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Ocean's 11 (1960)

"Ocean's 11" (1960)
Directed by Lewis Milestone
Screenplay by Harry Brown and Charles Lederer
Story by George Clayton Johnson and Jack Golden Russell
Uncredited writer: Billy Wilder

Starring: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Angie Dickinson, Richard Conte, Cesar Romero, Patrice Wymore, Joey Bishop, Akim Tamiroff, Henry Silva, Ilka Chase, Buddy Lester, Richard Benedict, Jean Willes, Norman Fell, Clem Harvey

PCA (Production Code Administration) Rating: Approved (#19613)

One of the titular "11" in this movie is a Latter-day Saint.

In "Ocean's 11," Louis Jackson (known as "Louie") is a Latter-day Saint cowboy (played by actor Clem Harvey) who lives in Salt Lake City. Harvey also had roles in "State Fair" (1962), "A Thunder of Drums" (1961), "Armored Command" (1961) and "One-Eyed Jacks" (1961), but this is probably his best known movie. Danny Ocean (played by Frank Sinatra) and Sam Harmon (played by Dean Martin) tell Spyros Acebos (the man behind the caper, played by Akim Tamiroff) that they will be going to Salt Lake City to recruit Jackson into the titular group of eleven old military buddies who pull off a caper. The group's plan is to simultaneously rob multiple highly secure Las Vegas casinos all in one night.

[When Sinatra's character calls the man behind the caper, Spyros Acebos (played by Akim Tamiroff), the following conversation takes place:]

DANNY OCEAN (Frank Sinatra): Hello, Spyros, how are ya?... Spyros I got good news... and bad.

SPYROS ACEBOS (Akim Tamiroff): Don't tell me the bad. Bad news I got plenty, all I want. Just tell me the good.

DANNY OCEAN (Frank Sinatra): We're leaving Phoenix.

SPYROS ACEBOS (Akim Tamiroff): [aside, to his associate] They're leaving Phoenix. [to Sinatra] Danny, darling, that's wonderful. Why didn't you tell me in the first place? Fine, fine... Tell me, what's the bad news?

DANNY OCEAN (Frank Sinatra): We're going to Salt Lake City. [immediately hangs up the phone, while he and Dean Martin smile, nearly laughing]

SPYROS ACEBOS (Akim Tamiroff): [to his associate] They're going to Salt Lake City. Hmh! [pounds table and buries his face in his hands]

[In another scene, when Louis Jackson is late to the initial pre-caper meeting of the Eleven, Tamiroff's character complains:]

SPYROS ACEBOS (Akim Tamiroff): Ohhh! So where is this old horse wrangler? 9:30! Still running around Salt Lake City, I'll bet, saying goodbye to all his wives.

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