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The Swan Princess II:
Escape From Castle Mountain (1997)

directed by Richard Rich

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The Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain:
OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Nest Entertainment

Seldon O. Young
Jared F. Brown

K. Douglas Martin


Rich Animation Studios

Richard Rich


of the Castle

The Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain
(also known as "Swan Princess II")
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Directed by
Richard Rich

Produced by
Richard Rich
Jared F. Brown

Executive Producers
Seldon O. Young
Jared F. Brown
K. Douglas Martin

Terry L. Noss
Thomas J. Tobin

Story by
Richard Rich
Brian Nissen

Screenplay by
Brian Nissen

Original Score
Lex de Azevedo

Songs by
Lex de Azevedo
Clive Romney

Supervising Editor
James D. Koford

Production Manager
Brett Hayden

With the Voice Talents of
Odette Michelle Nicastro
Derek Douglas Sills
Clavius Jake Williamson
Uberto Christy Landers
Jean-Bob Donald Sage MacKay
Speed Doug Stone
Puffin Steve Vinovich
Lord Rogers Joseph Medrano
Chamberlain James Arrington
Knuckles Joey Camen
Bromley Owen Miller
Bridget Rosie Mann

Steven E. Gordon
Colm Duggan
John Celestri
Athanassios Vakalis
Daniel Hackett
Dan Wagner
Jesse Cosio
Larry Whitaker Jr.
Melissa Freeman
Elena Kravets
Silvia Pompei
Adam Burke
Boo Hwan Lim
Kyoung Hee Lim
Todd Waterman

Layout Design Mike Hodgson
Layout Artists Mike Hodgson
Jeffrey Gatrall
Greg Martin
Birgitta Pollanen
Layout Assistant Dennis Richards
Clean-up Artists Bronwen Barry
Michael Coppieters
Ellen Heindel
Leticia Lichtwardt
Helen Lawlor
Kimberly Bowles
Hamish MacKinnon
Betty Tang
Pil Yong Song
Jonathan Lyons
Background Supervisor Donald Towns
Background Artists Donald Towns
Colene Riffo
Rustico Roca
Jonathan Salt
Effects Animation Supervisor Brian McSweeney
Effects Animation Brian McSweeney
Colm Duggan
John Huey
Jeff Howard
Rick Echevarria
T. Elliott
Joey Galbavy
Ryan Woodward
Pil Yong Song
Color Stylist Jeanette Nouribekian
Color Models Karen Noss-Rodgers
Animation Checking Patricia Blackburn
Scene Planning Geoffrey Schroeder
Executive Assistant to Mr. Rich Larissa D. Skewes
Director's Assistant Helena Collins-Luag
Casting Bernard van de Yacht
Editors Joseph Campana
Paul Murphy
Music Editor Douglas Lackey
Foley Walkers Paul Holzborn
Dominique Decaudain
Re-recording Mixers Bill Nicholson
Thomas Meloeny
Fred Law
Recordist Tim Grace
Re-recorded at Universal Studios' Sound Facility
Music Recording Engineer Robert Abeyta
Music Coordinator Peggy de Azevedo

"The Magic of Love"
performed by
Michelle Nicastro

"No Fear Rap"
performed by
Michelle Nicastro
Jake Williamson
Doug Stone
Donald Sage MacKay
Joey Camen
Douglas Sills
Christy Landers
Steve Vinovich
Joseph Medrano
James Arrington

"That's What You Do for a Friend"
performed by
Michelle Nicastro
Steve Vinovich
Doug Stone
Donald Sage MacKay

"You Gotta Love It"
performed by
Michael Lanning

"Far Longer Than Forever"
performed by
Michelle Nicastro
Kenneth Cope

Music Recorded at
Studio One

Overseas Production
Hanho Heung-Up Co., Ltd.
Seoul, Korea

Overseas Supervisor
Denis Deegan

[Many Korean individuals with following credits: Production Manager; Animation Directors; Clean-up; In-betweener; Animation Checker; Final Checker; Cel Painters; Inker; Camera; Background; Effects; Translator]

Video Testing Gregory Daven
Jim Haas
Production Assistants Susan A. Kelley
Darryl Gordon
Marketing Executive Don Barrett
Production Finance Director Edna Wilkerson
Production Accountant Therese Alexus
Titles by Title House
Color by CFI

Special Thanks to:
Film Finances, Inc.
Nations Bank of Texas, N.A.

"Happy Birthday To You"
Sammy-Birchard Music,
A Division of Sammy-Birchard Music, Inc.
c/o Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1997 Swan II, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

This story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed
are fictitious. No similarity to actual persons, places,
buildings or products is intended or should be inferred.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the
United States and countries throughout the world.
All rights reserved. Any unauthorized exhibition,
distribution or reproduction of this motion picture or
any part thereof (including the soundtrack) is an
infringement of the relevant copyright and subjects the
infringer to severe civil and criminal penalties.

Made at
Swan Animation Studios
Burbank, California

The Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain
(also known as "Swan Princess II")

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