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Minority Latter-day Saint Filmmakers

This page lists Latter-day Saint filmmakers who are not white American males. Technically, "minority" may not always be technically accurate, depending on context. Lino Brocka, for example, is listed here because he was not American; he was Filipino. But in the Philippines, where he worked throughout his career, he obviously did not belong to a minority nationality.

There are slightly more female members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than there are male members, so they aren't technically a "minority" in that sense. But there are more male film directors than women (something that is true for every nationality and every ethnicity, not just for Latter-day Saints), so they are a minority within the profession.

There are more actresses than male actors, and there are many more minority actors among Latter-day Saints than there are directors. Actors are not listed here, but can be found on the Latter-day Saint Film Actors and Latter-day Saints in TV Series pages.

Of course, all Latter-day Saint filmmakers are minorities in an important way, because they are Latter-day Saints, thus belonging to a religious/ethnic minority which makes up only 2% of the U.S. population.

These lists are not complete. Film credits for the people listed on this page can be found on the main page.

Film Directors

Lino Brocka Filipino
Ragnar Lasse-Henriksen Norwegian
Steven Ramirez Hispanic
Magnus Henriksen Norwegian
Jaanus Silla Estonian
Andrew Black Scotland
Daniel M. Skaf Brazilian
Colin Low Canadian
Ryan Little Canadian
Chris Triffo Canadian
Chris Cowden Canadian
Jason Faller Canadian
Jose Maria Oliveira Aldamiz Spain
Kynan Griffin South Africa
Joshua Tai Taeoalii Samoan-American
Christian Vuissa Austrian
Jorge Ramirez Mexican
Monica Delgado Mexican-American; Female
Susan Teh Singaporean; Female
Karen Everett Female; GLBT
Laurie Bonnell Stephens Female
April Chabries Haws Female
Elizabeth J. Hansen Female
Cheryl Lofgreen Karr Female
Heather Toone Female
Melissa Puente Female
Stephanie Ririe Female
Vernice Wineera Female
Alisa Anglesey Female
Caroline Prohosky Female
Lareena Smith Female

Film Writers

Antonio Macia Argentine/Chilean
Maria Perez Mexican; Female
Anne Perry New Zealand native; Scotland resident; Female
Natacha Rambova Female
Janine Gilbert Female
Carole Mikita Female
Carol Lynn Pearson Female
Janice Kapp Perry Female
Terry Moore Female
Susan Evans McCloud Female
Heidi Swinton Female
Elizabeth J. Hansen Female
Sharon Baker Female
Lisa J. Peck Female
Lynae Riding Jones Female
Orma W. Wallengren Female
Jane Wilson Female
Joy Saunders Lundberg Female
Zenna Henderson Female
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Female
Judith Freeman Female


Ron Goetz Canadian
Ishmael Arredondo Mexican-American
Robert Foster black
Wayne Lee black
Ray Tracey Native American
Joana Canals Mexican-American; Female
Pam Coats Female
Stin Hansen Female
Jorja A. Brown Female
Lola Van Wagenen Female
Marva Loy Eggett Female
Lorien Lyde Female
Sheri Dew Female
Carolyn Beug Female
Susan Carrell Dewey Female
Elizabeth Searles Female
Jessica Proctor Female
Donna Dick Female

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