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Feature Films Featuring Songs
Written and/or Performed by
Latter-day Saint Singers and Songwriters
Comparison of Box Office Receipts

(Dollar amounts are NOT adjusted for inflation.)

Movies featuring songs which were sung or composed by Latter-day Saints

This list does NOT include people credited as the composer for a movie. For example, Aaron Merrill wrote or co-wrote some of the songs in "Jack Weyland's Charly." But he is not listed as a songwriter in the table below because he is the composer for the whole movie, and is listed as such in the separate Composers table.

Also, for the following Latter-day Saint-themed movies which include large numbers of songs, some of the writers or performers listed below may not be Latter-day Saints, although most are: "The Single Ward", "Jack Weyland's Charly", "The R.M."

Film TitleYearsinger/songwritersongU.S.
box office
The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause 2002 Kassidy Osborn, Kristyn Osborn, Kelsi Osborn (SHeDAISY) singers: "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag" 139,225,854 65,000,000 15
American Beauty 1999 Randy Bachman singer/songwriter: "American Woman" 130,096,601 15,000,000 13
Sweet Home Alabama 2002 Kassidy Osborn, Kristyn Osborn, Kelsi Osborn (SHeDAISY) singers: "Mine All Mine" 127,214,072 63,000,000 18
Ocean's Twelve 2004 Orrin Hatch
Felicia Sorensen
Hatch, songwriter; Sorensen, singer: "Souls Along the Way" 125,012,782 85,000,000
Mulan 1998 Donny Osmond
Christina Aguilera
Osmond, singer: "I'll Make a Man out of You"
Aguilera, singer: "Reflection" (pop version, soundtrack CD only)
120,620,254 70,000,000 13
The Stepford Wives 2004 Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs: "The Star Spangled Banner" 96,221,971 90,000,000 47
Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back 1999 Christina Aguilera singer: "We're a Miracle" 85,744,662 25
About Schmidt 2002 Randy Bachman singer/songwriter: "Takin' Care of Business" 65,005,217 30,000,000 181
Stuart Little 2 2002 Orrin Hatch songwriter: "Little Angel of Mine" (soundtrack CD only) 64,854,709 120,000,000 41
The Cable Guy 1996 Randy Bachman composer: "American Woman" 60,240,295 47,000,000 24
Bad Santa 2003 Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs: "Anvil Chorus II" from Il Travatore 60,060,328 18,000,000 48
Moulin Rouge! 2001 Christina Aguilera singer: "Lady Marmalade" 57,386,369 52,500,000 42
Rat Race 2001 Orrin Hatch
Janice Kapp Perry
songwriters: "America Rocks" 56,607,223 48,000,000 43
A Knight's Tale 2001 Randy Bachman singer/songwriter: "Takin' Care of Business" 56,083,966 41,000,000 44
The Color of Money 1986 Warren Zevon singer/songwriter: "Werewolves of London" 52,293,982 10,000,000 13
The Mothman Prophecies 2002 Alan Sparhawk
Mimi Parker
singers/songwriters: "Half Light" (theme/closing credits song) 35,228,696 42,000,000 73
License to Kill (James Bond) 1989 Gladys Knight singer/songwriter: "License to Kill" (title song) 34,667,015 40,000,000 36
This is Cinerama 1952 Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs the music of the final segment of this film's Oscar-nominated score 33,572,000 1
The Shaggy Dog 1959 Roberta Shore singer, theme song 29,000,000 3
crazy/beautiful 2001 Maren Ord singer/songwriter: "Perfect" 16,929,123 14,000,000 109
Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2000 Maren Ord singer: "Shining Time" (theme/closing credits song) 15,911,333 19,000,000 108
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2004 Christina Aguilera singer: "El Beso del Final" 14,140,215 124
Nixon 1994 Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs: "Shenandoah" 13,668,249 50,000,000 100
Yin shi nan nu ("Eat Drink Man Woman") 1994 Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs: "All Creatures of Our God and King" 7,294,403
UHF 1989 Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs: "Battle Hymn of the Republic" 6,157,157 5,000,000
FM 1978 Warren Zevon songwriter: "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" 5,800,000
God's Army 2000 Greg Simpson

