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Eliza and I (1997)

Eliza and I
TEXT from Front Video Cover

KBYU Television in association with Zion Films presents

and I

Written and Performed by Elizabeth Hansen
Directed by Richard Dutcher

Eliza and I
TEXT from Back Video Cover

and I

February 11, 1846. Eliza R. Snow enters her lonely attick room the night before she is to flee her home for the haven of Winter Quarters. Eliza packs for the journey, but finds herself doubting her decision to go west with the Saints. As the night progresses and Eliza's trunk grows full, she explores her life, faith, and God's purpose for her.

Eliza and I, based on the play A High and Glorious Place, pays special tribute to LDS women and more specifically to Eliza Roxcy Snow Smith. Like many of the early pioneers, Eliza endured trial after trial with a faithful heart and an eye constantly toward Zion.

With a keen awareness of Eliza's feelings and a mastery of language, writer and actress Elizabeth Hansen relates the story of Eliza's life and the challenges she faced as a woman pioneer and as a wife to both Joseph Smith and later Brigham Young. From this portrait, an inspiring woman emerges.

Color     Stereo 56 minutes

David Monsen
director of photography
Jon L. Anderson
Stephen Jones
executive producer
Sterling Van Wagenen

The program contained in this videocassette is fully protected by copyright under Title 17, U.S. Code, Public Law 94-533. It is licensed for private home use only and may not be duplicated, broadcast, or used for public performance in any manner without permission. For information on how to obtain public performance rights or order additional copies of this program, contact the Academic Works Support Office, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602.

KBYU Television © 1997

ISBN 0-8425-2402-9

Eliza and I
OPENING credits as they appear in the video

A Service of
Brigham Young University

in association with
Zion Films

Eliza and I

Written and Performed by
Elizabeth Hansen

Based upon the stage play
"A High and Glorious Place"
By Elizabeth Hansen

Produced by
David Monsen

Executive Producer
Sterling Van Wagenen

Directed by
Richard Dutcher

Eliza and I
CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

Eliza Elizabeth Hansen
Stage Assistant Allison Thomas
Stage Manager Liliana Romero
Hannah Deb Adams
Steven Corey Ewan
Melissa Gwen Dutcher
Militia Man Tim Hansen
Sarah Janice Power
Emma Linda Bon
Joseph Richard Dutcher
Hyrum Bob Manning
Boy Lucas Dutcher

Director of Photography Jon L. Anderson
Music by Stephen M. Jones
Production Designer Bill Shira
Unit Production Manager Ken Harris
First Assistant Director Kevin Fox
Second Assistant Director Andrew Hamilton
First Assistant Camera Joe Christensen
Matt Hamilton
Second Assistant Camera Jamie Siles (sp?)
David Mortensen
Gaffer Grant Williams
Best Boy Alan Williams
Key Grip Ron Nix
Best Boy Grip Quentin Wilson
Grip/Electrical Kent Findlay
Rigging Tony Peters
Wayne Wulfenstein
Script Supervisor Rob Sibley
Production Coordinator Sharon Beaty
Set Decorator Bill Barber
Sound Mixers Don Rigby
Rusty Dailey
Boom Operators Eugene Ashbrook
Curtis Price
On-line Editor Rob Sibley
Post Production Audio Bryan Mangum
Colorist Bo Bahoravitch
Makeup/Wardrobe Janet Swenson
Makeup Assistant John Davis
Construction Foreman Bruce Sundstrom
Randy Champion
Carpenters Ward Wright
Geoff Neyman
Quentin Wilson
Special Effects Kelly Peterson
Production Assistants Stephanie Munson
Michelle Cresswell
Catherine Corbett
Laura Johnson
Christopher Dexter
Julia Jachimczyk
Craft Services Alana Tilley
Caterer Viking Feast;
Kjell Karlsson
Historical Researcher Maureen Ursenback Beecher

A Presentation of

Brigham Young University

Copyright 1997

A Service of Brigham Young University

- The title of "Eliza and I" is frequently spelled "Eliza & I."
- The assistant director's name is mispelled in the credits as "Kevin Fox." His name is actually spelled "Kevin Foxe," and he is frequently credited as "Kevin J. Foxe."

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