Link Comments The official website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
LDSFilm.Com Hands down, the best site for all things related to the LDS film industry. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter. Site for the LDS Film Festival.
Function12 Creator of websites for such films as Pride & Prejudice and Saints and Soldiers. Owner is a good friend of mine. Reviews of LDS Movies, Books and Music.
LDS Video Buy all your LDS Videos here.
Movie Nephite A site dedicated to news on LDS Cinema. Your Source for Writings for, About and By the LDS/Mormon World.
John Moyer A comedian and screenwriter of The Singles Ward and the RM. A good site for screenwriting resources as well.
9by9 Projects Digital Production company specializing in values-based films. A home for LDS Authors, Poets and Playwrights
Screenwriting Learn about the formatting rules of screenplay writing.
JSI Creative Website for J. Scott Iverson, an LDS Screenwriter The "Guru" of Hollywood Screenwriting. Site for the Writers Guild of America. Go here to register your script, or get information on the screenwriting industry. Great site for scripts of Hollywood movies. Another good site to read Hollywood scripts.
Harvest Moon A place to buy screenplays. My favorite screenwriting software.
Movie Magic Another good screenwriting software.


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