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Up and Coming
Latter-day Saint Filmmakers
and their Films

This is a listing of "up and coming" Latter-day Saint filmmakers and their films. MOST of the films listed on this page are short films, as indicated by the "s" in parentheses after the film title. The letters "sd" mean "short documentary."

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a "feature length" film is one that is at least 40 minutes in length. Following this definition, the "short films" listed here are all less than 40 minutes long.

Most of the films listed here are student films. The largest group of students listed here are students in (or graduates of) the film school at Brigham Young University. But students from other programs and filmmakers who are not film students are listed here as well.

These directors are listed as "up and coming" filmmakers because they have not yet made any films which have been released as commercial feature films, sold as a video in stores, or shown on television. (The Premiere Filmmakers program on KBYU does not count as a television broadcast.) Many of the films listed here have been screened at film festivals.

If a filmmaker has made any films which have been shown in commercial theaters, on television, or are available in stores on video, they and their films are listed on the main page. This includes their short films. Richard Dutcher, for example, has made commercial feature films, so all of his films, including his short films, are listed on the main page.

The filmmakers listed in the first list on this page are the directors of the films listed. In most cases they are also the writer, producer and cinematographer of their own films. At the bottom of this page are lists of up-and-coming producers and screenwriters.

Some of the individuals listed may only be "up and coming" as a director or producer, but they have worked on commercially released and/or feature films in other capacities. Writers Orson Scott Card and Elizabeth Hansen are examples of individuals who have done some minor work as directors, but whose primary, commercially available film credits are listed elsewhere (in the screenwriters and actors sections).

The following up and coming filmmakers have directed at least one feature-length film:

Paul Tuerpe, director:
View from the Swing (2000)

Dave Skousen, writer/director:
Rain (2003; s)
Don't Hang Up (2003; s)
The Sea Angel (2003; s)
The Redemption (2002; s; dir, DP, editor only)
The Legend of Pretty Boy II (2003; V)
The Legend of Pretty Boy (2001; V)
Quest for the Holy Snail (1998; s; dir/editor only)
The Power of the Mind (1993)
Handcart (2002; A.D. only)
various TV commercials

Tawnya Cazier:
Faces of Domestic Violence (2002; dv)
Gwen Parker and Associates (s)
Just Say When (2000; s)
Iscariot (2001; s; A.D.)
Happy Go Lucky (2000; s; A.D.)

Clay Essig:
Fortune Cookie (1999)

Glenn Kau, writer/producer/director:
[Directs BYU-Hawaii campus films]
Deja Vu (2003; s)
the empty room (2003)
Masquerade (2003)
Abracadabra (2002)
Dangerous Game 2: The Maze (2002)
A Dangerous Game (2002)
After Twilight, Before Dawn (2001)
Reflections of Eve (2001)
Dear Jane (2001)
Access Denied (2000)
The Waking Hour (2000)
Dream Girl (2000)
Dreaming of You (1999)
Night Falls on Eden (1999)
The Uninvited (1998) (1997)
Just Kiss Me (1996)

Bryan Bagby, writer/producer/director/editor:
L.I.N.X. (2000; V)

Joseph L. Puente, writer/producer/director:
Portrait of Patriotism (2004; dv)
Barracks Rats
Downtown Rythm (s)
Deep Fried & Sugar Coated (mv)
Jesus "Jess" Puente (d)
The Sky Pirates II (s)
The Sky Pirates (s)
The Scolding (s)
Christopher Dean Thorpe (d)
Slug-Bug: TST (s)

Joshua D. Smith:
Zombie Campout (2002)

Matt McDowell, writer/co-director:
Sheila and the Brainstem (early 1990s)

Thomas Russell (a.ka. Tom Russell): *
Chad vs. The Capitalist Conspiracy (2002; s)
Mental (2000)
Prometheus and Roy (1997; s)
The Mint (1997; s)

Craig Lofgreen:
Walk to Survival (2001)
Tiara de Lago (1998; sv)

Jaanus Silla:
Mr. Calliphor (1996; s) - 1st place 1996 Boise Film Fest.
Transcendence of Intimations (sd)
The Great Beginning (sd)

Paul Cross:
West End Story (2001; d) - Thunderbird Int'l Film Festival: Best Documentary
Follow the Leader (2002; d)

John Breinholt:
We Didn't (1997)

Aaron Orullian:
The Appleby Sensation (1997)

Matt Wilkins:
Powerless (2004?)

