Short List of Recommended Films for Students of Latter-day Saint Filmmaking History

This is not necessarily intended as a list of "best films," but a list of significant films which cover a range of time periods and styles in Latter-day Saint filmmaking history.

More recent films:
The purpose of this list is to provide a very short, manageable list of films which highlight aspects of Latter-day Saint filmmaking history. "God's Army" marked the beginning of the modern period in Latter-day Saint filmmaking. When film historians use the terms "pre-Dutcher" and "post-Dutcher," they are actually referring to the periods before and after the advent of "God's Army." Films that postdate "God's Army" and "Brigham City" are not listed here. Important films in the current era are likely to be widely available and well known to those interested in this subject.

For additional information, see the main Films by Latter-day Saints web page. For a list only of modern "LDS-themed" feature films which have already been released, see the LDS Cinema page.

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