of Peter and Mary Whitmer. During this respite the translation of the Book of Mormon was completed. While her husband and sons labored with the prophet, Mary shouldered the responsibility of running the farm. While acknowledging the strain of caring for so many in such small quarters, she did not complain. Her willing sacrifice and quiet faith led to a powerful experience -- a miracle -- unexpected and unsought. This is the true story of Mary's miracle as she became the Fourth Witness to the Book of Mormon.

Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story is an excellent companion to the study of Church history and an effective tool for teaching gospel principles.

A Brigham Young University Department of Theater and Media Arts
Production in Cooperation with the LDS Motion Picture Studio.

featuring Barta Heiner   David Jensen   Elizabeth Hansen
H.K. Baird   Joel Bishop
music by Barbara Filichia   editor Michael Hutchinson
production designer Kendall Wilcox   director of photography Munn Powell
screenplay by Dan Austin   produced by Jeff Isom   directed by Spencer Filichia

© 1997, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
VHS * 20 minutes * color * stereo * ISBN 0-8425-2361-8

Warning: The program contained in this videocassette is fully protected by copyright under Title 17, U.S. Code, Public Law 94-533. It is for noncommercial home viewing and church viewing and may not be dupulicated, copied, broadcast, or used for public performance in any other manner without permission. To obtain additional rights to this film contact the Creative Works Office, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602.

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"The Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story"
OPENING credits as they appear in the video


Barta Heiner

David Jensen

Elizabeth Hansen

H.K. Baird

Joel Bishop

"The Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

Jeff Isom

Dan Austin

Director of Photography
Munn Powell

Production Designer
Kendall Wilcox

Michael Hutchinson

Barbara Filichia

Executive Producer
Merrill Dimick

Associate Producer
Micah Merrill

Associate Faculty Producers
Tom Lefler
Sterling Van Wagenen

Mary Whitmer Barta Heiner
Peter Whitmer HK Baird
Reverend Willard Dave Jensen
Sarah Elizabeth Hansen
Joseph Smith Joel Bishop
Oliver Cowdry Cameron Sevy
David Whitmer Scott Wetzel
Traveler Steve Evens
Sally Conrad Christina Schaub
Arthur Porter Wilkins
Benjamin Ray Cameron
William Larry Blanscett
Susan Breanna Richins
Baby Kathryn Coughanour
Peter Whitmer Jr. Casey Donk
Elizabeth Ann Whitmer Jill Strout
John Whitmer John Isom
Benjamin's Wife Mae Kinghorn
William's Wife Lori Reynolds
Sarah's Husband Bruce Cramer
Dinner Guest Doug Stewart
Little Girl Karina Starling
Older Girl Kimber Starling


Sarah Reynolds
Peter Reynolds
Lynne Carr
Russell Carr
Barbara Filichia

Congregation at picnic

Caralee Starling
Ben Reynolds
Tom Uharriet
Breanna Kinghorn
Nate Filichia
Cynthia Coughanour
Aubrianne Coughanour
Ross Coughanour
Emily Coughanour

UPM Rob Holt
1st AD Karl Bowman
2nd AD Dave Mohlman
Script Supervisor Andrea Campbell
Casting Supervisor Alice Blanscett
1st Assistant Camera Brandon Christiansen
2nd Assistant Camera John Melder
Still photographer Cristy Powell
Gaffer Al Williams
Best Boy Robert Jolley
Key Grip Jason Hatfield
Grips Nate Phillips
Ruston Jones
Dan Austin
Marc Chapuis
Matt Stumphy
Sean Murphey
Randy Rawe
Wagon Rigging Ron Nix
Sound Mixer Scott E. Elder
Boom Mike Hutchinson
Assistant Art Director Daryl Bolander
Wardrobe Esther Allen
Alice Blanscett
Make Up Joana Kasper
Hair Nikki Siri
Kristy Myers
Von Curtis Academy Students
Animal Wrangler Ruth Ann Beardall
Historical Advisors Dennis Wright
Larry Porter
Richard Anderson
Carma Anderson
Production Assistants Charles Ballard
Christina Dominguez
Henry Puofez
Heather Glauville
Lars Radmall
Leilani Williamson
Jennifer Porter
Christina Cardenas
Abraham Day
Brandon Eyre
Andy Andrus
Doug Flandro
Britte Sappington
Dave Pond
Andrew Brinley
Film Transfer Bo Bahoravitch
Avid Trouble Shooters Wynn Hougaard
Jerry Stayner
Assistant Editors Nate Phillips
Ian Puente
Post Sound Scott E. Elder
Foley Artist Travis Allen
Title Design Steve Hansen
Color Timing Dave Nauta
Opticals Western Cine
Kelly Peterson at MPS
Negative Cutter Dave Nauta

Special Thanks to

The Department of Religion at BYU
The Department of Theater and Film at BYU
Elizabeth Hansen
Dean Duncan
Carolyn Hansen
Sterling Van Wagenen
Tom Lefler
The People at the LDS Motion Picture Studio
Merrill Dimick
Sharon Beaty
Pete Czerny
Grant Williams
Ron Nix
Dave Card
Paul Miller
Dave Nauta
John Taylor

Marilyn Weaver and Smith's Food and Drug
Jeff Yarbrough and Sam's Club
Chaz and Amy at Great Harvest of Orem
Roxanne and the Bamboo Hut
Mike and Marjorie Holt and Subway of Orem
Jeff Thomas and Coca Cola of Provo
Norm and Baysicle Bagels
Aubrey and Einstein Bagels

Spencer Filichia

NOTE: The actress named Karina Starling, who plays the "Little Girl" in this film, is credited in the closing credits as "Carinna Starling."
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