Tyrone Davies:
Ether (2004?)
Air Is for Breathing (2002; sd)
Stealing Away (1999)

Trevor Hill:
A Quest for Gaia (2004?)

Mike Winget:
The Painted Devil (1999)

Christopher S. Clark:
Amidst the Gateway (2002)
Outward In (2002; s)

Rob Diamond, writer/producer/director:
Three Days to Live (1999)
A Day in the Life
Elusive Beauty (d)

Michael Dunn:
4-volume set of exercise videos starring Karl Malone
Shared Vision (d)
In Those Days (d)
Flagship in the Desert (d)

Chris Cowden, co-writer/producer/director:
Johnny Unicron (2004)
Kevin and Jay (2001)

Paul Larsen, writer/producer/director:
Chasing a Good Day to Die (2002; d)

Ricky Acker:
Night and Day (2003)
Post-Mortem (1997) - co-writer/co-director

J. Scott Montgomery, producer/director:
Dreaming of You (2003?)
P.O.W Lt. Corbin (s)

Andy Nicholson
UROC Extreme 4x4 (2003)

Craig Nybo: *
Better Than Skunked (2004?)
Gabriella Sleeps (2004?)
Practical Encounter Avoidance (2001; s)
Team Rescue (2001; s?)
Malad for the Millenium (1999; s?)
Gravedigger (1997; s?)
We Are The Rock (1995; s?)

Joshua Tai Taeoalii: 1
Afterlife (2001; s)
Twice Today (2000) - Best Feature Film Award at Real to Reel Film Fest. (NC)
Hustlin' a Hustler (1998)
Luck and Rat Poisoning (1996)
Strictly Business (1995)
[Other shorts, documentaries]

The following directors have not yet made a feature-length film:

Joshua Abboud:
The Mother Suffers with her Children (2003; s)

Derrick M. Albiston:
You Killed Me First (2002; s)
Wish You Were Here (2002; s)

Rob Allen:
How They Go (2002; sa)
Signal Strength (2001; s)

Andy Arness
Amazing (2002; mv)

Brandon Arnold:
Flugtag (2003; sd)
Pastor Inquist's Trip to Orlando (2003; sa)
Loie (2001; sd)
Jip (2001; s)
Arm for an Arm (2001; s)
Men In Suits 2000 (2000; s)

Spencer Arntsen:
Mara (2002; s)

Ryan Arvay:
December (2003; s)
Still Lifes (2001; s)

Jason Ball: *
SLUGG Fest 2002: Ski and Snowboard Competition (2002; sd)
Searching for Lenin (2002; s)
Time is a Strange Thing (2001; s)
Tiger and Dragon (2001; s)

Dan Barnett
Postcards from the Place in France (2003; s)

Katie Bogner:
Back to One (2001; s)
Closer Than You Think (2000; s)

Brett Bolander:
Crushed (2000; s)

Jacen Brewer:
The Bond Between Brothers (2002; s)
Balance (2002; sd)

Doren Brim:
La Traviata: An Opera Character Study (2001; sd)

Lisa Broberg:
Car Crash (s)

McKell Brockbank:
A Candle is Burning (s)

Kyle Bronson:
285, The Movie (2003; s)

Brian T. Burnham:
A Peculiar People (2000; s)

Jared S. Buttars, writer/producer/director:
Ecto (2004?)
The Drip (1998; s)

Marcus Cano:
Delusion (2001; s)

Orson Scott Card:
Remind Me Again (2002; s)

Matthew Carlson:
Echoes (s)

Clint Carpenter:
Iscariot (2001; s)
The Wrong Brother (2000; sv; A.D.)

