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Fedora (1994)

"Fedora": TEXT from Front Video Cover




An amazing true story
of compassion and love

No man
is alone
who has


Silver Apple





"Fedora": TEXT from Back Video Cover

Hats off to Julio!

What does it mean to love someone?

When Julio Esperanza is diagnosed with cancer, he must face his own mortality for the first time. Chemotheraphy and radiation treatments leave him sickly, thin, and bald. When his own daughter doesn't recognize him, he is overcome with grief and retreats into loneliness and despair.

But faith and hope light the way as Julio's family and friends discover a remarkable and unique way to share his burden. Their creativity and humor are a living example of the transcendent power of love. No man is alone who has such friends and Julio Esperanza was blessed with dozens of them. This award-winning film is based on a true story.

Alta Films Presents "Fedora"
Shawn Nottingham, Socorro Herrera
Music by Sam Cardon
Director of Photography T.C. Christensen
Edited by David West

Executive producers Alta Film Partners
Produced by David Scheerer
Written and Directed by Kenneth Kemp
Color, 28 minutes, Unrated, Stereo

An Alta Films Picture
Arriflex cameras * Prints by Western Cine



WARNING: For private use only. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures and videocassettes.

Distributed by
Thomson Productions, Inc.
(800) 226-0155

"Fedora" OPENING credits as they appear in the video

At the very beginning of the video a CINE insert clip is shown, because this film won a CINE award.

Audio voice-over during the CINE award clip states:

"Each year CINE, the Council on International Non-Theatrical Events, presents the Golden Eagle Awards to qualified film and video productions in recognition of their excellence, and selects them to represent the United States of America for events abroad."


Alta Films

Alta Films

in association with
Alta Films Partners


a David Scheerer production

a Kenneth Kemp film


based on a true story

"Fedora" CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

in memory of


hospital locations provided by the
Salt Lake City, Utah

written and directed by
Kenneth Kemp

David Scheerer

associate producer
Michael Van Wagenen

director of photography
T.C. Christensen

music by
Sam Cardon

Julio Esperanza Shawn Nottingham
Carmelita Esperanza Socorro Herrera
Maria Esperanza Brook McKenzie
Crash Alan Smithee, Jr.
Shortstop Jeremy Hanks
Larry Patrick McKinley
Dr. Berman Randy King
Resident Janelle Dixon
Chemo Nurse Peggy Matheson
Nurse Dottye Daniels
Cabbie Trevor Williams
Phlebotomist Doris Stewart
Lab Tech Kristen Sanchez
Endoscopy Doctor John Moore, M.D.
Chemo Patient Chad Basso

Ace Disposal "Pirates" Baseball Team
Nicholas Augustus
Greg Dearing
Chadd Kerr
Atu Leilifano
Jose Martinez
Rakai Puriri
Miles Scheerer
Kade Smith
Anthony Villalba
Jon Young

Eddie Aguilar
Ebe Amaechi
Susan Anderson
Debbie Augustus
Aaron Ayoso
Sara Bethancourt
Jennifer Cory
Silvano Cruz
Lynette Fisk
Paul Frogley
David Garcia
Christeen Gilman
Kristy Golding
Dolores Gonsalez
Jerry Hawley
Matthew Holt
Chris Johnson
Grace Johnston
Annie Knight
Craig Knight
Lee Machado
Dale Mackey
Scott Marsh
Allen Mendoza
Belva Miller
Joel Rene Morehead
Barbara Ney
Trista Ogilvie
Andres Orozco
Amelia Parkinson
Kelly Parkinson
Lani Puriri
Gilbert Ramirez
Remberto Ramos
Alta Richards
Beatrice Santana
Margene Scheerer
Mitzi Scheerer
Michael Scheetz
Monica van Wagenen
Ernestine Walser
Janet Yorgasen

Provo City "Braves" Jr. Baseball Team
Marbe & Stu Campbell Family
Art & Cheryl Dearing Family
Lisa & Bill Hansen Family
Lee & Ernestina Martinez Family
Brett & Kelly Parkinson Family
David & Margene Scheerer Family
Tony & Patricia Villalba Family
Jeff & Joy Young Family

Medical Consultants
John Moore, M.D.
Brett Parkinson, M.D.
Tillie Gibbs, R.T.T.
Zjani Johansen, R.N.
Debra Young, R.N.
Dixon Larkin, M.D., J.D.
John Kushner, M.D.
Lynette Fisk, R.N.
Marilyn Bruderer, R.N.

