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Text from Press Kit for "Little Secrets"

[Below is the text from the official Press Kit for the feature film "Little Secrets." The file was downloaded from the official website at:]

Samuel Goldwyn Films


Directed by Blair Treu

Running time: 107 mins

Rating: PG

Media Contacts:
RJ Millard
Samantha Levine
1133 Broadway Ste.926
New York, NY 10010

New York:
Gary Springer
Michelle Moretta
Springer/Chicoine PR
1501 Broadway, Ste.1314A
(212) 354-4660

Los Angeles:
Michele Roberston
Lee Ginsberg
8271 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 651-3682


Everybody needs someone with whom they can share their biggest, deepest secrets. But what happens when the Secret Keeper has a secret of her own?

Emily (EVAN RACHEL WOOD) is a gifted young violinist who forfeits her summer vacation to practice for symphony try-outs. While her best friends are having the time of their lives at summer camp, Emily keeps busy as the neighborhood's trusted Secret Keeper. An objective ear and a last resort for the guilty consciences of the neighborhood's kids, Emily earns respect and admiration (and a healthy income) manning her post.

But Emily has a couple secrets of her own, and they're too big to tell anyone. With violin practice coming along slowly, huge changes in her family fast approaching, and the neighborhood's secrets threatening to boil over, Emily is forced to juggle the loyalties of her friends, family and customers. When Philip (MICHAEL ANGARANO) moves in next door, Emily finds herself with a new friend and even more problems on her hands -- Phillip's cute older brother David (DAVID GALLAGHER), also away at camp, has a secret that threatens to bring Emily's past crashing into the present. A poignant examination of growing up, LITTLE SECRETS is a refreshingly mature film for kids and adults alike.

Director Blair Treu's Thoughts

Jessica Barondes and I had worked together on another project called WISH UPON A STAR. We loved how it turned out and felt that if the opportunity were to present itself to work together again, we would jump at the chance.

Many things drew me to LITTLE SECRETS. First, I like stories that have the potential to reach out to adults as well as kids. I have children of my own and I really enjoy making movies I'm comfortable watching with my kids. Second, I was drawn by the honesty of the children depicted in the story. These young characters are well defined, easy to identify with and typical of many of the kids in the neighbourhoods where I grew up. I think audiences will identify closely with at least one or more of the characters. Also, the story is smartly written, it's not your typical high concept silly kid fare.

I've been very happy with how the movie has been received. In fact, audiences have responded even better than I imagined. I sat in on several screenings and was amazed and thrilled to see kids and their parents engaged in the movie. LITTLE SECRETS played several times in the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis (where it won the award of excellence, by the way -- just a little plug there). I was thrilled to see grown men cry at what they originally perceived as a "kids movie." This simple little story really sneaks up on people of all ages. The common theme of honesty and the consequences of keeping or sharing a secret is something we can all identify with.

I've done mostly family-oriented films. My kids have been, in large measure, the reason for my selecting this type of material. I'm a parent like any other. I'm concerned about what my kids watch. It's no secret there's a lot of toxic stuff out there. I guess I feel that if I'm in a position to do something positive, something that's uplifting for families, then I should portray stories and people in a positive, redemptive light. It's not that I want to preach through the medium of film, it should still be about entertainment. That's why people go to movies in the first place. I just happen to think it's nice to walk out of a movie feeling a little better about the world or a little better about yourself than when you laid down your seven bucks.


Producer/Director Blair Treu
Producer Don Schain
Producer/Writer Jessica Barondes
Director of Photography Brian Sullivan
Composer Sam Cardon
Editor Jerry Stayner
Costume Designer Lanny Sikes
Production Designer Gary Griffin Constable
Emily Evan Rachel Wood
Philip Michael Angarano
David David Gallagher
Pauline Vivica A. Fox



An actress with talent and poise well beyond her years, Evan Rachel Wood is one of Hollywood's brightest young stars.

Evan is best known for her sensitive portrayal of Jessie in ABC's critically-acclaimed drama series, Once and Again with Sela Ward and Billy Campbell. She will next be seen on the big screen in New Line Cinema's upcoming comedy SIMONE alongside Al Pacino and Catherine Keener.

Evan's additional feature credits include PRACTICAL MAGIC with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, Timothy Hutton's DIGGING TO CHINA and DETOUR with Michael Madsen.