Doug Chamberlain:
Nikoli the Extra (s)

Lynleigh Chamberlain:
There's No Place Like Home (2001; sd)

Mike Chenoweth:
Emotions For Sale (S)

Erik Christensen:
When the Wind Blows (2001; s)

Spencer Christensen
No Where to Run (2003?; s)
Reading is Fundamental (2003; sd)
The Lost Boys of Sudan (2002; sd)
Roomate Wanted (2002; s)
The Gate (2002; s)
T.V. is the Thing (2001; sd)

Krisi Church:
Sarah: A Vignette (2003; sd)
Shattered (2001; s)
Entity (2000; s)
Ascension (2001; s)
Love Apple (2000; s)
Neckties (s)

Dustin Condren:
Terry Nails the Sale (s)

Jason Conforto:
The Accordion Player (2003; s)
Cursed Be the Ground (2002; s)

Jeremy Coon:
Logjammin' (2002; s)

Calvin Cory:
Rulon's Game (2003; s)

Chris Coy:
Remembering Vinnytya (2003; sd)

David Cromwell:
Bill's Christmas (2001; sd)

Jeff Croshaw:
Butterfly (2001; s)

Jae Dansie:
Compulsory Means (2003; s)

Sunny Darley:
Cathedrals (s)

Matthew G. Davis:
Mortimer Monkey (s)

Brandon Dayton:
Coney Island (2004; s)
The Garden Of Hesperides (2001; s)
Andy (2001; s; dir. only)

Travis Deming, writer/director:
Signal Strength (2002; s)

Karen Dixon:
Textures and Temperaments (2001; s)

Danny Drysdale:
Shoes (2001; sd)

Travis Eberhard:
Change (2002; s)

Carlton Eden:
The Date (1996; s) - Regional College Emmy Award
Make a Wish (promo; s)
Theatre of the Plow: The Paintings of Jerry Cutler (sd)

Clark Edmunds:
Elise (2001; s)

Scott Eggleston
Absentee (2002; s)

Jarom Ellsworth:
An Old Cowhand (2001; sd)

Eli Erickson:
The Jingle (2002; s)

Matthew Fackrell:
[Founder: Eclipse Film Festival]
Tiffany (2001; sd)

Ryan Fisher:
Disciples of Christ (2003; sd)

Darrin Fletcher:
A Kiss Remembered (2001; s)
Harry Jawbreaker (s)
Premiere Night (s)

Jared Foster:
A Wedding Music Video (2003; mv)

Erin Fox:
Danku Belgium (2002; sd)
Andrew (2002; s)
Heather the Mailman (2001; sd)
Scooter Metcalfe, Man of all Seasons (2001; sd)

Gregory Francom:
A Day in the Life of Valley Mental Health (2002; cv)

Dan Fredley
Self Portrait (2003; s)

Jake Fry:
The Fence (1998; s)

Jeff Gallup:
Piana (s)

Emily Gaul:
Disco Gap (s)

Kohl Glass:
The Promethean (2003; s)
Der Ostwind (2002; s)
Joe's Repair Shop (sd)
As the Morning (s)
The Hour Past (s)

Derek George:
Propaganda, Art of Persuasion (2001; sd)

Issac Goeckeritz
Paper or Plastic (2003; sd)
Stand Up, Stand Out (2000; sd)

Chad Gooch:
Local Stop, A Journey Through NY City (2001; s)
Movement (2001; s)

Gregory P. Grant:
Ode to G.I. Joe (1990; s) - Student Academy Award

Kynan Griffin:
The Ivy Exchange (2003; s)
Plastic Loincloth (2002; s)

Geoffrey Groberg:
Il Controbasso (sd)

Christine Guerra

Tony Gunn:
Smart Single Guys (2004?; pending)
Uncle Jacks Wild and Untamed Outback (2002; s)

