a short film by Clark Edmunds

"Elise" is a short dramatic film made by Clark Edmunds while a film student at Brigham Young University. Edmunds is from Columbia, Maryland.

The filmmaker calls "Elise" a film about a girl forced to grow up as maternal responsibilities are thrust upon her.

The film shows Elise, a teenager. While trying to study, her little brother makes it difficult for her to concentrate. She retreats to her room and briefly reads Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club. Her father invites her downstairs, where her family is looking at the family photo album. Elise is obviously depressed about something, and her father sends her little brother and sister to bed. Something weights heavily on Elise's father's mind as well, but he can't seem to talk about. In the end, Elise gives her little brother a hug. There is little dialog. Most of the story is conveyed through silent acting, including some very impressive acting by Jake Evans, the child actor who plays Elise's little brother. Apparently Elise's mother is recently deceased.

"Elise" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format.
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"Elise" opening credits as they appear in the film

Brigham Young University

Theater and Media Arts


"Elise" closing credits as they appear in the film

Producer - Leila Miller

Directed by Clark Edmunds

Photography by Manju Varghese

Casting by Melissa Leilani Larson

Story by Alisha Paddock

Screenplay by Clark Edmunds

Faculty Advisor - Stan Ferguson


Elise Brooke Michelle Robison
Father Rex Harding
Brother Jake Evans
Sister Alexis Treu
Playground Mother Terry Warfield
Playground Children Eric Warfield
Eddie Warfield
Donna Warfield
PLayground Mom w/baby Cheryl Edmunds
Playground Baby Jacob Edmunds


Producer Leila Miller
Director Clark Edmunds
1st Assistant Directors Maria Agustina Perez
Michelle Jackson
2nd Assistant Director Alyssa Whipple
Unit Production
Locations Manager
Sam Hoffman
Script Supervisors Deborah Ivie
Ali Seable Durham
Chantelle Squires
Director of Photography Manju Varghese
1st Assistant Camera Charlie Bird
2nd Assistant Camera Nick Daniels
Gaffer Jared Hess
Casting Director Melissa Leilani Larson
Acting Coaches Alisha Paddock
Jessica Mockett
Ali Seable Durham
Production Designer
Art Director
Alisha Paddock
Swing Gang Conrad Pack
Liana Hennett
Keith Borrowman
Makeup Designer Martin Sorensen
Wardrobe Consultant Beth Auble (sp)
Key Grip Christy Mustard
Grip Tim Skousen
Production Sound Mixer Travis Eberhard
Boom Operators Sarah Waite
Tresa Morris
James Norten
Post Production Sound Clark Edmunds
Credits and Titles Jason Allred
Editor Clark Edmunds


Krisi Church
Jerrick Mitchell
Tawnya Cazier
Manju Varghese
Brad Barber

Special Thanks to

Wasatch School
Louis Parks
Susan Robison
Cliff and Marilyn Edmunds
Ira and Mary Lou Fulton
BYU Theater and Media
Arts Department
LDS Motion Picture Studio

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