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"Mormon Anime"
(Animated Films made by Latter-day Saints)

[NOTE: Since this page was first created, extensive additional research has been done about other Latter-day Saint animators, animation directors, and voice actors. That information is found on the main filmography pages, but has not yet been added to this page.]

Latter-day Saints have had an immeasurable impact on American animation, more so than members of nearly any other minority of comparable size. Even early Mickey Mouse was influenced by a Latter-day Saint artist: Floyd Gottfredson drew Disney's Mickey Mouse comic strip from 1932 to 1975.

In modern times, the most famous American animator is the legendary Don Bluth, a Latter-day Saint who critics agree has done more to reinvigorate animation as an artistic medium than anybody since Walt Disney. Bluth's films include such cutting-edge animated features as All Dogs Go to Heaven; The Secret of NIMH; The Land Before Time; Titan A.E.; and Anastasia.

Other Latter-day Saint animation professionals range from Richard Rich (The King and I; Swan Princess; The Black Cauldron; The Fox and the Hound) to up-and-coming artists such as Brandon Arnold ("Jip") and an animator of Disney's Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

In addition to their impact in mainstream animated features, Latter-day Saints have also created animated films based on stories from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The independent company known as The Living Scriptures, founded in 1974, has produced over 35 half-hour videos intended to teach children scriptural stories, spiritual values and ethics. These include animated biographical films about historical figures such as Harriet Tubman, Thomas Edison, and Joan of Arc.

Some Latter-day Saints have worked as voice actors or performed music for animated feature films films, including Donny and Marie Osmond (Mulan; Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night; Hugo the Hippo) and Larry Bagby (Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here). On television, the Osmonds had an animated series build around them. Jay North was the voice of "Bamm-Bamm" on the original "Flintstones" TV series and its spinoffs. Billy Barty provided the voice of Dweedle on the animated TV series "Wildfire." And the Engemanns did voice work on the short-lived animated series "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids." Many Latter-day Saint voice actors are not listed here, but can be found on the main film actors page.

Finally, it is worth noting that there are some animated films which have prominently featured Latter-day Saint themes, but which were created by filmmakers who were not . Notable among these is Hayao Miyazaki's Kiki's Delivery Service (which depicts the missionary experience), as well as Hercules; The Lion King and The Tigger Movie from Disney.

DreamWorks' The Prince of Egypt depicts the dramatized story of Moses, who is a major figure in Latter-day Saint scripture. DreamWorks consulted with Latter-day Saint archaeologists and theologians when producing this film. They also consulted with scholars and representatives from other Christian denominations, as well as from the Jewish and Muslim communities. DreamWorks' official Prince of Egypt web site presents study guides from seven religious scholars, including one by Dr. Kent Brown, a Latter-day Saint professor of Ancient Studies at Brigham Young University.

Don Bluth

Films Directed by Don Bluth

(Bluth was also the producer of most of the films he directed.)

Video Game Animation Directed by Don Bluth

Other Films Don Bluth Worked on as an Animator

Richard Rich

Films Directed by Richard Rich

(Was also the producer of the Swan Princess films.)
  1. The Trumpet of the Swan (2001)
  2. The Scarecrow (2000) - also wrote story
  3. The King and I (1999)
  4. The Swan Princess (1994) - also wrote story
  5. The Swan Princess II: Escape From Castle Mountain (1997) - also wrote story
  6. The Swan Princess III (1998) - also wrote screenplay
  7. The Black Cauldron (1985) - also worked on screenplay
  8. The Fox and the Hound (1981)

Films on which Richard Rich was Assistant Animation Director

(Richard Rich is also one of the principle directors, writers and producers responsible for the Living Scriptures animated videos. See separate section below.)

Other Producers

Jerry Molen, executive producer

(Molen is, of course, best known as a major producer of live action films, but many have included ground-breaking CGI animation, such as "Jurassic Park.")

Pam Coats, producer

John Garbett, co-producer

(Garbett was also the co-producer of "The Other Side of Heaven", the film about Elder John H. Groberg's experiences as a missionary in Tonga.)

Don A. Judd, producer

Voice Actors

Gordon Jump

Billy Barty

Larry Bagby III

Jay North

Rockne Tarkington

Marie Osmond

Donny Osmond

Jimmy Osmond

Osmonds Brothers

Lex de Azevedo


Chris Conkling, screenwriter

Robert F. Brunner, composer

Leo D. Paur, writer

Animated Feature Films with Prominent Latter-day Saint Themes

Living Scriptures

Living Scriptures, Inc. is a company founded in 1974 which produces animated videos, educational videos, and audio tapes for the Christian and family markets. The company has no formal connections to any church, although the owners and filmmakers are primarily members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Some of the people who have worked on these videos include Richard Rich (director, producer), Orson Scott Card and Brian Nissen (writers) and Lex de Azevedo (composer).
The Animated Stories
from the Old Testament:

Abraham and Isaac
Joseph in Egypt
Samuel, the Boy Prophet
David and Goliath
Joseph's Reunion
The Animated Stories
from the New Testament:

The King is Born
John the Baptist
The Prodigal Son
The Good Samaritan
The Miracles of Jesus
The Lost Is Found
The Greatest is the Least
He is Risen
Jesus, the Son of God
The Bread from Heaven
Lazarus Lives
Lord, I Believe
The Lord's Prayer
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Good Samaritan
Saul of Tarsus
The Ministry of Paul
The Righteous Judge
The Animated Hero Classics:
Christopher Columbus
William Bradford -- The First Thanksgiving
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Edison
Florence Nightingale
Louis Pasteur
Alexander Graham Bell
Maccabees: The Story of Hanukkah
Harriet Tubman
The Wright Brothers
Helen Keller
Leonardo da Vinci
Joan of Arc
The Animated Stories
from the Book of Mormon:

Nephi and the Brass Plates
Journey to the Promised Land
Abinadi and King Noah
The Conversion of Alma the Younger
Ammon, Missionary to the Lamanites
The Brother of Jared
The Savior in America
Samuel the Lamanite
Helaman's Stripling Warriors
Alma and the Zoramites
The Tree of Life
Mormon and Moroni
The Joseph Smith Story

Living Scriptures Videos Written by Orson Scott Card

(These have been listed separately here, for Card fans.)
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