Jeff Gustafson:
The Dog (2003?; s)

J.D. Hacken:
Jessica Hacken, Professional Genealogist (sd)
State Street, Salt Lake City (s)
3-D (s)

Tressa Lynn Halcrow:
Me Nsu Bio (2002; sd)

Holt Hamilton, Rebekah Hamilton:
Chasing Wings (2002; s)

Todd Hamilton:
Carhartt Commercial (2003; s)
Below (2003; s)
Indian Star (2002; s)

Rocky Hansen:
Tear Free Hygiene (2003; s)

Ben Harmon:
Peace Piece (2002; sd)

Dan Harville:
For Rita With Love (2004?)
First Kiss (2002; s)

John Hendricks:
Uncle Jacks Wild and Untamed Outback (2002; s)

Magnus Henriksen:
Flat Love 4 (2003; s)
Sculpted Sculpture (2003; s)
Oscar's Ashes (2002; s)
The Seed Film (2000; s)

Jerusha Hess:
Streamers (2002; s)

Seth Hippen:
The Streaker (2002; s)

Jacob Hoehne:
General Household Repairs (sd)

Wynn Hougaard:
Land of Many Trees (s)

Maria Ilieva:
Of 2 Rectangles (2003; s)

Tim Irwin:
Watson (2001; sd)
2 NE 211 (s)
B.Y. Shoe (s)

Michelle Jackson:
U.S. Border Patrol (2001; sd)
The Gift (2001; s)
The Last Cup (s)
Delusion (2001; s; A.D.)
Elise (2001; s; A.D.)

Ryan James:
The Bottle (2001; s)

Matthew Janzen:
Funky Town (2000; sv)
The Salesman (1999; sv)
Hold Me (1999; s)
The Trouble with Norman (s)

Laura Johnson ("Loli" Johnson):
Post Impressions on a Fence (2001; sd)
Lords & Ladies (s)

Mark E. Johnson:
Hold the Door (2001; s)

Robert Jolley:
Sullivan Ballou (s)
Strongest of Them All (s)

Jason L. Jones:
The Daily Grind (2003; s)
Bob's Cubicle (2002; s)

Ruston Jones:
Dick Traffic (s)

Scott Jones:
Experimation (2001; s)

Brian Judd:
Rumble in the Colony II (1999; s)

Yosuke Kimura: *
Nattou (2000; s)

Megan Knorpp
The Mountains of Bethel (2002; s)

Christian Lambert:
You Can't Just Change...Can You (2002; s)

Rodney Lamborn:
Pursuit (1998; s)

Blair Larsen:
Temple Riders (2002; sd)

Brent Leavitt:
The Janitor (2003; sa)

Melissa Leilani Larson:
Traces (2002; s)
Rewriting Will (2001; s)
Please (2001; s)

Bryan Lefler:
Barren Earth (2002; s)
Road Rage (s)
Warplay (2000; s) - Eclipse Film Festival: Best Film, Best Director

Shane Lewis, writer/director:
The Lion and the Mouse (2003?)

Adam Lisonbee:
City Street (2003; s)
The Work of Thy Hands (2002; sd)
Ryan Shupe: Simplified (2002; sd)
To Midnight and Back: The 24 Hours of Moab (2002; sd)
Early Morning Sunshine (s)

Marie Livsey:
Dedicated Service (2003; s)

Matt Madden:
The Endowment School (2002; sd)

Marc Marriott:
[Director of the Vision Film Festival]
Snow Child (1997; s)
Sunrise at Soward's Butte (1992; s)
Short Order (s)

Taylor Maw:
Leftovers (2002; s)

Claudia Mejia: *
Contigo en Mente Hoy

Vance Mellen, writer/director:
Screatures (1997)
Revelations (2001; unproduced)
John Brown, Angel of Death (1999; unproduced)

Dagen Merrill:
Accomplice (2003; s) - Top 4 finalist - Project GreenLight
American Gulag (s)
Goldie and the Three Tickets (2002; s) - Top Ten - Coca Cola Young
Crawl Space (s)
Going After Jack (s)
Waking Up (s)

