Feature Films by LDS/Mormon Filmmakers and Actors
Weekend Box Office Report (U.S. Domestic Box Office Gross)

Weekend of May 28, 2004

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Natl Film Title                Weekend Gross  %B.O. Theatrs
Rank LDS/Mormon Filmmaker/Star   Total Gross  Chnge  $/Thtr  Days
--- ---------------------------  -----------  ----- -------  ----
24  Bugs!                            199,593  +61%      27    444
    stars Papilio,                 8,713,610        $7,392
      a Great Mormon butterfly

34  Home on the Range                 82,794  -48%     205     59
    Roseanne Barr (actress)       48,762,054          $205
      (1st billed star)

94 The Young Black Stallion            8,060  +33%       7    158
    Reed Smoot (cinematographer)   6,363,791        $1,151

97  The Best Two Years                 5,646  -37%       8    101
    Scott S. Anderson                837,413          $706
    Michael Flynn (producer)
    Fred C. Danneman (executive producer)
    Gordon Lonsdale (cinematographer)
    Wynn Hougaard (editor)
    Michael McLean (songwriter, music supervisor)
    Dave Sapp
      (line producer/1st A.D./unit production manager)
    Darin Anderson (production manager)
    Michael L. McDonough (sound editor)
    Rebecca Nibley (costume designer)
    Actors: K.C. Clyde, Kirby Heyborne,
      David Nibley, Cameron Hopkin,
      Scott Christopher, Michael Flynn

120 Latter Days                        4,769  -47%       4    122
    C. Jay Cox (writer/director)     776,209        $1,192
    LDS main characters

140 The United States of Leland          533  -79%       2     59
    Ryan Gosling (actor)             341,479          $267
      (2nd billed star)

*The numbers for Bugs and Latter Days are for a 4-day weekend. The rest are for a 3-day weekend. 3-day weekend numbers were not available for Bugs and Latter Days.

JUNE IS BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER - The box office report is late this week. Sorry about that. In part, this is due to a major storm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that knocked out power for over 300,000 homes. As you know,'s webmaster lives in Dallas, ably assisted by co-webmaster and Utah correspondent Thomas C. Baggaley.'s webmaster lost power himself for over a day, and power surges caused some computer problems. But he's back up and running, and regular mailing list service is ready to begin resuming (including this box office report).

Summer, of course, does not normally mean major storms, although blistering heat can also sometimes cause power outages as people turn up their air conditioners and overload the power grid. Summer does mean Hollywood releases its blockbusters, greedily filling up all of the available theaters and making it difficult for independent films, such as "The Best Two Years" to find a venue. Still, "The Best Two Years" kept making money at the box office and as we failed to mention last week, a week ago it surpassed the box office gross of "Jack Weyland's Charly," for the #7 spot among LDS Cinema flicks, in the process making Scott S. Anderson a bigger box office director than Adam Anderegg.

In other upcoming news (next box office report), there's a call for entries for the 4th LDS Film Festival, plus announcements of who won the screenwriting contest from the 3rd LDS Film Festival.

Plus: Why "Troy" is important to the LDS Film world, and a new article about Lino Brocka.

LDS ANCHORMAN DICK NOURSE - Nourse was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but was largely inactive, like his father. He went to BYU because that's where his mother wanted him. A talk about his tastes in music turns revealing when he says, "I got into country (music) a few years ago. So many of the songs paralleled my life. I've been on the bar stool complaining. I've been there with those old guys, and almost gotten in fights and actin' like a durn fool. . . . I was just having fun, drinking my troubles away. The thing you learn is the problems are still there when you wake up."

These days Nourse is an avowed family man and churchgoer. He returned to his church roots years ago and married Debi in an LDS temple. "I don't believe I could've gotten through all the things I've been through without my Father in Heaven," says Nourse. "He helped me through a lot."

EXCERPTED FROM,1249,595062932,00.html


THE WORK AND THE STORY IN DOLLAR THEATERS TODAY; ON DVD JUNE 22ND; SOME CLAIM IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE IN THE WORLD!! - The best reviewed original local film of the year starts tomorrow, June 4th at the CINEMARK MOVIES 10 Dollar theater in Sugarhouse, the MOVIES 9 in Sandy and MOVIES 8 in Provo!

Called "Spinal Tap" with Mormon Filmmakers, this "mock-umentary" has been called "GENUINELY FUNNY" by Salt Lake City Weekly!

And The Arizona Republic declares "You can't argue with funny. The laughs are there."

Don't miss it! Thanks for supporting local cinema! Come and meet the filmmakers and talk shop with us!

