an award-winning short film by Jared Hess

"Peluca" is a short comedy film written and directed by Jared Hess while he was a film student at Brigham Young University.

"Peluca" was one of only 12 short films selected out of thousands of entries for competition at the Slamdance Film Festival held in Park City, Utah in January 2003. Before that, "Peluca" won Honorable Mention at the LDS Film Festival held in Provo, Utah in 2002.

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About "Peluca"


Seth likes illegal ninja books, unicorns, and fanny-packs. When his friend Pedro needs a wig to hide his cousin's bad haircult, Seth saves the day.

Jared Hess

Jared Hess is a 23 year old filmmaker who studied film at BYU. "Peluca" is his second short film based on his growing up experiences in rural Idaho. He and wife Jerusha are currently working on their second draft of "Napoleon Dynamite," a feature screenplay based on "Peluca."

Jeremy Coon

Jeremy Coon is a native Texan who graduated in business and film from BYU. His experience as a producer and editor on over twenty productions has given him recognition in film festivals such as the Rochester International Film Festival. Jeremy is currently collaborating with Hess on "Napoleon"

Jon Heder

Jon Heder's hilarious performance as "Seth" is quite a leap from his usual work as an animator. However, his interest in acting has led to commercial and film roles as well as the title role in Hess' "Napoleon Dynamite."

"Peluca" Production Notes


"Peluca" was shot in Hess' native town of Preston, Idaho in two days and made for under $500. Due to limited funds the film was shot on grainy 16mm b&w negative.

The actors who played Pedro, Giel, and Randy are Preston High School juniors with little interest in acting. Their performances naturally portrayed rural Idaho teenage life.

Locations, such as La Tienda, were secured the day of shooting due to the town's kick back attitude.

Running Time: 9 minutes
Camera: Arri SRII
Lenses: 5.9mm, 12mm, 50mm
Film: Kodak 7222 16mm B&W

"Peluca" Director's Notes


"Peluca" credits


Seth Jon Heder
Pedro Greg Hansen
Giel Chris Sanchez
Randy Bracken Johnson
Vern Zack Thomas
Cashier Leo Shackleford
Girl Sarah Barton

Director/Writer Jared Hess
Producer Jeremy Coon
Associate Producer Sam Demke
1st AD/UPM Nick Daniels
2nd AD Kelly Tobler
DP Jared Hess
1st AC Jerusha Hess
Gaffer Ben Gourley
Sound Mixer Jerrick Mitchell
Boom Logan Hobley
Editor Jeremy Coon

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