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In Search of "Ancient Cumorah"
a documentary directed by Stan Wadley
produced by David C. Asay and Randy S. Mellor

"In Search of 'Ancient Cumorah'" opening credits as they appear in the film

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In Search of

"In Search of 'Ancient Cumorah'" closing credits as they appear in the film

Executive Producers
David & Pamela Asay
Randy S. Mellor

David C. Asay
Randy S. Mellor

Stan Wadley

Lex de Azevedo
Modern Image, Inc.

Aerial Footage
Stan Wadley

Production Assistant
April Mellor

Donald Dorton

Location Transportation
Ted Ketten

Bob E. Hart

Scripture Voice
Randy Lovoi

Spanish Voice
Leandro Soria

Post Production
Remarkable Productions
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Gavin Goodwin


Older Moroni:
Greg Woodhouse

Young Moroni:
Tim Loftis

Scott Stevenson

Video Cover Design
ProCraft Graphics, Inc.
Alpharetta, Ga.

David C. Asay


NWAF Archaeological Team 1955
Bruce W. Warren Ph.D.

Museum at Tuxtla 1962
Bruce W. Warren Ph.D.

Dig in Chiapa de Corzo 1956
Bruce W. Warren Ph.D.

Fording the Arroyo Hueyapan
National Geographic Society

Matthew Stirling/Olmec Head
National Geographic Society

Matthew Stirling/Stela C
National Geographic Society

Olmec Excavation, LaVenta
America's First Civilization

Michael D. Coe
America's First Civilization

Ignacio Bernal
INAH, Mexico

Catherwood Drawings
"Incidents of Travel in Central America, CHiapas and Yukatan"

"Mormon Abridging the Pates" [sic]
by Tom Lovell © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

"Mormon hides the Plates in the Hill Cumorah"
by Tom Lovell © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

"Translating the Book of Mormon"
by Alvin Grittins © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

Photograph of First Printing of the Book of Mormon
by Del Parson © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

"Image of the Gold Plates"
© by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

"Joseph Receives the Gold Plates"
by Ken Riley © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

"Nephites Last Battle"
by Dale Kilbourn © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

"Aerial footage of New York"
by "Special Witnesses of Christ" © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Used by Permission

Special Thanks
Joseph L. Allen Ph.D.
Bruce W. Warren Ph.D.
Craig & Stephanie Green
Paul Darata
Clifton W. Asay
Ken Kuykendal

Book of Mormon Tours
November 2000 group

Suggested Reading

An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon
by John L. Sorenson

Cumorah - Where?
by Thomas S. Ferguson

America's First Civilization
by Michael D. Coe

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"In Search of 'Ancient Cumorah'": Text from Back Video Cover

In Search of "Ancient Cumorah"

     In 1823, Joseph Smith was led by an angel to a hill near his home in Palmyra, New York. There young Joseph discovered a set of gold plates. A part of that sacred volume was later translater by the Prophet and became The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

     But is the place where the Prophet recovered the ancient record, known today as the "Hill Cumorah", the same "Cumorah" spoken of in the Book of Mormon? Is the site where Moroni hid an abridgement of the record of his people the same place where his father, Mormon, hid up the vast Nephite record handed from one generation to the next over an entire millennium? Is Palmyra the place where two great nations perished in battle?

     We invite you to join Dave Asay and Randy Mellor for a fascinating adventure into Book of Mormon history and geography as they set out to answer these intriguing questions. Listen to what leading LDS scholards have to say based on recent findings and careful consideration of what the Book of Mormon tells us. See exclusive aerial footage of what many experts now believe to be the actual sites of Book of Mormon events. Travel to southern Mexico where you will come face-to-face with compelling evidence of "Ancient Cumorah".

This Video Documents

Producers: David C. Asay & Randy S. Mellor

Director: Stan Wadley
Music: Lex de Azevedo
    Modern Image Inc.

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Randy S. Mellor & David C. Asay
Hill Shim (Hill Cintepec)
Joseph L. Allen, Ph.D.
Olmec Head
Bruce W. Warren, Ph.D.

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