Marsh Morford:
But a Small Moment (2003; s)
Forgotten Concerto (2003; s)

Branden Morris
9-11 Never Forgotten (2002; sd)
Every 15 Minutes (2002; sd)

James Morrison, writer/director: *
Parking (1996; s) - Slamdance Film Festival: Audience Award - Best Short

Bradley Munoa: *
A Doughnut in the Park (2002; s)

Donald Mustard:
Gestures (2000; s)
Rupert (s)

J. Daniel Nell:
Descent into Madness (2002; s)

Eric Nelson:
Eternal Sleep (2003; s)

Aubrey Newell:
The Whisper (2003; s)

Paul Nibley:
Backstage (s)

Kelly Nield:
Affinity (2002; s)

Chizoma Olumba:
Innocence (2002; s)
The Blacker the Berry (2000; video segments for play)

Brian Petersen:
["Brigham City" 2nd AD]
Closure (2001; s) - 2nd place Int'l Young LDS Film Festival

Hubbel Palmer:
Hoagies (2001; s)

Martin Patch:
4:53 (2001; s)

Keith Paugh:
Two Homes (2003; s)
The Right Occasion (2003; sd)
Variations on a Theme (2002; s)

David Payne:
Final Cut Trailer (2003; s)

Forrest B. Peterson:
Trouble in Oz (1990; s)

Nicholas Peterson:
Cookies for Harry (2001; s)
MuM (1999; s)

Jaelan Petrie:
Keeper of the Earth (2003; s)

Jason Phipps:
Worth Living (2003; sd)

Geoffrey B. Pingree, producer/director: *
[Won Emmy as Director of Research on PBS documentary "A Paralyzing Fear: The Story of Polio in America"]
Apocrypha (in progress; d)

Tyree Pini:
Redemption for Five Cents (2002; s)

Donna Poulton:
Utah's oldest artists documentary

Eric Player:
["Moment of Silence": 2nd 2nd A.D. and research]
Child's Play (1996; s)
I've Just Seen A Face (1995; s)
Tapestry Drive (1995; s)

Ian Puente:
Dinner and a Movie (s)
Three Extreme Guys (1997; s)

Heather Rampton:
Narcolepsy (2003; s)

Randy Rawe:
First Family Federal (s)

Christopher Rawson:
Smithsonian Folkways (2003; s)
I Will Weep No More (2002; sd)
Me Nsu Bio (2002; sd)

Kevin Redford, co-writer/co-director:
Post-Mortem (1997)

David Richards:
Lengthen Your Stride (s)

Kenny Riches: *
Telegenic Life (2002; s)

Christopher Romney:
Free Ride Zone (2001; s)

Lauren Roundy
Preparation Day (2001; s)

Aaron Ruell:
Happy Go Lucky (2000; s)
Residue (s)
Welcome Oblivion (s)

Julia Ruell:
Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday (2000; s)
Self Portrait (2000; s)

Brian Taylor:
Drinking Tall Water (2001; s)

Christian Sampson:
The Day After Christmas (2003; s)

Eric Sandberg:
Hope (1997; s)

Adam Sanders:
Serenaders (2003; s)

Britte Sappington:
Shoes (2001; sd)

Jake Sargeant:
Detour (2002; s)

Brandon Sawyer:
The Adventures of Roger's Genuine Corinthian Leather Wallet (1999; s)
The Misadventures of Roger's Wallet (s)
Apocalypse Mutual (s)

L'Wren Scott: 1
Lady's Point of View (2002; s)

Barry Sines
Pueblo Bonito (2001; sd)

Timothy Skousen:
behind blue eyes (2003; s)
Why I Hate Myself (2002; s)
Si Vas Para Chile (2001; sd)
Next Door (2000; s)
Leon (2001; s)

Steven Slovacek:
Clarity (2001; s)

Lareena Smith: 1
Polygamy and Me (2002; sd)
The Magical Bookstore (s)
The Room of Dreams (s)

Kyle Snarr:
Seek (2002; s)
Crushed (s)

John Starrs:
Artists in Zion (2001?; PBS TV series, never completed or aired?)

