Top Utah Child Actors

J. Dhylan Meyer
Handcart; Little Secrets; Everwood [Name not included in poll, but subsequent to the start of the poll he has been active as a child actor in Utah.]

Brookes Bedore
The First Vision (2003)

Danielle Chuchran
Little Secrets; Shot in the Heart
Dustin Harding
Little Secrets; young Joseph Smith in "The First Vision" (2003)
Andrew Fugate
Bug Off!

Eric Jacobs
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus; Firestarter: Rekindled

Landon Kunzelman
Little Secrets

Caitlin E.J. Meyer
lead actress in "A Pioneer Miracle"; Little Secrets; I Saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

Haley McCormick
Little Secrets; Everwood; No More Baths; The Poof Point
Micah Schow
Little Secrets

Briana Shipley
Lead actress in "Bug Off!"

Nick Whitaker
Message in a Cell Phone; Brigham City; Bug Off; Benji Returns: Rags to Riches

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