Freedom on the Water (2002)
a short film directed by Ryan Little
starring Lincoln Hoppe

"Freedom on the Water":
TEXT from back DVD cover

Stories about brothers, love
and forgiveness that touch
your heart and soul...

Freedom on the Water
"Some things are worth fixing."
A broken life and a damaged relationship between brothers find a new beginning in this touching and inspiring film. A life-changing original story with beautiful scenery and superb cinematography. Color, 20 min.

The Wrong Brother
Hector has always felt that his brothers were agove him -- two thousand feet above him. The famous Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, invented a miraculous, world-changing flying machine, and Hector is desperate to prove his own worth with an invention of his own. This captivating and delightful story will bring a smile to everyone. Color, 15 min.

Two award-winning films!

Both films presented in Widescreen.

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"Freedom on the Water" CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Ryan Little

Brian A. Brough
Lincoln Hoppe

Executive Producers
J. Mark Baiada
Werner Hoppe

Lincoln Hoppe
Ryan Little

Music Composed
Scott Reinwand

Cate Praggastis, C.S.A.
Judi McKee

David Lincoln Hoppe
Liam Michael Tanner
Beth Andree Petersen
Anne Becky Harding
Sam Star LaPoint
Brian Christian Stevens
Chris Christopher Kendrick

1st AD Brian A. Brough
2nd AD R. Adam Abel
Art Director Anne Black
Set Dresser Andrew Black
Swing Gang Kynan Griffen
Director of Photography Ryan Little
Camera Assistant Jared Hess
Location Manager R. Adam Abel
Gaffer Chris Kendrick
Key Grip Scott Hurst
Sound Mixer Russ Lasson
MU/Wardrobe Hillary Straga

Bayada Nurses Advisor
Raymond Abrahamsen

Bayada Nurses
On Set Technical Advisors
Steven F. Fallert
Jessica Bultman

Bayada Nurses
Salt Lake City Support
Heatherly Jenkins
Debby Moore

Bayada Nurses
Technical Script Support
Ann D. Baiaa
Mary P. Brasell
Mary C. Butash

Video Editor Brian A. Brough
Sound Editor Jeff Carter

Production &
Post Production
Services Provided
Candlelight Media Group

Special Thanks to:
Nancy Hoppe
Alan Peterson
Ray Leight
Page Hoppe
Jen Galland
Pat Nielson
Monson Hayes
Gregory Brough
Orem Fire Dept.
Utah Lake State Park

Wendy Whitney
Salt Lake Skulling

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