Fritz Stephey:
J-E-F (2004; s)

B.C. Sterrett:
My Party with Broccoli (2002; s)

David Stevens:
Early Copy (2003?; s)

Genae Stevenson: 1
girl (s)

Scott Stoddard:
Bounding Blocks (2002; s)

Anthony Straga:
Unengaging Conversations (s)

Jarond Suman:
The Jacket (2002; s)

Tore Sundelin:
Patriarch (s)

Nathan Swain:
A Eulogy for Love (2003; s)

Will Taylor:
News Values (2001; s)
For Love and Vengeance (2000; s)

Susan Teh:
500 N. 600 W. and Beyond (2002; sd)
Of Shoes and Souls (2001; sd)
Face to Face (2001; sd)
No Other Solution (2002; s)
Joe's Repair Shop (sd)

Michael Terrell: *
Space Monkeys (s)

Arayna Thomas
Footsteps in Faith (2003; sd)
Cornered (2003; s)

Chet Thomas:
Simplicity (2002; s)
Shear (s)

Darell Thorpe, writer/producer/director:
Cosmic Agents: Episode One: When Earth Became an Endangered Species (2004?)

Bob Trepanier:
unfinished 30 min. documentary about Porter Rockwell (2003 DVD release?)

Ben Unguren:
Leroy Pratt: Crossings (2002; sd)

Alexander Vance:
Amazing Grace (s)

Jonathan S. Walker:
Water in the Desert (s)
Pearl of Great Discussions (s)

Kathryn Wallace:
Mormons Gone Mild (2004; s)

Spanky Ward:
Number 9 (2002; s)

Chris Watt:
A Christmas Kite (1999; s)

Cole Webley:
Goodbye (2002; s)

David Weidner:
The Spirithunter (2003; s?)

Jed Wells: *
Uncle Jacks Wild and Untamed Outback (2002; s)

Johnny Whitaker, co-producer/co-director:
Bigfoot: The Real Adventure (in progress; d)

Jeremy T. Williams:
Where Are We Going (1997; s)
The Hunter, The Hunted (1997; s)
Blood Testing in Flight (1994; sd)

Ryan Williams: *
Domestic Dispute (2001; s)

Troy Williams: 1
Apotheosis (2002; s)
American Dissonance (s)
Mormon Erotica (s)

Megan Wolfley:
The Jean Massieu School (2000; sd)

Dean Wood:
Meow (s)

Wyatt Woolley:
50 Cents Plus Tax (2003; s)
Smithsonian Folkways (2003; s)
Rearview Mirror (2003; s)
I Miss You (2001; s)

Kathryn Young:
Never Me (sd)

Emily Yu:
Hang It Up (2003; s)
Be Wiser (2002; s)
Vans: Off the Wall (2001; commercial)

Assistant Directors

Filmmakers are listed in the section below they have worked as an assistant director, but are not know to have any credits as a director.

Ryan Adcox, assistant director:
A Dangerous Game (2001)
After Twilight, Before Dawn (2001)
The Waking Hour (2000)

Jason Ayon, A.D.:
Titan A.E. (2000)

Steven Greenstreet, 1st A.D.:
Standing 8 (2004; V)

Kent Phillip Johnson, asssistant director:
Flirting With Disaster (1996)
Promised Land TV series pilot (1996)
Touched By An Angel (1994-2002; TV series)

Craig L. Steiner, 1st A.D.:
Horse Crazy (2001; V)
Bug Off! (2001; V)
Just a Dream (2001; Showtime; 2nd Unit 1st A.D.)
Little Secrets (2002)
A Kid Called Danger (1999; V)
Woman, the Pioneer (1997; sv/PBS)
Wish Upon a Star (1996; V)
A Truce with Death (1993; sv; also assoc. prod.)

