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Rigoletto (1993)

OPENING credits as they appear in the film

Feature Films For Families


Joseph Paur

& Introducing
Ivey Lloyd

Executive Producer
Forrest S. Baker III

Original Musical Score
Kurt Bestor

Edited by
Stephen L. Johnson
Lori Petersen

Sound Design / Post Mixer
Michael L. McDonough

Director of Photography
T.C. Christensen

Art Director
Russell Richins

Produced by
Scott Swofford
Don A. Judd

Written and Directed by
Leo D. Paur

CLOSING credits as they appear in the film


Georgie Alyson Breinholt
Dallin Dalin Christiansen
Papanickolas Frank Gerrish
Tommy Josh Goodwin
Porter Ryan Healy
Singer #1 Natalie Hill
Hans John Huntington
Policeman David Jaster
Singer #2 Sarah Jensen
Margie Cynthia Jump
Bonnie Ivey Lloyd
Rufus Mitch Lunak
Nick Ben Moore
Mrs. Papanickolas Micaela Nelligan
Gordon Tom Nibley
Emelda Ruth Margaret Nickerson
Ribaldi Joseph Paur
Nicky Mason Ben Paur
Elaina Stephanie Paur
Benton Don Re Sampson
Rick Christopher Simpson
Kathleen Natalie Terry
James McBride Scott Wilkinson
Gabriella Tracey Williams
Ethan Wade Wisan
Ugly Louis Wong


Director Leo Paur
Production Manager Michael Anderson
Price Unit Production Manager Jeff Miller
1st Assistant Director Scott Murphy
2nd Assistant Director Terri Pappas
Production Coordinator Terri Pappas
Set Production Assistant Jennie M. Latham
Production Assistant Tobijah Tyler
Production Assistant Brigham Taylor
Script Supervisor Penny Johnson
Dialogue Coach Rick Macy
Assistant Production Coordinator Sandra Latham
Office Production Assistant Corrie Allen
Production Accountant Lynn Christofferson
Casting Rick Macy
Extras Coordinator Jill H. Greenlief
Location Manager Liz Reiter
Director of Photography T.C. Christensen
1st Assistant Camera Mark Goodman
2nd Assistant Camera James Gladu Jordan
Loader Zep Christensen
Loader Pat Smart
Gaffer Rhett Fernsten
Best Boy Electric Darren McLaughlin
Electrician Chris Reiter
Electrician Nick Peterson
Key Grip Rick Mitchell
Best Boy Grip Alan Oakes
Dolly Grip Alesia Walser
Grip Julie Fife
Sound Mixer Steve Laneri
Boom Operator David Lester
Art Director Russell Richins
Art Director's Assistant Daniel Richins
Set Decorator Brian Lives
Leadman Rob Bennett
On-Set Dresser Robert Scoville
Set Dresser Jason Haase
Buyer Cyndy Neibaur
Swing Gang Forrest S. Baker IV
Propmaster Jim Sherman
Assistant Props Bill Barber
Construction Coordinator Lansing Smith
Carpenter Jeff Houston
Scenic Artist Chad Davis
Scenic Artist's Assistant Heather Blair
Story Board Artist Darrin Fletcher
Hair Stylist Karl wesson
Make-up Artist Greg T. Moon
Costume Designer Cathren Warner
Assistant Costumer Meladi Lindley
Assistant Costumer Jacqueline Woodward
Transportation Coordinator Peter Daniels
Honeywagon Driver Greg Willis
Drivers Dee Warner
Glade Quinn
Vincent Shorter
Sound Editor Michael McDonough
Assistant Sound Editor Troy Hinckley
Foley Chad Larsen
Mixing Facility TeleScene
Script & Editing Consultant Forrest S. Baker III
Processing Allied + WBS
Songs Arranged by Kurt Bestor
Sam Cardon
Music Orchestrated & Conducted by Kurt Bestor
Music Recorded & Mixed by Jeff Carter
Music Recorded at Pinnacle Studios


Lyrics Michael McLean
Music Kurt Bestor
Sam Cardon
Michael McLean

Lyrics Michael McLean
Music Kurt Bestor
Sam Cardon

Lyrics Chance Thomas
Music Chance Thomas
Kurt Bestor

Lyrics Michael McLean
Music Kurt Bestor
Sam Cardon

Caterers Meier's Prime, Inc.
Viking's Feast Catering
Craft Service Lori Mertz
Assistant Editor Aurelia Johnson
Colorist Omar Godinez


Forest S. Baker III
Chief Executive Officer

Ed Hansen
Chief Financial Officer

Rick Haskell
Vice President, Marketing / Sales

Fred Healy
Vice President, Mgmt. Information Services

Shirlene Caverley
Vice President, Operations

Mel Martin
General Counsel

Special thanks to Peter Prier, Inc.,
supplier of rare and contemporary
stringed instruments.

gratefully acknowledges
the millions of families nationwide
whose continuing support
made this film possible.

© MCMXCII Rekab Tserrof
All Rights Reserved.



The mysterious old mansion on the hill has a new occupant, and the people of Castle Gate are distrustful of the disfigured man known simply as Ribaldi. When young Bonnie goes to work at the mansion, she discovers that Ribaldi has a wonderful singing voice and is a master teacher of the art. As he teaches Bonnie to sing, her kindness melts the protecting ice aroundhis heart to reveal goodness and a rare wisdom that has been buried for years. One by one, children in the town come to know Ribaldi, discovering that beneath the strange countenance is a beautiful soul. But, feeding on rumors, other people's prejudice against Ribaldi grows. And as it does, the story builds to an exciting climax and a very intriguing finish. This motion picture has some of the most beautiful singing you'll ever hear.
Color, 98 minutes. Featuring Joseph Paur, Ivey Lloyd, Cynthia Jump and John Huntington. Produced by Rigoletto Productions INc. for distribution by Feature Films For Families.

Producers: Don A. Judd & Scott Swofford
Screenplay: Leo D. Paur
Director: Leo D. Paur
Musical Score: Kurt Bestor

* * * PARENT'S GUIDE * * *

1. Why were there so many rumors in Castle Gate about Ribaldi? Should rumors ever be believed?

2. What did Bonnie say to Ribaldi was worse than having an ugly face? What did she mean?

3. Why did the people attack Ribaldi when he saved Georgie?

4. What was the ultimate decision Bonnie faced? Have you ever faced such a test? If so, share it with your family.

5. What did Bonnie do that affected Ribaldi's behavior?

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Sleeve Art © 1993 Feature Films For Families Inc.
© 1993 Rekab Tserrof. All rights reserved.

This video cassette may not be rented or resold without written license.

This film includes closed captions created by Feature Films For Families.

"Don Re Sampson", who plays the part of Benton, is credited as "DonRe Sampson" in most other films.

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