Julie de Azevedo

Ryan Shupe

Cherie Call
Simpson, singer/songwriter: "Look to the Heavens"
Simpson, singer/songwriter: "Seven Wonders"
de Azevedo, singer/songwriter: "Best of Me"
de Azevedo, singer/songwriter: "Living in Oz" (CD only)
Shupe, songwriter: "Best of Me"
Shupe, singer/songwriter: "Go to Hell"
Call, singer/songwriter: "Snow" (CD only)
Call, singer/songwriter: "Restless Soul" (CD only)
2,628,829 300,000 172
Love at Large 1990 Warren Zevon singer/songwriter: "Searching For A Heart"; singer: "You Don't Know What Love Is" 1,436,308 153
Joshua 2002 Orrin Hatch songwriter: "Everyday Heroes" 1,374,143 9,000,000 210
The Singles Ward 2002 Janice Kapp Perry
Maren Ord
Clara W. McMaster
Jamen Brooks
John Hancock
Tim Fullmer
dozens more
Ord, singer/songwriter: "Everyday"
Perry, songwriter: "The Church of Jesus Christ"
McMaster, songwriter: "Teach Me To Walk"
Brooks/Hancock, singers: "God Be With You"
Fullmer, arranger: "Where Love Is"
1,250,798 500,000 214
The R.M. 2003 Maren Ord
Janice Kapp Perry
Clara W. McMaster
Jamen Brooks
John Hancock
Tim Fullmer
dozens more
Ord, singer: "Where Can I Turn For Peace"
Perry, songwriter: "In The Hollow Of Thy Hand"; "We'll Bring The World His Truth"; "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus"
McMaster, songwriter: "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
Brooks/Hancock, singers: "Love One Another"
Fullmer, arranger: "Onward Christian Soldiers"
1,111,615 500,000 192
Brigham City 2001 Ryan Shupe singer/songwriter: "Banjo Boy"
singer/songwriter: "New Emotion"
singer/songwriter: "Big World"
905,073 900,000 204
The Best Two Years 2004 Michael McLean, songwriter 1,163,450 400,000
Jack Weyland's Charly 2002 Brett Raymond
Jeremy Elliott
Cassey Golie
Alex Boye
Cherie Call
Alexander E. Jenkins
Rodney Strong
Michael Dowdle
Katherine Thompson
Jenny Jordan
Raymond, singer/songwriter: "What Craziness is Love"
Raymond, singer/songwriter: "Got a Thing for You"
Elliott, songwriter: "Got a Thing for You"
Golie, singer/songwriter: "Living Out Loud"
Boye, singer/songwriter: "Cold Hard Streets"
Call, singer/songwriter: "Restless Soul"
Call, songwriter: "A Heartbeat Away"
Jenkins, singer/songwriter: "Restless Soul"
Strong, songwriter: "St. Angelos"
Dowdle, singer: "St. Angelos"
Thompson, performer: "A Heartbeat Away"
Jordan, singer: "A Heartbeat Away"
814,666 950,000 230
Last Night 1999 Randy Bachman composer: "Takin' Care of Business" 591,165 2,000,000 226
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995 Warren Zevon singer/songwriter: "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" 529,766 198
Traveller 1997 Kevin Sharp singer: "Young Love" 500,649 213
Pride & Prejudice: A Latter-day Comedy 2003 Carmen Rasmusen singer 372,752 350,000 309
The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain 1997 Clive Romney
Kenneth Cope
James Arrington
Romney credited as co-writer of all songs
Cope, singer: "Far Longer Than Forever"
Arrington, one of singers: "No Fear Rap"
235,766 234
Home Teachers 2004 multiple singers, songwriters 196,123 500,000
Sons of Provo 2005 multiple singers, songwriters, incl. Will Swenson, Peter D. Brown, Kirby Heyborne, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Jennifer Erekson, John Hancock 70,460 200,000

The Singles Ward: Songwriters, lyric writers, music writers, arrangers, singers and bands whose songs are featured in "The Singles Ward": Andrew Mishmash; Barbara A. McConchie; Clara W. McMaster; E. Kiallmark; Edwin O. Excell; Eliza E. Hewitt; Eliza R. Snow; Elizabeth Fetzer Bates; Evan Stephens; F. Gerry Hart; George F. Root; Georgia W. Belle; Jamen Brooks; Janice Kapp Perry; Jeremiah E. Rankin; Joanne Bushman Doxey; John Hancock; John R. Sweeney; Johnson Oatman, Jr.; Julia Ward Howe; K. Newell Dayley; Laura Huffman; Magstatic; Maren Ord; Marion Major; Marjorie Castleton Kjar; Mark Earnest Smith; Mighty Mahogany; Mishmash; Mr. Fusion; Norman B. Smith; Pipedream; Ralph Rodgers, Jr.,; The Rockamatics; Rooster; Slender; The Solutions; Soul Saints; Tim Fullmer; William B. Bradbury; William Clayton; William G. Tomer.

The R.M.: Songwriters, lyric writers, music writers, arrangers, singers and bands whose songs are featured in "The R.M.": Annie S. Hawkes; Arthur S. Sullivan; Clara W. McMaster; Clay; The Cretins; The Debra Fotheringham Band; Edit Nothing; Emma Lou Thayne; Fanny J. Crosby; Grace Gordon; Harrison Millard; Hudson River School; Jamen Brooks; Janice Kapp Perry; Jerrytown; John Hancock; Joleen G. Meredith; Kirby Heyborne; Lowrie M. Hofford; Luacine Clark Fox; Marc Thorup; Maren Ord; Matt Harding; Newel Kay Brown; One Cent Stamp; Ponchillo; Robert Lowry; Ryan Shupe; Sabine Baring-Gould; Stretch Armstrong; The Sugarland Run; Sweet Haven; Tim Fullmer; Walter G. Tyler; William B. Bradbury; William W. Phelps.

FM: According to, this movie had $2,900,000 in theatrical "rentals," which were roughly 1/2 box office gross at the time.

Latter-day Saints have written and/or sung songs for numerous TV series, videos and other productions that weren't feature films. Here are a few:

Yuki Saito, one of Japan's best known Latter-day Saint celebrities, not only starred in the 1985 live-action TV series "Sukeban Deka" (i.e., "High School Superheroine"), she also sang the theme song. Saito also sang "Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa" ("Hello Sadness"), the theme song for the animated TV series "Mezon Ikkoku" (also known as "Maison Ikkoku"), which ran from 1986 to 1988.

Randy Bachman is the singer and composer of the song "American Woman", used as the theme song of the TV series "G String Divas" (2000).

Donny Osmond sings the title song for the direct-to-vide animated movie "The Land Before Time: Journey to Big Water" (2003). Donny Osmond was also a songwriter for the feature film "The Great Brain" (1988).

The Julie de Azevedo: Pray For Rain Concert Tour video (1988), available from Excel Entertainment and LDS Video Store, features the music of Julie de Azevedo, Greg Simpson, John Hancock and Clive Romney, all of whom have written songs for or performed in movies listed above.

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