Heather Toone, assistant director:
Love Surreal (2004?)
A Pioneer Miracle (2003; sv)
First Vision (2003)
Dead Ringer
"The Modern Prophets" video series
The City Of Joseph
The Work and the Glory: Pillar of Light (2004?; 2nd AD)
Down and Derby (2004?; 2nd AD)
Saints and Soldiers (2004; 2nd AD)
The Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. 1 (2003; 2nd AD)
The R.M. (2003; 2nd AD)
The Call of Story (2002; PBS; 2nd AD)
A Kid Called Danger (1999; 2nd 2nd AD)
Texas: The Big Picture (2003; IMAX; Set PA)
The Testaments (2000; Set PA)

Jason Rodgers, 2nd A.D.:
Jack Weyland's Charly (2002)
Only Once (1998; V)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (2001; TV)
Return to the Secret Garden (2000; V)
Partners in Crime (2000)
Blue Ridge Fall (1999)
Stranger Than Fiction (1999; V)
Angels in the Attic (1998; V)

Films WRITTEN by Up and Coming Latter-day Saint Filmmakers

This section lists up and coming filmmakers and films they wrote the screenplay for, but which they did not direct.

Note that for most of the films in the section at the top of this page (filmmakers and the films they directed) the filmmaker served as both screenwriter and director.

Filmmakers are listed in the section below if they have not written a film which has been released theatrically, shown on television, or is available for purchase on video.

Liz Amber and Mark Amber, screenwriters:
No Other Solution (2002; s)

Brandon Arnold, screenwriter:
Hoagies (2001; s)

Bob Badore, screenwriter:
The Dead Guy (unproduced)

Carolyn Bennett, screenwriter:
Seven Sisters (unproduced)

Karl Bowman, screenwriter:
Post-Mortem (1997)
Your Local Fine Arts (1997; sd)

Tawnya Cazier, screenwriter:
So Much In Love (2002; head writer for sitcom filmed for BYU class)
The Gift (2001; s)

Julie Dansie, co-writer:
The Lesson (2002; s)

Quinn Dietlein, co-writer:
SFL: "Can't Get Chicks" (1997; music video)
Crayoluv (1997; s)

Ben Gourley, screenwriter:
Andy (2001; s)

Andrew Griffard, screenwriter:
Dreaming of You (2003?)

Kynan Griffin, screenwriter:
Rights, Respect, Responsibility (2002; s)
Chad vs. The Capitalist Conspiracy (2002; s)

Todd Hamilton, screenwriter:
Logjammin' (2002; s)

Berry R. Hatfield

Jared Hess, screenwriter:
Logjammin' (2002; s)

Barrett Hilton:
The Endowment School (2002; sd)

Ryan Jensen, screenwriter:
Signal Strength (2002; s)

Melissa Leilani Larson, screenwriter:
The Lilac Thief (2002)
4:53 (2001; s)
Iscariot (2001; s)

John Lundwall, screenwriter:
The Redemption (2002; s)
Quest for the Holy Snail (1998; s)
A French Affair (2003; unproduced)
The Devil's Own (1998; unproduced)

Annette Luthy Lyon, screenwriter

Dean F.H. Macy, screenwriter:
One Christmas Eve (TV; unproduced)

Jeanne McKinney, screenwriter/producer:
Shattered Dreams (2002; s)

George Morgan, screenwriter:
Second to Die
That Special Magic (s)

James Morrison, screenwriter: *
Nude Descending (1997; s)
Parking (1996; s)

Aaron Orullian, screenwriter:
Esperanza (1997; s)
The Appleby Sensation (1997; also director)

Hubbel Palmer, screenwriter:
Logjammin' (2002; s)

Eric Player, screenwriter:
The Other Side of Love - yet unproduced adaption of Ruth Hale play

Terri Reid, screenwriter:
The Girlfriend (unproduced screenplay)
Quest of the Heart (unproduced screenplay)

Hyrum Summerhays, producer/co-writer:
Flat Earth (s)
Little Girl with Blue Eyes (2002; mv/sa)

Bronze Swallow, screenwriter:
The Streaker (2002; s)

Fred Woolley, co-writer:
Kevin and Jay (2001)

Films PRODUCED by Up and Coming Latter-day Saint Filmmakers

This section lists up and coming filmmakers and films they have produced (but did not direct).