First Assistant Director David Scheerer
Second Assistant Director Michael Van Wagenen
Casting Director Rosalind Soulam
Script Supervisor Margene Scheerer
First Assistant Camera Mark Goodman
Second Assistant Camera Joe Christensen
Gaffer Rhett Fernsten
Best Boy Gaffer Roger Baird
Key Grip Tyler Meiners
Best Boy Grip Greg Meiners
Production Sound Glenn Fisk
Les Udy
Boom Trent Black
Art Director Nathan Ogilvie
Makeup & Hair Gina Homan
Wardrobe Ryan Noble
Craft Service Jeff Gallup
Props Kelly Loosli
Production Record Vance Mellen
Traffic Control Trent Mellen
Set Operations Russell Hosking

Production Equiment
Redman Movies & Stories
LDS Motion Picture Studios
Visual Transit Authority

Post Production
Film Processing Alpha Cine
Transfer Facilities RMS Transfer
Film-Video Transfer Rick Stephenson
Video Editing Facilities Utah Film & Video
Editor David West
Music Recording Facilities Pinnacle Studios
Music Recording Engineer Jeff Carter
Post Sound Facilities TeleScene
Sound Design Troy Hinckley
Film Editing Facilities LDS Motion Picture Studio
Negative Cutter David Nauta
Title Facilities Clear Image, Inc.
CG Operator Shaun E. Black

Ace Disposal Lon Stalsburg / Mike Giles
Cellular One Kristen Scoffield
Fawn Whitney Pronto Catering Howard Nelson
Harman Management Corp LeReen Littlewood
Huddart Floral Company Jack Giles
Images & Attitudes Janet Chidester
Immata of Utah Bruce Sanchez
Ink Design Steve Zupan
J.W. Hats Jim & Joyce Whittington
Kemp Sisters Catering Joy, Cheryl & Marie nee Kemp
Kinko's Copies Greg Clark
La Petite Catering Keith Clark
LDS Motion Picture Studio Merrill Dimick
Grant Williams
Les Olson Company Larry Olson
Bob Richardson
Maeser Elementary Kim Langton
Meier's Catering Bob Meier
Norton's Food Town Scott Norton
Play It Again Sports Rich Arnoff
Provo City Parks and Recreation Frank Tousa
Yellow Cap of Provo Lavar Taylor
Ryder Truck Rentals Michael Fisher
Sacred Heart Religious Books & Gifts Patricia Edwards
Screenplay Design Inc. Natalie Lawes
Shepherd's Cake & Candy Supplies, Inc. The Shepherd Family
Silver Teapot Catering Gretchen Thiessens
Skaggs Telecommunications Service, Inc. Dennis Hopkinson
Smith's Food & Drug Dee Stimmons
Bob Addamson
Stark Art & Sign Grace & Donna Stark
Utah Office of Hispanic Affairs Lee Martinez
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Scott Marsh
Wayne Murdock
Zion Upholstery Clark Dewolf
Mitch Dewolf

Special Thanks To
Alta Film Partners

Lee & Dottie Machado
The Groberg Family Partnership
Bryant Edwards
Dr. Blayne Mirsche
Kristen Sanchez

filmed with Arriflex cameras
using Eastman Kodak film

This is a work of fiction.
No similarity to actual persons, living
or dead, is intended. This film is
protected under the copyright laws
of the United States and other countries.

Dedicated to my father
Omer C. Kemp

©1994 Alta Films
All Rights Reserved

Director Kenneth Kemp is better known as Kenny Kemp, a national best selling author.
Monica van Wagenen, the wife of associate producer Michael Van Wagenen, is also known as Monica Delgado.
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