Evan's stage credits include The Miracle Worker for Theatre in the Park, A Midsummer Night's Dream for Shakespeare in the Park and a three-year tour with A Christmas Carol.


Michael Angarano is best known for his role as Jack's (Sean P. Hayes) son on the hit television series Will and Grace. He also appeared as the young William in the critically-acclaimed film ALMOST FAMOUS and in MUSIC OF THE HEART.

Other film credits include BABY HUEY'S EASTER ADVENTURE, FOR RICHER OR POORER, RIVER RED, CHILDHOOD'S END, I'M NOT RAPPAPORT, THE BRAINIACS.COM and EDGAR AND THE MAGIC CRAYON. Television credits include Maniac Magee, Cover Me, Seven Days, The Pretender, Cybill and Another World.


David Gallagher is a series regular on the hit television show Seventh Heaven. He has appeared in lead roles on the big screen in RICHIE RICH, ANGELS IN THE ENDZONE, PHENOMENON, and LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW.

Television credits include "Spin & Marty", "Walker, Texas Ranger" and "Summer of Fear." He has also appeared on stage in A Christmas Carol.

VIVICA A. FOX - Pauline

Vivica A. Fox made her feature film debut in INDEPENDENCE DAY with Will Smith. Following INDEPENDENCE DAY, she starred in SET IT OFF with Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah; BOOTY CALL with Jamie Foxx; and BATMAN AND ROBIN with George Clooney, Arnold Schwarznegger and Uma Thurman. Vivica shared SOUL FOOD with Vanessa Williams and Nia Long and, most recently, she has starred in TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. Her next film is JUWANNA MAN.

Other film credits include KINGDOM COME, DOUBLE TAKE, HENDRIX, CITY OF ANGELS, WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE, and TEACHING MRS. TINGLE. Television credits include Kingdom Come, Getting Personal, Arsenio and Saintly Switch.

BLAIR TREU - Director

Blair Treu graduated in 1985 from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Film Direction. Shortly thereafter, he worked at Walt Disney Pictures in production and development on the ABC Disney Sunday Movie. In 1987, Blair left Disney to begin his freelance-directing career.

After directing a string of documentaries, commercials, and dramatic shorts, Blair's feature directorial debut came in 1994 with JUST LIKE DAD, which starred Wallace Shawn, Nick Cassavetes and Laura Innes. JUST LIKE DAD won the family-friendly Crystal Heart Award at the 1995 Heartland Film Festival. Blair's next film was THE PAPER BRIGADE, followed by WISH UPON A STAR, which enjoyed unprecedented ratings on the Disney Channel and won Blair his second Crystal Heart award. In 1999, Blair ventured into episodic television, directing 18 episodes of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Next up for Blair were THE BRANIACS.COM and PHANTOM OF THE MEGAPLEX. LITTLE SECRETS, Blair's most recent film, won the "Award of Excellence" at the Heartland Film Festival.

JESSICA BARONDES - Writer and Producer

LITTLE SECRETS is Jessica's second collaboration with Blair Treu. Their first film, WISH UPON A STAR, has been featured on The Disney Channel.

A graduate from U.C.L.A, Jessica is also a fiction writer. Her credits include "Sweet Sixteen: Lucy," as well as ghostwriter of numerous Bantam Books in the "Unicorn Club" and "Sweet Valley Twins" series. DON SCHAIN - Producer LITTLE SECRETS marks Blair Treu's and Don Schain's fourth feature collaboration. Known for his work in family film, Don Schain has produced DOUBLE TEAMED with Mackenzie Phillips and Nick Searcy; JUST A DREAM with Carl Lumbly, Amy Madigan and Ally Sheedy; POOF POINT; HOUNDED; THE LUCK OF THE IRISH; MOM'S GOT A DATE WITH A VAMPIRE; ANASAZI MOON; DON'T LOOK UNDER THE BED; JUST LIKE DAD; THE PAPER BRIGAGE; PARTNERS IN CRIME; STRANGER THAN FICTION; and THE RUNNER. Additional production credits include JUST IN TIME; WISH UPON A STAR; ADDRESS UNKNOWN and COYOTE SUMMER.


As President of the Heartland Film Festival, I am delighted to offer our Festival's wholehearted recommendation of the wonderful new family film LITTLE SECRETS, which is opening across the country in late August.