Nate Jones
"The Work and The Story"

MERIDIAN MAGAZINE SAINTS AND SOLDIERS ARTICLE - An in depth article about the LDS-themed World War II movie. See

PLAYING AT THUNDERBIRD FILM FESTIVAL IN UTAH - No one heard her cry for help until it was too late...

In her suicide note, 14 year-old Dawn-Marie Wesley wrote:

"Mom, if I tried to get help it would have gotten worse. They are always looking for a new person to beat up, and these are the toughest girls. If I ratted, I would get them kicked out of school, and then there is nothing stopping them".

Explore the causes and consequences of "bullycide" through the lens of Dawn-Marie Wesley's experience. Learn of the powerful story through those who experienced the pain, forgiveness and healing. Discover the role played by a Native Sentencing Circle, a Canadian Court, and the responsibilities of schools, parents and teens - everywhere.

You may have heard about Dawn-Marie Wesley's story on the radio, in the news media, or on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Only in RATS & BULLIES will you experience and learn of the entire tragedy and its aftermath.


its WORLD PREMIERE at the THUNDERBIRD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Friday - June 4th at 3:00 PM at Southern Utah University in the Sharwan Smith Theatre 351 W. Center St. -- Cedar City, UT 84720

TIX: email - or 435-586-7861
For more details on screenings go to the THUNDERBIRD website at

Print and present this coupon: to receive 50% off Admission in Utah to see RATS & BULLIES!

its CALIFORNIA PREMIERE at the DANCES-WITH-FILMS FILM FESTIVAL: Saturday - June 12th at 11:00 AM at the LAEMMLE'S MONICA 4-PLEX 1332 2nd Street in Santa Monica, California, 90401-1103.
TIX: buy online at - or 310-394-9741 For more details on screenings go to the DANCES-WITH-FILMS website at

Watch a 3-minute preview of RATS & BULLIES at

Learn more about RATS & BULLIES at

The film's approximate running time is 115 minutes.

Due to subject matter and infrequent coarse language, parental guidance is suggested.

RATS & BULLIES is Directed and Produced by Roberta McMillan and Ray Buffer

CAST: Cindy Wesley - Karen McQuade - DJ Wesley - Lee Hanlon - Kevin Gillies - Roberta McMillan - Paula Settee - Kyla Mae Dunn - Randy Hawes - Ray Buffer - Jill Rounthwaite - Dana Drury - Laura DeRuiter - Crystal Enciso - David Devaney - Cindy Falcon - Matthew Kennedy - Simone Malave

With a special appearance by "Queen Bees and Wannabes" author, Rosalind WIseman whose book was the source material for "Mean Girls".

RATS & BULLIES Soundtrack features the music of Simple Plan, HairPeace, Exit 104, Greg Lee and more.

Special thanks to Women In Film / Film Finishing Fund Foundation for their support.

UTAH FILM FESTIVAL SEPT 10TH 2004, CALL FOR ENTRIES - Hosted by funny-man, Nate Peck

Please send this along to anyone you think might be interested.

The Gangrene Film Festival Returns for the 5th time.

September 10th 2004

Wanted: Film and Video Submissions

Submission is FREE!

General Audience Session Submission Rules

Although families are invited, we don't want the general audience session to be a cheeze-a-rama. We are looking for freaking hilarious material with no objectionable content. Edgier material will be considered for the Midnight Session.

1.. Comedy short films or videos 15 minutes or less.
2.. No sexual content, no profanity, mild violence is okay.
3.. Submissions must be on VHS, miniDV, or DVD
4.. Don't blow a gasket if your stuff gets rejected. It doesn't mean it stinks. It just means it wasn't right for the show.

Midnight Session Rules

1.. Comedy short films or videos 15 minutes or less
2.. No sexual content, limited profanity, violence is okay. Let the blood fly.
3.. Submissions must be on VHS, miniDV, or DVD
4.. Don't throw a rod if your stuff gets rejected. If you get all banged up inside about it, you just need a thicker skin.

All submissions must be sent to:
Gangrene Productions
Attn- Craig
7 North Main Street Suite 220
Kaysville, UT 84037

Contact Craig or Larry at 801.544.8989 with questions.


For more information go to

CAMERA OPERATOR IN SLC AREA NEEDED - Looking for a video camera operator who owns one of the following camcorders (equivalent or better):


Needed to tape and edit (Pinnacle 7 or equivalent) two-hour script.

If interested, please call Frank Allison at 969-1464 or e mail at


NEW REVIEWS OF "LATTER DAYS" - Remember the rule for "Latter Days": All GLBT publications love "Latter Days," and nearly all the mainstream publications have said its pretty mediocre, cliched and pedantic. To put this in perspective, think about it this way: What if all LDS publications and writers loved 'Day of Defense'...

See and


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