Note that for many of the films in the section at the top of this page (filmmakers and the films they directed) the filmmaker served as both producer and director.

Filmmakers are listed in the section below if they have not produced a film which has been released theatrically, shown on television, or is available for purchase on video.

Josh Bird, producer:
Goodbye (2002; s)

Jennifer Blaylock, producer/1st A.D.:
Descent into Madness (2002; s)

Curtis Brien, producer:
Hold the Door (2001)

Susan Carrell Dewey, producer:
The Groom (1998)

Tawnya Cazier:
So Much In Love (2002; sitcom filmed for BYU class)
Barren Earth (2002; s)
Please (2001; s)

Rick Chestnut, producer:
A Piece Of The River (s)
Rogers Shoe Repair (s)
Lumiere (s)

Judy Dansie, producer:
Two Dimes & A Nickel (2002; s)

Brandon Dayton:
The Promethean (2002; s)

Allen Dial:
Trial by Faith (2004?)
Green Diggity Dog (2001)

Quinn Dietlein, producer:
Crayoluv (1997; s)
The Couch (s)

Travis Eberhard, producer:
Jip (2001; s)

Lisa Marie Elliott, producer:
Funky Town (2000; s)

Darrin Fletcher:
Simplicity (2002; s)

Kynan Griffin, producer:
The Snell Show (2002; s)

Doug Heder:
Funky Town (2000; s)

Jerusha Hess (a.k.a. Jerusha Demke), producer:
Cardboard Only (2000; s)

Bryce Johnson, producer:
unfinished documentary about Hale theatrical family

Melissa Leilani Larson, producer:
The Lilac Thief (2002)
Iscariot (2001; s)
Just Say When (2000; s)
Gwen Parker & Associates (2001; s; assoc. prod.)

Russ Lasson, producer:
Shattered (2001; s)

Dagen Merrill, producer:
King Returns (2002; s)
Childhood Dreams (s)

Leila Miller, producer:
The Gift (2001; s)
Elise (2001; s)

Nancy Moore, producer: *
4:53 (2001; s)

James Morrison, executive producer: *
Nude Descending (1997; s)

Keith Morse, producer:
Bench At The Edge (2000)

Jamie L. Ortwein, producer:
The Jean Massieu School (2000; sd)

Elias Pate, producer: *
Infidelity (2002)
Domestic Dispute (2001; s)

Jessica Proctor, producer:
Esperanza (1997; s)

Thomas Russell (a.ka. Tom Russell), exec. producer: *
The Snell Show (2002; s)

Julia Ruell, producer:
Happy Go Lucky (2000; s)

Nathan Scoll, producer:
Sublimating Arthur (2001; s)

Allan Staker, producer:
The Salesman (1999; sv)

Robert Starling, producer:
Ice Cream and Elevators (early 1970s; s)

Jody Teora, producer: *
Nonnie & Alex (1995; s)

Gideon Wilkins, production manager/producer:
Powerless (2004?)

Seth Wilkins, head of story/producer:
Powerless (2004?)

David Wood, producer:
Attack of the Flesh Devouring Space Worms From Outer Space (1998; V)
Cosmic Space Ninja (1997)

Bryan Young, producer: *
Infidelity (2002)

John Zick, producer:
The Drink That Kills
Ad Stara, Per Aspera
Navajo Baskets

* Names with asterisk: Published biographical sketch doesn't mention religious affilation, but person is from and/or lives in an area of Utah (or Cardston, Rexburg, etc.) in which at least 70% of the population are Latter-day Saints.

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