The Snell Show
an award-winning short film by Andrew Black
based on the short story by Darl Larsen

"The Snell Show" is a short comedy film written by Andrew Black while he was a film student at Brigham Young University. It is an adaptation of the same-titled short story written by BYU professor Darl Larsen.

The story is about an annual gathering at the rural home of the Snell family, where folks gather with their families and picnic baskets to watch a nuclear explosion.

"The Snell Show" won the prestigious Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Slamdance Film Festival held in Park City, Utah in January 2003. Before that, "The Snell Show" won awards at BYU's Final Cut Film Festival and at the LDS Film Festival held in Provo, Utah in 2002.

"The Snell Show" credits as they appear in the film

Directed by
Andrew Black

Produced by
Anne Black
Kynan Griffin
Jennifer Kirkham

Photographed by
Travis Cline

Based on a story by
Darl Larsen

Production Design by
Anne Black

The Snell Show Cast
Arvin Snell Jason McCloney
Maureen Snell Joanna Major
The Knudsens Amy Paystrup
Kelly Paystrup
The Hunsakers Jason Conforto
Natalie Conforto
MaryAnne Morrow
Rachel Huntington

The Snow Shell Extras
Dorothy Ball
Julia A. Banks
Helen Breckenridge
Carl Breckenridge
Brittney Bright
Joye Cannell
Alex Cannell
Sarah Cannell
Nicholas Cannell
Michael Cannell
Justin Cline
Tomek Dembowski
Shealyn Farr
Joel Fifield
Christy Freeman
Kynan Griffin
Ryan Holman
Alisa Kirkham
Christopher Kirkham
Nicholas Kirkham
Jennifer K. Lee
Joseph Lee
Jason Loftus
Michael Loftus
Jane M. Loftus
Jessica Muset
Lara Pastor
Alan Peterson
Jenna Philpott
Matt Pierce
Joseph L. Puente
Joseph Ramahro
Gene Rigby
Ryan Kent Sager
Katherine Swigert
Emma Thornock
Kareen Thornock
James Thornock
Carl Thornock
Angela Thornock
Carolynn Thornock
Janalee Willmore
Haylee Willmore
Jessica Willmore
Carina Wytiaz

The Snell Show Crew
Directed by Andrew Black
Based on a short story by Darl Larsen
Adapted for the screen by Andrew Black
Produced by Anne Black, Kynan Griffen & Jennifer Kirkham
Photographed by Travis Cline
Production Design by Anne Black
Edited by Alexander Vance
Costume Design by Anne Black & Emily Kawasaki
Executive Producer Thomas Russell
1st Assistant Director Jason Conforto
2nd Assistant Director Carol-Lyn Jardine
Script Supervisor Marta Becerril
Camera P.A. Justin Cline
Gaffer Jason Faller
Best Boy Ty Arnold
Dolly Grip Will Boaz
Grip/Electric Matt Pierce
Joel Fifield
Meredith Bak
Todd Hamilton
Set Dresser Lara Pastor
Assistant Art Director Alisa Kirkham
Benji Harry
Costume Assistant Laura Whitmore
Mary Kirkham
Make-Up Artist Danielle Donahue
Assistant Hair/Make-Up Lisa Allen
Katherine Swigert
Elizabeth Faller
Tara Evans
Lara Pastor
Sound Mixer Emily Yu
Boom Operator Benji Harry
Foley Assistant Travis Cline
Visual Effects/Titles Alexander Vance
Production Assistant Adam Sanders
Transport Coordinator Thomas Kirkham
Transportation Tomek Dembowski
Driver Wyatt Woolley
Videographer Benji Harry
Catering Will Boaz
David Payne
Mark Madsen
Charles Hurdle

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