LITTLE SECRETS was the most successful film the Heartland Film Festival has had in our ten-year history. The film broke box office records at the Festival and received tremendous word of mouth. Critics were big fans of the film as well. Bonnie Britton of the Indianapolis Star echoed the opinion of many critics when she described LITTLE SECRETS as "an uncommonly smart, intelligent film aimed at young audiences and families."

We sincerely hope that you will use your considerable voice to help get the word out about Little Secrets to your constituents. LITTLE SECRETS is the kind of movie that builds character, changes lives, and offers inspiration to young people. It deserves to be seen by the widest possible audience.

I can't tell you how often parents who are tired of all the sex and violence at the local multiplex ask me why there are so few films out there to which they can feel comfortable taking their family. LITTLE SECRETS is exactly the kind of movie which families will surely embrace -- and your help in getting the word out will make a world of difference.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable support.

Jeffrey L. Sparks


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Emily Evan Rachel Wood
Philip Michael Angarano
David David Gallagher
Pauline Vivica A. Fox
Caroline Jan Broberg Felt
Eddie Rick Macy
Don Paul Kiernan
Elaine Tayva Pattch
Gregoray Micah Schow
Isabelle Caitlin Meyer
Mikey Landon Kunzelman
Lea Danielle Chuchran
Jenny Haley McCormick
Laurel Rudee Lipscomb
Girl #2 Carli Treu
Girl #1 Erica Angarano
Harold Matthew Grace
Dr. Mezzie Joey Miyashima
Mrs. Neiderhoffer Janice Knickrehm
Gump's Salesman Wayne Brennan
Greenbacks Saleswoman Elizabeth Grand
Gregory's Mother Micaela Nelligan
Jordan Dustin Harding
Bohemian Woman Clara Susan Morey III
Oboe Player Carlton Bluford
Elderly Woman Robin Ballard
Female Doctor Tracy Scott
Nurse #1 Christy Summerhays
Nurse #2 Queenie Aydelott
Emily Stunt Double Fred Thorne
Stunt Coordinator Billy Judkins

Producer/Director Blair Treu
Producer Don Schain
Producer/Writer Jessica Barondes
Director of Photography Brian Sullivan
Composer Sam Cardon
Editor Jerry Stayner
Costume Designer Lanny Sikes
Production Designer Gary Griffin Constable
Production/Post production supervisor Shauna Miller Schain
1st Asst. Director Craig L. Steiner
2nd Asst. Director Michael Hennessey
2nd 2nd Asst. Director Jennie Latham Morris
Production Coordinator Richard Olson
Asst. Production Coordinator Kipling Hicks
Office P.A. Sydney Meeks
Key Set P.A. Philip Eichner
Set P.A. Andrew Curtis
Director's Asst. Christian Vuissa
Production Designer Gary Griffin Constable
Set Decorator Ken Diamond
Leadman Ivan Saunders
On-Set Dresser Lu Prickett
Set Dresser Richard Penrod
Set Dresser Scott Chase Ruley
Director of Photography Brian Sullivan
Steadicam Operator/"B" Camera Operator Don Muirhead
1st Asst. "A" Camera Mike Lookinland
1st Asst. "B" Camera Tahlee Booher
2nd Asst. Camera Joey Watts
Loader Drew Novetzke
Still Photographer Fred Hayes
Still Photographer Bill Lloyd
Casting Directors Mary Margiotta
Karen Margiotta
Jeff Johnson
Katrine McGregor
Composer Sam Cardon
Editor Jerry Stayner
Asst. Editor Wynn Hougaard
Gaffer John Raymer
Best Boy Wayne Baxter
Electrician Alan Stoddard
Electrician Craig Wallace
Electrician Judd Hillman
Key Grip Shawn Lacy
Best Boy Tracy Keele
Dolly Grip Glade Quinn
Grip Craig Sullivan
Grip Clarissa Weiss
Grip Thomas "Tiff" Cooney
Key Makeup Greg Moon
Key Hair Rebecca George
Key Hair Lora Laing
Hair/Makeup Swing Vanessa Afshari
Location Manager Andy Langton
Asst. Location Manager Andrew Hodge
Property Master Joel McKee
Property Asst. Brad Ryan
Script Supervisor Rebecca Poulos
Production Sound Mixer Paul Maritsas
Boom Operator Jeff Kimball
Stunt Coordinator Bill Judkins
Studio Teacher Linda Devilliers
Costume Designer Lanny Sikes
Wardrobe Supervisor Christina Pipps
Costume Carmen Nydegger

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